NVIDIA’s AI Creates Beautiful Images From Your Sketches

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is Two Minute Papers
with Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. I know for a fact that some of you remember
our first video on image translation, which was approximately 3 years and 250 episodes
ago. This was a technique where we took an input
painting, and a labeling of this image that shows what kind of objects are depicted, and
then, we could start editing this labeling, and out came a pretty neat image that satisfies
these labels. Then came pix2pix, another image translation
technique which in some cases, only required a labeling, a source photo was not required
because these features were learned from a large amount of training samples. And it could perform really cool things, like
translating a landscape into a map, or sketches to photos, and more. Both of these works were absolutely amazing,
and I always say, two more papers down the line, and we are going to have much higher
resolution images. So, this time, here is the paper that is,
in fact, two more papers down the line. So let’s see what it can do! I advise you that you hold on to your papers
for this one. The input is again, a labeling which we can
draw ourselves, and the output is a hopefully photorealistic image that adheres to these
labels. I like how first, only the silhouette of the
rock is drawn, so we have this hollow thing on the right that is not very realistic, and
then, it is now filled in with the bucket tool, and, there you go. It looks amazing. It synthesizes a relatively high-resolution
image and we finally have some detail in there too. But, of course, there are many possible images
that correspond to this input labeling. How do we control the algorithm to follow
our artistic goals? Well, you remember from the first work I’ve
shown you where we could do that by adding an additional image as an input style. Well, look at that! We don’t even need to engage in that, because
here, we can choose from a set of input styles that are built into the algorithm and we can
switch between them almost immediately. I think the results speak for themselves,
but note that not only the visual fidelity, but the alignment with the input labels is
also superior to previous approaches. Of course, to perform this, we need a large
amount of training data where the inputs are labels, and the outputs are the photorealistic
images. So how do we generate such a dataset? Drawing a bunch of labels and asking artists
to fill them in sounds like a crude and expensive idea. Well, of course, we can do it for free by
thinking the other way around! Let’s take a set of photorealistic images,
and use already existing algorithms to create the labeling for them. If we can do that, we’ll have as many training
samples as many images we have, in other words, more than enough to train an amazing neural
network. Also, the main part of the magic in this new
work is using a new kind of layer for normalizing information within this neural network that
adapts better to our input data than the previously used batch normalization layers. This is what makes the outputs more crisp
and does not let semantic information be washed away in these images. If you have a closer look at the paper in
the video description, you will also find a nice evaluation section with plenty of comparisons
to previous algorithms and according to the authors, the source code will be released
soon as well. As soon as it comes out, everyone will be
able to dream up beautiful photorealistic images and get them out almost instantly. What a time to be alive! If you have enjoyed this episode and would
like to support us, please click one of the Amazon affiliate links in the video description
and buy something that you were looking to buy on Amazon anyway. You don’t lose anything, and this way, we
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videos for you. Thanks for watching and for your generous
support, and I’ll see you next time!


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    Granted, humans have far higher fidelity, we take "super high res sample data input" in the sense that we get very fine light information via our eyes, but our brains DO interpolate and transform this data into out best "guess" for what it is we're looking at, based on native established parameters in our evolved brain, lots of fine lines of green data is interpreted as a field of grass, for instance. This is what the AI algorithm does too, but with far lower accuracy and input resolution.

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