Next Level Off-Roading! Traxxas TRX-4 All-Terrain Traxx Set Review & Action | RC Driver

Well I have to imagine that the guys
over at Traxxas are just maxed out energy drinks because these guys keep coming
out with really cool accessories for the Traxxas TRX-4 and yes I know you guys
are looking at this over here I’m here too you know! this is the new
all train tracks it and I’m really excited to show this to you guys I’ve
always wanted to put tracks on a vehicle and I’ve had a couple in the past some
tanks and stuff like that but this is so cool I mean this just brings you know
your Traxxas TRX4 to a whole new level on what you could do with it and
customizing it and there’s just so much now that are available for these kits
it’s incredible but let’s get into this I mean just to start off how cool is the
box art on this thing we’ve got some more detailed shots in the back here but
going through some dirt and some snow and stuff like that now what’s in the
box here let me just read this off it’s the you know four preassembled tracks
we’ve got a 17 millimeter wrench which I’ll show you in a little bit the
instruction guide which is really really important and actually you go and reuse
this box later if you want to go store your Traxx put some wheels back on your
TRX4 but there are a bunch of recommendations to you definitely want
to go and upgrade your steering servo I have to assume these Traxx are going to
put a lot of stress on the steering of course it’d be easy to go along with
that and a metal servo horn and you may be wondering like is it compatible with
your TRX4 yes it is compatible with all TRX4’s out there but you may need
to do some trimming and some cutting and stuff like that you know obviously these
tracks are a lot bigger than wheels and once you start steering you know I can
imagine a major if you were the bumpers of the body maybe even the rock sliders
on it so now all right I know I’m gonna show you guys I’m gonna get into this
box it’s a pretty neat setup you’re really getting an idea of the quality
that tracks this puts out even with just the packaging check this out the tracks
they’re gonna be run through the dirt and grime and stuff like that and they
come packaged in this nice styrofoam casing here basically so let me just
show you this really quick these are the instructions definitely read through the
instructions look it even says please read and then all of these because
there’s some important information in here on running the tracks properly you
know let me get some of this stuff out of here so you can check this out while
talking about the some of the things you need to know right so there’s there’s
one of the tracks we’ll just show you one of those right now let me get that
in the camera for you all right so these are the things you guys need to know
about this now as I said it works on all TRX4s but if you have TRX-4 with
the shifting transmission you should always drive it in low gear if you’re
driving something like a TRX4 Sport that has a single speed you have to
really pay attention to this little box right here in the instruction manual and
it basically tells you of what gearing to use on there and what batteries to
use on there so you don’t damage your electronics and stuff like that so just
wanted to really drive that home with you guys this is going to be some really
cool experiences you’re gonna have with this stuff but you know you have to use
it properly alright now here is the track itself and how cool is this now
there are specific tracks one for each corner there’s a front right front left
rear left rear right you get the idea and so they need to go on the proper
positions and and it’s really simple to install these that they come
preassembled obviously and all you have to do is screw the wheel you know take
your wheel off screw the wheel nut on and then there’s a shock absorber on the
back that needs to be mounted to the portal so assembly is pretty easy you
know it should probably take you under 20 minutes to do it let’s talk a little
bit about the Traxx system itself you know we’ve got the rubber tread on the
outside it’s got this kind of Chevron groove to it so it should give it a lots
of traction kind of a firm compound rubber here so because of that you
really need to let the track acclimate to the type of condition you’re going to
be running in you know if you’re running in cold weather you want to wait for
this to basically cool down you know if it’s if it’s in your car in your house
or whatever and you go out somewhere to run it wait for it to cool down because
that’s gonna be the best performance for it now the inside here this is basically
all the plastics that you see on a normal Traxxas vehicle you know you’ve
got the cool grey plastics here we’ve got some black plastic arms and stuff
like that the center section screws together there is a massive sprocket in
the center here and that’s what actually grabs the track it’s got there’s like
small teeth on the bottom of the track fits into the notches of the sprocket so
that makes up that assembly there is a huge seal ball bearing back here and
that’s what the center section rotates on we’ve got the steel insert in here
and that’s what the wheel bolted to so it’s a nice sturdy mount and you know
just tons of hardware in here holding everything together to make sure nothing
fails on this I mean I just love the look of it to all the little details
really nice I mean there’s like little rivets and stuff like that and the arms
they have nice webbing in them and everything and then we’ve got the bottom
roller wheels and they kind of pivot and move around and actually in the front
there is a tensioner so if you need to go and tighten up the tension for
whatever reason I mean it comes preset from the factory you don’t need to worry
about it but if you do need to go and set the tension you could actually pull
the screw out here and then pull the track off and that’s that’s how you take
it apart of you do need to maintain it which you’re gonna have to do you’ll be
able to pull this arm off pull the tread off and then this front arm assembly
comes out and there’s a screw in here and you basically like unscrew this
front truck you know one turn two turns to adjust attention on the track they’re
so pretty how they integrated you know a tensioner system into it as well the the
rollers down here are plastic that the sprocket up there is plastic and then
you can see I mentioned there was a huge ball bearing in here before but down
here at the roller wheels we have oil light bushings so they kind of you know
self maintained they need do need a little bit of maintenance but I can
totally understand why Traxxas went with an oil light bushing in here
it’s just going to be better for all-around use especially if you’re
going through mud and water and stuff like that I mean these would just get
soaked in and to replace all those bearings at some point would probably be
ridiculously expensive so it really makes sense that they went with a bronze
oil a bushing there so I like that and then there is a sprung assembly here
there’s a little spring in there and so as you’re rolling over stuff it keeps
you know tension on there and allows some flex in the track and then oh I
need to talk to you guys about the shock so there is a shock in the back here to
help damp the track does mount to the portal axles with just two screws but
it’s preset up from the factory it’s basically like a small shock that we’ve
seen on like a little attracts rally or something like that just fit to here and
they are set up specifically for where they go on the vehicle the rears
actually have a limiter in it and just helps with clearances and stuff like
that you can go remove that if you want to but you may
have to adjust for clearances elsewhere on the vehicle so just be aware of that
and then oh one more thing there are differences between the front and rear
track so this is a rear track here and this is a front track and you can kind
of see there is just a spacing difference the rear track is just a bit
longer I guess you could say then the front tracks but the really
nice stuff I love this I can’t wait to drive let me get these all out so you
could see them there we go and then here is the tools and hardware that comes
with so it comes with a 17 millimeter socket here basically like a wheel nut
wrench and then the hardware to screw on that bracket I told you about but again
these things just look so cool guys why don’t I head over to workbench I’ll show
you really quickly how easy they go on and then of course we’re gonna go
outside drive it so I’ve decided to use our tracks as lifted bronco project to
test out in the tracks and one of the reasons is it already has the lift kit
on there which gives the track some extra clearance and the other thing is I
think it’s gonna look pretty cool but the third reason is my TRX4 sport
is kind of out of commission right now because well spoiler alert there is
gonna be a project on that truck as well so if you want to see that make sure you
hit the subscribe button and the notifications bell so you don’t miss
that that’s going to be a cool series but let’s get on to swapping out the
tracks here and the first step up is obviously to remove the wheel I’ve got
my power driver here with a seven millimeter nut driver on it I think I’m
also just gonna need a two millimeter speed bit to get the rest of this job
done so let me get this wheel off really quick alright just take the wheel nut
out put the tire under there let me also get this body off to make my life a
little bit easier alright now the next step is to remove the two screws on the
portal axle for that bracket on the track so you’re gonna need the two
millimeter driver for that lift this thing over here to gain access to it
it’ll take this other wheel off to all right so I’m gonna pull out the two
lower one not the absolute bottom but the two lower ones now flip this back over move the bracket
to the side slip the track onto the hex just rotate it a little bit there we go
actually I found out that the wheel wrench won’t go inside that 17
millimeter nut there so what this wrench actually does is it allows you to take
that 17 millimeter cap off basically and then gain access to that metal insert
there where basically you go and tighten the nut down again so now I could go and
put this wheel nut in sometimes I learned as I go along as well so now I
could go and put this wheel cap back on I’ve got that wheel nut tighten down
nice and tight get this back in there we go that’s nice and tight now now I’m
gonna flip it back over so I could go and put the bracket in the proper place
and remember these tracks do have their own specific corners that they go on so
just make sure you keep an eye on where it’s going and now you just flip this
bracket over and you’ll see it just kind of snaps onto the portal – snaps
actually and now you can go and put the longer screws back in to hold it in
place there we go all right one down and that was pretty simple pretty quick how
cool does that look check that out that is just incredible I love the way that
looks no I just can’t wait to put the rest of
