One Sectional Sofa, Two Living Room Looks! | H&H Design Challenge

Jen and I are here at Elte MKT
because today we’re facing off in a special design challenge. Our challenge was to design two
different rooms around the same piece of furniture so we met up with Andrew to
find out what piece we’d be working with. Jen: Hey, Andrew! Andrew: Hey, guys! How’s it going? Jen: Good! Andrew: You
guys ready to see the anchor piece? Jen: We’re really excited. Andrew: Awesome. So here we’ve got our Nomad modular sectional. One, you got a beautiful gray performance fabric
covered around that sectional. Two, it’s a really great comfort story, cloud-like
comfort, really amazing Trillium cushions that we use and then above all else it’s
a mix-and-match collection, so you’ve got an armless chair, corner chair and an
ottoman and you can create basically anything you want from the small scale
loveseat to a large scale sectional. Jen: Wow, that’s amazing. Andrew: So we’re gonna send our Nomad over to the House & Home studio so why don’t you guys have a browse
around the showroom and pick some things that might go well with it. Jen: Great, let’s
get going. I was pretty excited about getting to use all the different things
whatever we wanted from Elte MKT. It was kind of fun, we just run around and pick
whatever you want – it was pretty cool. Kai: The shopping spree. Jen: Yeah. Kai: An imaginary shopping spree where you return everything at the end. Jen: Yeah, you pretend that you’re gonna have it. Jen: These are kind of cute. Kai: Those are really cute. I feel like they might be better for what I’m doing. I think not having a budget or a client was kind of amazing. Jen: Always much easier. We did want to however make sure that what we were doing was different so we kept
that in mind. Kai: I like the look of these. I think I’m gonna go for a sort of a
global bohemian look and hopefully that’ll be different enough from Jen’s. I
like to start off with sort of a colour that I want to use and then things sort
of flow from there. Jen: Your creative juices are flowing. Kai: Gross. Jen: Look how pink it is. This is a nice rug. I love the stripes on it. I
think Kai might be layering more colour and patterns, so I might try and stay away
from that, and go a little more clean and sleek. Modern. Kai: There’s so much in the store actually, it’s really fun just to sort of walk around and see all their
little vignettes. They have great accessories, it feels
like you could spend like the whole day. That’s really nice. Jen: Yeah. Jen: No. Kai: I might be a little bit more competitive than you because I’m the middle child. So, that edge that maybe… Jen: Yeah, I typically am NOT but sometimes. My setup — I call it Soft Modern. First I painted the wall a really soft putty-coloured pink. I didn’t want it
to be too bright or too bubblegum-y and then I started slide in the pieces of
the sectional. They fit together really well. And then I unrolled my rug which I maybe in theory should have put the rug in
first but then getting the sectional in might’ve been harder, so there’s a
bit of a catch-22 there. It’s cushion time! The pillows are really really fluffy and cloud-like, which was nice, just sort of tossing them on. Alright, nobody sit on
that now, thank you! And then I brought in a coffee table
that had a really warm wood tone to it. Well this coffee table is really cool
because it only looks like it has one leg but there’s actually a piece of
glass down here that’s holding it up, so it looks like it’s floating. And then I
brought in a black cane chair which was really sleek. I’m a fan of that chair.
I think it’s a really cool looking piece. I love the way it looks — it’s got a
really strong shape to it too which i really like and I love the caning. Then I
brought in some toss cushions. Kai: Those are beautiful. Browny gray with a touch of pink or purple in it. Jen: There’s a little bit of pink in there that I thought picked up nicely with the wall. Brought in some books just to sort of fill it in a little and give it some
texture and some life. Kai: And then your art. Jen: Oh yeah, my art. The art was good it was white and black so it seems very simple but I loved how much negative space
there was and I think that’s pretty dramatic. I call this look Soft Modern. I
wanted to keep the colours pretty neutral and mostly a little bit pale too, to go for that softer look and not have too much heavy or dark, but I did go for
a few hits of black just to add a little bit of edge. It’s really soft and
sophisticated. Okay, good! Well, first we painted the wall. Maybe you don’t know this about me, but I’m a
terrible painter so I needed a little extra help, and I was really happy with
how the wall colour turned out. We put in the sofa as well because we needed to
see how the art was gonna hang. It seemed very large but because it’s modular it
actually fit really well in the studio and I feel like well-suited to the
challenge because you can really change up the look. Jen: Just depending on what you do around it it completely transforms the look so I think it was a really good
piece to work with. Kai: We rolled out our rug so then we had to figure out how to
hang the artwork. I had two pieces of rather large art. I’m gonna need help
lifting I can’t lift this on my own. Thankfully Reiko was around. We rolled in
that lovely coffee table. Jen: I love that coffee table. Kai: Yeah, it’s a great coffee table and it’s not too heavy too. Like it’s quite large and sturdy but it’s easy to move
around and we threw down the floor cushions. There was a little bit of
hesitation — I wasn’t sure to go full out with the cushions on the sofa, but we
did and I feel like it worked well. Jen: I’m glad you did. I love all the cushions
together that you chose. Kai: You don’t really know until everything is totally
in there how it’s all gonna play out. You have ideas but I was pleased with how it
turned out. Who would live in my room? I mean I would live in that room. It’s
kind of comfortable but approachable and colourful. I think someone that obviously likes stuff. Jen: Not too much stuff. Kai: No, but you know, appreciates colour. Jen: All the colours
work so well that nothing is jarring, it’s just like a beautiful vignette. Kai: Thanks, Jen. Jen: The sofa has a really relaxed feel to it. It has clean lines but it’s not severe or harsh — it has really sort of soft and inviting lines.
Kai: It was a really nice piece, really comfortable and it didn’t have too
specific of a look. Jen: You can pretty much use it in almost any decorating style I think. Kai: I think the comfort factor too for it — both of us
approached it as a more laid-back, casual without being sloppy. You know what
I mean? Jen: Yeah, cool comfy. I would be up for another challenge. It
was a lot of fun, it was a bit of work. Kai: It’s nice to see the finished product, too — you know everything comes together and then taking a look at what your friend
did Kai: Vote for me! Jen: What is this? Kai: You can’t see what I’m saying.


  • Mary Huse

    Love the blush wall paint but I must vote for the room with the green wall simply because it looks "cozy" in comparison to the other room; although I have never deliberately chosen the jungle look in the way of artwork prior to this. Both are lovely and comfortable.

  • AnEpicAutumn Gaming


  • Kumud Bansal

    Kai's better???

  • Pronovicera

    Loved the bohemian look, by far my favorite

  • Veronica Hernandez

    Love Love Love this kind of videos that allow us to see the creative process the designer goes through! keep them coming. <3 both rooms were spectacular<3

  • Sabine Kebelmann

    I love the second room, cause I like colors. And the Art makes the room so special.

  • Amethyst Perez

    Love the blush!!

  • silvanitazgz


  • Jeannie Alford

    Kai. I love color.

  • ivanica lepotica

    Vote for first one

  • Ivan Poldrugač

    I love that sofaa ?

  • Vinny Verma

    Love the second look!

  • GoatNamedBruce

    I love the blush wall colour but I love the "stuff" of the second room haha

  • oltedders

    I hate this never ending parade of gray. The "new" insipid pink thing currently trending, I think is awful. When Jennifer brought in the black chair I assumed this space was going to be a disaster but when she added that dreadful piece of non-art and the big black bowl, the whole thing magically came together! Decorative pillows and vase add another layer of interest. The flowers are essential for this room setting to pull it all together, otherwise it would be completely colorless. Perfectly balanced and understated without being spare. She really has her craft honed to a fine edge. Kudos!

  • Diana B

    "I can do that, I can do that, I can do that'…(Chorus Line)

  • zenia san

    Both are special in their own way. First one is perfect for a soft and minimal approach. Second is cosy, lovable. Love the second one the most, especially the art makes it pop out.

  • creations landscape designs

    I really like the second looks but with the coffee table of the first look.

  • Farah Khan



    firs: boring in grey ??

    second: indoor jungle lava flow ?? with hideous pillows

  • Elisabeth H

    the second one

  • Roxel Barroso Ramos

    The green one.

  • Creative IDEA

    Different studies, beautiful

  • Delilah Williams

    I didn't like the second room, the red rug through it off for me! The first was my pick!

  • samira dadoun

    love both of them

  • Cathy Lynn Pietranton

    Both of you did a great job but I like Jen's the best because I like simple & calming colors.

  • Ionela Ciordas

    Kai's was the best..??

  • Elaine Knight

    Vote for the blush room

  • BarbieBling1970


  • mango tango

    The first setup looks formal. Its good for an office setting or if u wanna hv quiet moments. The second one is cozy and inviting. Expect more noise n joys there.

  • Madison Heights

    1st one feels calmer… I prefer that.

  • Amy Wheelwright

    That sofa is simply ATROCIOUS…

  • