OLIVE OIL and MARINADE Sprayer Bottle – Don’t EVER Buy Cooking Spray AGAIN!

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meat behind us, right? – Absolutely. – Feels good, feels right. – Yeah, it is, it’s right, right as rain. (laughing) – We love you for being
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day, no companies pay me to talk about them, and today, I don’t take credit for this at all, JJ has a secret to share
that will make sure your meat is taken care of and elevate
it to a whole new level. The deal I found, which is located right under this video screen,
is your best grab today. Before we hear from JJ,
maybe today is your day to say goodbye to some of
those cooking sprays we all use that are filled with chemicals,
some of which even include a propellant that you don’t want to spray directly onto your food. The best way to spray that marinade or whatever vinegar it us, or olive oil, is a bottle that will never clog. Lowest recorded price I could find it at, works well with everything
you want to spray. BPA, latex, and DEHP free,
it is dishwasher safe, and, more importantly than any
of the other ones we tested, it will not melt, at it’s
lowest recorded price. But JJ, out of all the
ones we had you test, this was the one you stood beside. – Yeah, I like it because it doesn’t melt, it’s made out of stainless steel, plus it’s designed to push
oil and marinade through, it doesn’t get clogged up like
the cheap dollar store ones, and you really need sometimes
a little bit of grill flare, and it’s always important to
have this and a cold beer. (laughs) – Yeah, absolutely right, we don’t have any beer deals today, but
I am working on those. And the other thing that
I like about this bottle is you can adjust it, you can
adjust the viscosity, how it– (honking) Yeah, woo! You can adjust how this sprays out, which I like, a lot of
the dollar store bottles, they don’t do that. There’s so much junk out there. Yes, you see it, it’s four or five bucks, you want to grab it,
but it doesn’t last you. I’m just gonna let you
talk, I do enough talking, and I want to learn from you today. – Yeah, to use this bottle, though, it’s cool because you can set it down next to the grill and not
worry about it melting. It will push marinade, push oil through, and it has a nice wide setting, too, which coats the entire
grill, and it’s important to get that grill flare up so that your meat doesn’t stick when
you throw it down on the grill. – [Matt] Yeah. – [JJ] You’ve got to grill hot. – I totally agree, I actually used this on Memorial Day with my
wife, for the barbecue, not necessarily how that
sounded for those of you that know me, and it elevated
our grilling to a new level. Nothing was burning, nothing was sticking, and she was a lot happier with my abilities, and I don’t have many. – Well, here’s the thing,
it’s all about finding new and exciting ways to get there. – That’s why you’re here. – Congratulations. (laughing) – We love you for being here,
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