them on and show you this thing with the body on it’s gonna look so cool alright
I’ll wrap this up this thing just looks sick doesn’t it I wasn’t sure I was
gonna look with the Bronco body but I really liked it and I bet you it looks
really cool on the TRX4 sport as well but I think it looks awesome here
and these were actually really easy to install the only little you know slight
hiccup was getting those two millimeter screws in you know once you did one side
getting to the other side with a regular hex wrench was a little difficult I
wound up using a ball driver to get in there you can probably use a small L
allen wrench as well but that was really the only problem I went ahead and I put
the metal servo arm in this if you followed our Bronco series I didn’t have
it but it’s in there now and so now basically this thing is ready to go so
let’s go see what it could do well Traxxas did it again they came out
with another product that just elevates your experience with the TRX-4 and
these new all-terrain Traxx are a whole new world of fun now what they’re really
meant for is going over sand and mud and through snow and so what I did was I
went down to a couple of local parks trying to find that type of terrain no
snow it’s spring time right now but you know just trying to find some cool stuff
to go through with this I was able to find some water to go through some sand
and some some dirt and of course some rock as well just to give you guys an
idea of what this thing could tackle and you know what just driving it is a lot
of fun let’s go through the sand and at that small beach area that you saw in
the action it was cool just watching kind of the sand just churn off the back
of it and it had no problems going through that sand was wet loose and you
know it’s all about the surface area of the track you know with a rubber tire
truck you just have a small contact patch on each corner and now with the
treads you’ve got this large rectangle patch of traction and so it just goes
right through that and then when I went through the water and stuff you know
again just positive traction through there even when it was going rocks and
tree branches that were down in the water and this truck was just going
right up and over it not having any problems up loose dirt and stuff it just
turns through the dirt you know you could just see each corner to just grab
it and just turn up whatever you’re crawling over and it does actually well
over some rock – and that’s not its primary intended use but it actually
does pretty well it actually impressed me over some of the rocket was able to
climb up and over you know with a rubber tire truck you get a lot of low tire
collapsing entire give that helps you get over a rock and stuff like that
where this you know these treads are a bit more square very like hard edge and
so when you’re turning on that things are a bit more abrupt and stuff but
actually impress me climbing over a number of different things even some
ledges and stuff like that I was able to get up and over but back to the dirt and
the sand and stuff that I was going through you know just climbed up through
that stuff I wish I found some mud to go through but you know what I’ll do is I
will revisit these tracks when I do that to your eye
or sports seriese and hopefully find some more cool train to go through then
but overall guys these checks are a lot of fun again it’s just a whole new world
of experiences that you could you know have with this thing especially if you
crawl in an area where there’s a lot of sand or you know even in wintertime I
can’t believe I’m gonna say this but I actually wish winter was still around so
I could try these things out in the snow I think it would be a lot of fun out
there and you know with all those wait down here at the bottom it actually
handles really well you know when you’re going over that loose stuff and you know
the weight just keeps everything planted and you don’t have to worry too much
about it tipping but you know obviously the CG on this is a bit higher so you
really got to watch your angles you know if you’re crawling rocks and stuff like
that or side hilling you know to some loose dirt or something like that so you
know you do have to be aware of how you drive it is a bit different of a thought
process when you are driving it you know if you do go out and try to tackle some
rocks and stuff like that which I did you know I went to try to you know drive
over something that I knew I could do with a rubber tire truck wasn’t able to
do with this but overall it was a lot of fun any problems with it no not really I
mean if you do crawl through rocks you gotta be very careful that you don’t
tuck a tread underneath a Ledge or something like that because what will
happen is a sprocket will just start spinning inside of the tread you don’t
want to wear down the components too fast when the treads do get slick and
you do try to go up on rock you know you get some tread spin I mean it so it’s a
wet track on a rock and then you know the only other issue I had is I did get
a rocks caught up in the assembly and it did not cut tread off and all I had to
do was push the tread back on and I was good to go but other than that totally
fine these things are a lot of fun and you know if you are just a t-rex for nut
you got to have everything you know for your TRX-4 to have
every type of experience you know these treads are really a great thing to add
to your collection man I can’t wait to see what Traxxas comes out with next!


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