Ombre Nails Without Sponge | The Best Idea for ombre nail art

Paint on a thin, clear, base coat to all of your nails. A clear base coat protects your nails from getting stained by colored polishes Apply your base color coat (white) Use cheap eyelash adhesive to protect the skin around the nail I am using the Nail Buffer Block for nail art Swipe your finger across the edge of the Nail Buffer Block. Cut off the protruding parts of the Nail Buffer Block Paint your ombre colors in straight, horizontal lines side-by-side across a Nail Buffer Block Stamp the polish onto the paper Stamp the polish onto your nails Stamp the Nail Buffer Block onto your nail and press it over and over, slightly moving it down your nail to blend the colors move down… move down… move down Finish off with a Topcoat You might want to consider doing 2 coats of a topcoat to smooth out your nails, since the sponging makes the surface of your nail a little stippled Use the toothpick to remove the eyelash adhesive from the skin around your nails Clean up the Nail Buffer Block by using a nail polish remover Dip a cotton pat in the nail polish remover and use it to clean up the nail buffer block Enjoy, you are beautiful!


  • Xx_Beans_xX

    There is a thing called….wait for it…..


  • isithotmama

    This is stupid, just use a sponge

  • Holo Cats

    lmao i forget that my buffer block has a sponge

  • Pastelic Puppy ?

    Or you could use liquid latex, and use a sponge that is $1.50 at Daiso and do an ombre

  • Jennyfer Marshall

    "nail art without sponge!" uses dence foam sponge.


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