October ScrawlrBox Unboxing Derwent Lightfast Pencils Washed Ashore

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets
Creative! Today we are doing another ScrawlrBox unboxing and challenge
completion. This is the October ScrawlrBox. That means it was mailed in October,
I received it this month in November, and just a heads up I have received the mail
out notification for both ScrawlrBox and SketchBox for the November
/ December box, but Canada Post is currently doing a
rotating postal strike and mail is delayed, so I honestly don’t know if I
will be able to do those boxes in December like I should. So they are
coming! I am sorry if they’re late. Anyway, the
included print (you can go back and pause it if you want to see the links) this is
by Judith Selcuk. Vvery nice print of seashells.
It looks like she did use the pencils that we had, but it looks like she has a
full set, because I see some colors that are definitely not in here! Just gonna
read off the items in the box off of the little menu card thing. We have the
Derwent Lightfast pencils. I am SO excited to get these. I remember I got a
SketchBox when the Premium got the Lightfast pencils, but that month I had
basic, and basic got Goldfabers. Now, it turned me on to Goldfabers. The Goldfabers
and a Coloursoft skin tone set. So we did get Derwents, but that really
turned me on Goldfabers. I did go out and buy some more Goldfabers after, but
I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to try out these Derwent Lightfast
pencils, and I finally have them, YAY!! Anyway!
These are Derwent’s first foray into the oil-based pencil market. They are, as the
name suggests, completely light fast pencils. I’m thinking that this is meant
to compete with Polychromos and Luminance, and they are very nice pencils.
They feel great to use. I have been using them. Like you’ll, if you pay attention
here to what these pencils look like and then look again in a minute when we get
to the drawing, you’ll see that I have gone and used them in between filming
the unboxing and the drawing, and I can tell you they work very well in
conjunction with other pencils. I did a piece- it was a commission, so I was
trying to only use light fast materials so I use them in conjunction with my
Faber-Castells. So I have 12 Polychromos and I have a handful of
open stock Goldfabers, and I used them together with these Derwent Lightfast,
and they worked beautifully together. My one complaint about these six set that
we got here is, like… the colour variety. That’s- I know that’s already a big thing
with the Derwent Lightfast because they released before they got anywhere near
the 72 colors they intended to have, but like, they’re so similar! The wheat
and the champagne are almost the same colour, and then we’ve got a yellow ochre
and a nice lighter-end brown, like, come on! Give us a white, or a green, or a purple!
But anyway, they’re very nice. We have a Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pen Blender.
That is a mouthful! It’s a water-based solvent pen, and it’s meant to dissolve
and move around the pigment on the paper. I didn’t find that it worked too well.
You saw in my swatching after I used it I went and used a Copic blender to see
if it would accomplish the same thing, and yeah, it- I would say actually the Copic blender did better. Which is odd, ‘cuz
just alcohol! But more than that, the Sakura pen actually started to eat up my
paper and I was swatching on watercolor paper, so… yeah, I didn’t end up using that
at all. We have a Staedtler Tradition HB pencil with eraser.
This is your basic school HB pencil. It’s from Stadler. It’s good quality, but
it’s- I wouldn’t call it an artist pencil. We have a manual pencil sharpener from
Derwent. This is their pastel pencil sharpener, and I suspect that’s just
because it’s a larger diameter than their regular pencil sharpeners, and the
Lightfast pencils are also a wider diameter. That probably means this would
work well with the Colorsoft and even with Polychromos.
And the paper they’ve given us… I’m going to butcher the pronunciation,
forgive me! this is Hahnemühle Bugra Butten A5 paper. The description says “a
mould-made, wood-free, acid free 130gsm sheet in two colors. Featuring a laid,
textured, Ingress surface. A popular choice for artists using pastels and
pencils.” Now, I have heard that a lot of pencil artists do like pastelmat. I
don’t. I imagine it’s great for pastels as its name implies, but the way I work
with coloured pencil I don’t like the combination of really aggressive tooth
and then just such floppy feeling paper. I really prefer to work on watercolor
paper or bristol with my coloured pencils. But anyway, they gave us both a creamy
white sheet and a yellow sheet. I went with the yellow because I was hoping to
actually use the tone of the paper and I think I sort of did that. The challenge
for the month is “washed ashore,” and the included print definitely fits that very
well, it’s seashells and it’s gorgeous! But as I mentioned, the artist
clearly had colours that we were not given. There’s a lot of purple in it, and
I did- I also just didn’t- I didn’t want to copy that and do more shells. I didn’t
want to do a dead sea creature. And there’s this gorgeous photo of the local
harbour that I saw on Instagram and in the foreground there’s this old dory
pulled up and kind of leaning over on its side and in the background it’s the
harbour from, like, looking at the built-up side of the harbour from the other side.
It’s gorgeous! I asked the photographer permission to reference it sometime and
they said yes, and this is not from that picture, this is just kind of practicing
the boat part so that I’ve made my mistakes and I can do it better next
time. And so, yeah, this is meant to be a very old dory that has been left there
and forgotten. It’s at the mercy of the elements. It is starting to rot and warp
a bit, but it’s also meant to be leaning over on its side, and I don’t think I
rendered the sand well enough to give that impression. So I think it looks a
lot more warped than I intended! You know, gotta learn somehow, right? Gotta make
mistakes! Next one will be better. But anyway, I don’t have enough to talk
about to fill all the space. I’m going to be quiet for a minute and let the
background music get louder, and I will come back in a little bit at the end of
the video with my usual spiel. Hope to see you there! Well thanks for sticking around to the
end of the video! Glad to see you still here. If you are new here,
I do put out 2 to 3 videos every single week. On Tuesdays,
those are always an art video like this one. Sometimes like this one they are an
unboxing and challenge completion. Other times they’re just a time-lapse of
whatever else I was working on at the time. On Thursdays, sometimes I’ll interrupt my schedule and put out something else if
something happened or whatnot, but typically Thursdays are where I do
tutorials, arts and crafts related product reviews, and crafting videos. And
then some weeks I have a third bonus video. Sometimes I’m doing a
collaboration, sometimes I just have a lot of content, or whatever the reason, if
there’s no particular reason to put it out on a different day of the week, my
bonuses are Fridays. that’s what Friday is for: bonuses! So I’m
really glad you came and checked this out. If you’d like to leave a comment
down below, I will reply as soon as I can. I love reading your comments! Let me
know what you think of my attempt at doing this boat. Is it too horribly warped?
And if you got this ScrawlrBox, I’d love to hear what you did with it too, what
you thought of the materials. Feel free to leave a link down below to your piece,
be it a video or Instagram or whatever. I will go check it out! And yeah, I guess
I’ll see you in the next one. I will see you on Thursday. Bye guys!


  • Elroyn Gathright

    I think that maybe you should have make the water a little bit darker so you can feel the difference between the sand and the water but I think that it doesn't matter because you didn't have a dark blue but for future references do not do it and if you made it that way for a reason can you tell me and also for future reference you should try and and some details to the sand because sand usually isn't flat like that


    Wow you really make beautiful drawings. Keep it up

  • EifosArt

    Beautiful drawing, along with the music it makes me feel so calm and relaxed 😃
    Everytime I see people unboxing the scrawlrbox it looks like insane amounts of fun and I want to try out the lightfast pencils so bad ! 😃

  • Weblight Dreams

    I think the boat came out great. Boats are meant to be warped, no but really very nice, I don't think it is warped. 🙂


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