NYX Cosmetics FACE Awards 2019 – Top 5 Challenge – Wonderland After Dark

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi everyone this is my video for the final challenge in the mixed cosmetics face Awards which is Wonderland after dark this is it everyone this is the round that besides who will be the winner and gets the title artist of the year votes are more important now than ever because you have the power to decide on this year’s winner so it’s time to vote cuca tell Cooper Chell and that means with your dog and when you’re paying that’s what it means and remaining that’s the same we have basically invite all your friends and your family to vote because it is really important you can both starting now September 23rd until September 27th and you can cast up to three votes during each voting period if I have earned your vote I want to thank you with all my heart it truly means so much to me and I appreciate it more than I can say I started the makeup look by prepping my skin with the bear with me cannabis sativa seed oil primer and then I used the glide on slide on pure white pencil to trace the pattern on my neck in my chest I try to make it as symmetrical as possible but ya know you can’t always do it it took me a few tries so I use the big on makeup removing wipes to kind of clean up those lines and after that I use the vivid bright spring color in the shade get money to fill in the leaves on my chest in my neck [Music] for the flowers I used the liquid suede lipstick in the shade kitten heels and then I took the SFX cream color in the shade white and apply that on my neck for the flower and I set that in place with the primal color hot yellow pigment and the white kind of made the yellow pop a little bit more then I went back with the green to do the leaves on my neck and then I took the modern dreamer palette to add some details to the flower I used some Browns and a little bit of orange and then I took the epic ink liner to outline the flower I really wasn’t happy with the flower on my neck so you will see later on that I ended up removing it I also used the vivid liner and the shade vivid halo to do some details on the flower and then I use the SFX white cream color too and highlights my flowers for shading and contouring I used the tame and frame brow pomade in the shade black and I like to use this because it’s not as dark as a gel black eyeliner so it’s a little bit softer and gives me the right amount of Darkness what I needed then I applied a yellow body paint as well as a white one to fill in the design on my chest [Music] and now I’m going back with the liquid lipstick and the thin eyeliner brush to add the details and some dots on my shoulders and I’m going back with the epic ink liner as well to kind of contour those lines and let me tell you and Here I am just catching my breath because I was kind of holding my breath the whole time because I didn’t want to overlap I didn’t want to have to erase the lines between the two colors because I knew I would have to go back with the color so I didn’t want to do that now I’m using the matte blue eyeshadow from the ultimate electric palette to add some color to the ribbon I guess you would say if it kind of looks like a ribbon that’s on my neck and my shoulders and I added some purple to that too from the vivid bright spell it this is where I decided I did not like that how that flower looked on my neck so I decided to just take it off with some makeup removing wipes I went back with the SFX cream color in the shade white and I said that again with the hot yellow pigment I also used this darker yellow from the vivid bright side shadow palette to give a little bit of contour and I also added this orange shadow from the modern dreamer palette I decided to add some orange on my shoulders as well I didn’t want that yellow to just be there plain so add is a more injure there and then I went back to the green to add some more leaves and vines on my neck I wanted to add more flowers there too I felt like it needed something more and I use the same products I used for the flowers on my shoulders here I’m doing a little gradient design and for that I’m using that red liquid lipstick I used for the flowers and then I’m adding the vivid bright screen color in the shade cyber pop and I’m blending that into the electro brights liquid lipstick in the shade Atlanta blending that into the yellow and and then into the green vivid brights cream color [Music] here I decided to extend that pattern on my arms and I added some white paint as a base first for my colors and added some yellow too then I started to do a gradient with this shade first this is the primal color in the shade hot fuchsia and I’m blending that into this one which is hot orange for the design of my arms I’m repeating the same steps that I did on my chest using the liner the white as a base now it’s finally time to move on to the face and I’m starting with the SFX cream color I’m applying that all over my face as a base this will make the colors look a lot more intense make them pop a lot more here I’m using a blue water activated paint and I’m applying that on the outside of my face and on my ears and I’m also taking that onto my hair to cover some of my hair and on the face I did agree and very similar to the one I did on my shoulders I started using the primal color of hot fuchsia shadow first then I use the pink shadow from the electric brights palette and then I faded that into the orange these are the oranges shadows from the modern dreamer palette and for the center of the face I used this yellow eyeshadow and I made sure to press that really well into the skin for the brows I’m using the vivid bright screen color in the shade blueprint and now moving on to the eyes and I’m first using this liquid suede lipstick in the shade on the world in the outer corner of the eyes and then for the inner corner I’m using this shade which is called respect the pink I’m setting the lipstick in place with these eyeshadows from the ultimate brights palette then I’m applying some white in my inner corner as a base for the orange eyeshadow that I use from the modern dreamer palette now I’m using the pure white eyeliner again on my cheeks and I’m doing a gradient using the vivid bright screen colors I’m starting with the blue shade I use for the brows and I’m fading that into the aqua sapphire shade and that one I’m fading into the sugar rush shade and then the darkest color I’m using is called rebellious edge and then I’m using the brow pomade to contour and add some more dimension to the design on my cheeks now I’m lining my eyes using the epic ink liner again and for the waterline I’m using the full blacks eyeliner in the shade black hole I put on a coat of the on the rice mascara and some false eyelashes and after that I moved on to the lips and for the lips I used electro brights matte lip creams and I started with the shade Florence then I added the shade Tampa and shade Whistler in the center of the lips on top of which I added some of the vivid halo eyeliner in the center here I’m going back to the team and frame brow pomade to add some contour to the face and then I decided to add more details to my eyeliner I did kind of like a double wing to my eyes I waited almost until the last minute to the nose makeup because I had a runny nose that day and I did not want to have to reapply the makeup a lot I first used the electro brights lipstick in the shade forints and then shade to them and then I added some of the purple and pink shadows on the nose I also wanted to add some white thoughts onto the face and neck and this is what I used to make those lines pop under the black light I use a highlighting marker and I was pretty soft applying that because I didn’t want to disturb the makeup underneath so I was pretty soft to drawing lines with it and this really did pop under the black light and he kind of mixed in with the makeup and it turned out into multiple colors I really loved the look of it as a final touch I added some butterflies to my top and put on this headpiece which I made by gluing some butterflies to a headband and this is the final look I hope you enjoyed it I had so much fun creating this makeup I think it’s one of my favorites because it’s so colorful and it has butterflies and I love butterflies especially blue ones oh my favorite if you did enjoy this makeup please don’t forget to vote please please please I would appreciate it more than I can express it and I hope to see you soon in my next video

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