OCAD U 2013 Medal Winner in Sculpture & Installation: Shannon Lea Doyle

[music plays throughout]
My name’s Shannon Lea Doyle, and from Sculpture/Installation
at OCAD, and I’ve always lived in Toronto. I’m from the east end in the Beaches
in Scarborough. My beading is a process, uh,
that I discovered a few years ago, and I started
by beading on photographs, so sewing beads onto photographs
in order to erase them. And that’s why I use a black bead. For me, the beading is about censorship
but also about embellishment. So, this process, for me, which is very labour intensive
and takes a lot of time, is about erasing a memory,
and also, in the process of erasing it, spending a lot of time with it, a lot of physical time
thinking about it. And I think that my work
holds that, uh, duality and attention between drawing attention to something
and also trying to forget it. My Sculpture and Installation program
is, I think, a gem within this school. I think that the faculty is amazing,
and what makes ’em unique… well, maybe not unique,
I haven’t been in other programs, but what I really appreciated about my time
in Sculpture and Installation was how remarkably devoted
the professors are to us, and how willing they are to,
to speak with us, to meet outside of class time,
have coffee and chat about our work. And I’ve really valued their,
their insight and their professionalism. I think they care a lot about us
as individuals, and that makes a big difference.
I feel very lucky, because to graduate from,
from an art school, and to be able to work in your field
is, uh, is great, it’s amazing. So, what I’m going to be doing
is, starting in June, is I will be a set designer
in the Soulpepper Theatre Academy, which is a theatre in Toronto. It’s in the Distillery District,
and it’s a great opportunity for me to develop
my sculpture work and also my theatre work,
my work in theatre. [music fades out]

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