NO, You CAN’T Have Free Art. Here’s Why.

Hey Hey, dude, it’s been a minute. What’s up? Not much. Not much. Haha you Yeah, same except I had a baby. That’s something do you still do art? Yeah, I do. It’s actually my career now Can you design me and my girls tattoos, lol? Maybe not right now. I’ve got a lot on my plate. I Promise, they’re simple and the same so really only one tattoo. We just both get the same Just not right now, dude, please, lol How is Lauren by the way? Remember when I gave you a ride to your dad’s back in the day? Could we have a count for that? Dude, I gave you money for the gas grill Yes. Oh well. Oh Do my bad but still the tattoos will not take you that long You could have already done them in the time it took to text me back That’s not how heart works, dude You over are you seriously mad at me right now? Kind of I don’t know. I thought you were chill wall. Okay. Guess not. What if I like paid you? Are you accepting commissions? Yes, I am they are currently one to two weeks out though That’s fine. We were thinking of a serpent like dragon coiled up with a skull over its head full-color Watercolors is that how we do it. I’ve never done this before Yeah, that’s pretty much how you ask how large a piece 5 by 7 8 by 10 or 9 by 12 Can you do larger like poster size? No, not currently Okay, the 9 by 12. All right, that’s 250. What is For the image. Oh No, it’s not for me. It’s for my young daughter. She loves your videos. She said you do giveaways. I Have in the past but never in art giveaway. It was an art supply giveaway, and it was years ago Okay, I just think 250 is a lot for what we’re getting. I can make a smaller piece for a little less money What would 5×7 be? 150 Wow still really expensive. You aren’t planning on doing any giveaways in the future I am just not until the new year You couldn’t make an exception. She’s young. She’s 12 and a good student. I Commend her for being a good kid, but I just can’t make exceptions. My prices are already pretty fair considering Okay, good luck with that business model Sharon What my name is not Sharon my god. I love your videos She would really like the art you made with the skulls and the flowers. Oh Sorry, I’m keeping those they were originally for my house. You don’t have copies the print sold out overnight I’ll be releasing more in the new year. She really loves you. She always supports you by watching. I Really appreciate that. Tell her I say hi Can you make something for her? No, sorry, Commission’s are closed until the new year. You can’t make money that way I Make money a different way commissions help, but I really do them to interact with my viewers Please she would really like something from you for Christmas. I’m sorry. The answer is no I can notify you when they open again the Holiday season we’ll make you money I’ve taken all my holiday season commissions already for people who ordered in advance Not on December 18th Wow. Very rude. I Might just tell my daughter to stop watching if you’re going to be so rude Okay, if you’re gonna be so rude, I’m sorry, you feel that way Unsubscribe emcee. What’s up? I miss you Hey see me. I miss you, too. It’s been forever Yes, we should meet up soon I’d love that. I want to see the babes. I love all the pictures on Facebook. He is so cute Thank you. Hey, do you still draw? Yes on the daily. It’s actually my job now. I feel lucky That’s awesome. Do you think you could design a tattoo? I want to get Sure. What are you thinking? I want a half sleeve of a statue of a woman like a Greek statue With flowers surrounding her like she’s kind of in the background Okay, just ink no color. Maybe a little color That’ll be like a hundred dollars. No, really what you do it for free Girl, you work a trade, you know, it’s hard out here Yes, girl, I really do but I don’t have any extra cash right now How about you do my hair for it? That’s fair. That’s more than fair no color just to cut nah, I had to go to school for cutting hair and I went to school for art, but you could do art before you went to school for it. It’s a natural-born Talent Girl a trade is more than fair no, it really isn’t I go to work every day and I got clients and So do I you can’t just do it for free? No, girl, Wow, okay in it for the money never for the art You’re a fucking bitch These are just a fraction of the times that I have had people that I know that I’m close to that I barely know that have come to me and asked for free art when you’re an artist these things happen constantly especially if you’re an artist that has any kind of internet popularity any kind of Fan base that may include younger viewers you get it all the time And I don’t want to sit here and poopoo on my younger viewers cuz y’all it ain’t you it’s it’s your damn Parent they out here pretending like they don’t know how to act I’d say seven times out of ten I have parents getting a little short with me Getting irritated with me either because my Commission’s are closed or because they cost what they cost I think in their mind if I’m not as popular as Picasso if I’m not up in galleries if I’m only popular on the internet Then that doesn’t make me a real artist. Well newsflash bitch. It’s 2019 and we pay people for the work that they do Oh Oh too soon Yeah Parents are a big one and then old friends from high school Asking me to design them attached to if you think oh, that’s so weird she got to people asking her that I have gotten literally 10 or more people who I just Barely know are barely knew from high school or even earlier being like hey, yeah Can you give me free stuff and if you don’t I’m gonna totally flip out on you and be like, whoa Did I ferret Cho with a vet? Well, we were sweet bros, dude It’s like no my dude the the most interaction we’ve had is you you called me a beater and laughed at me like Get the fuck outta here seriously like that, dude. That was like his whole thing is like. Hey Emily, what’s up? your beer Give me free stuff. So if you ask for free art, you ain’t getting it you aren’t gonna get shit, baby And I know I am preaching to the choir here because 90% of you are like, yes, I totally feel that or yes I’ve got an artist friend who goes through this on the daily, I get it or yes. I am NOT a total and complete Douchebag so I know it’s wrong I just don’t understand how there are still people in this world who believe? That creative people are somehow not in the working field that they should not be paid for their time. Like what? what in no universe would there be someone who brings their car in has it fixed by a mechanic and then goes Sweet, dude, but like can I get it for free? Because you’re just naturally good at fixing cars It was just an oil change. Just some grunt work It took you like half hour like come on, dude Every single person witnessing that situation would be on the side of the mechanic So I really wonder why it’s not the same for creative professions like I try to rationalize it but it just nothing comes out because I’m like well Maybe it’s because they can’t see the work being done but that’s like true for anything that you have to send away and have it fixed or same like with a Mechanic you drop your car off. You don’t stand there and hover I guess that happens sometimes but for the most part no that that’s not that’s not how it worked I find it really amusing that there is a whole subreddit for people like this when really all you need to do is ask any relatively popular artists on the internet if you can go through their DMS and I guarantee you you will find at least 10 choosing beggars being angry that you are charging for art, and it’s just It blows my mind. Anyway, guys, let’s real quick. Talk about this piece I made it today using micron pens paper Castel pens as well as some white knights watercolors Don’t ask me how this idea popped into my head because I just did it just appeared one night It was one of those nights where I was up late editing staring off into the distance Wishing that I could get some sleep when all of a sudden What’s a drawing of a mortar and pestle? Some berries and roots and things like that surrounding it And a woman’s face emerging from the concoction All right, sign me up baby the weirder the better Anyway guys, thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to stay out of trouble. See you guys later This video was brought to you by viewers like you if you’d like to support the channel. Please go to WWE on comm slash Emily artful. Thanks again for watching If anyone’s curious here is how the most basic Interaction for a request for a commission should go roughly every artist is different with how they conduct their business But this is the basic polite formula. Hi, I’d like to purchase a commission sure, what would you like I’d Like a cute fuzzy corgi puppy eating his own tail in or a Boras Corgi if you will All right. What medium would you like me to use? I offer watercolor black and white ink or digital Watercolor, please. And what size paper would you like 8 by 10? all right, that will be $150 and we’ll take two to four weeks to complete Excellent, thank you. See nice and simple and easy and straightforward Nobody gets hurt and if the person currently isn’t accepting Commission’s well then hi I’d like to purchase a commission. I’m sorry. I’m not currently accepting commissions I’ll make an announcement on social media if that changes. Okay, no problem. Thank you anyway


  • Emily Artful

    A Word from out PATRON OF THE MONTH!

    "When I found out that I would be able to share something on your video, I was ecstatic! What a surprise! I have loved being able to be in this lovely community of artists and to be able to share in the abundance of art. I love your art and the wonderful work you do. Thank you for helping create this community where we can all come together. It has even inspired me to share my art on an etsy shop. Thank you for giving me the courage to not be afraid to put myself out there and to pursue my passion."

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    Well, at least no one asked me for free art all the time. Sure, I do get the occasional can I get free art. The people who do asked me for art did ask me how much is the art for. But my art isn't all that great, it's a bit mediocre so I feel bad to ask for anything. And I'm also not a pro so… I'm surprised people would even like it. Lol. One time I give this guy free art he actually came back and gave me $20
    The piece was just a simple 9×11 line art.?

  • Ma Ef

    I have a friend that contacts me every few years and it's ALWAYS because she wants something from me, and if I say 'NO' she just says that I should just do it because she hasn't asked for anything in a while. Like??? So effing what? The only reason you're talking to me is because you want something, NOT because we're friends! I NEVER asked for anything from her, I just have a rule that if you can help someone you should but there comes a point when you realize that you're just being used. It's really not worth knowing someone like that because all they do is take and when you finally put your foot down you're a horrible person because you didn't help them that one time and somehow that one time becomes the reason for me owing them something. WHAT???

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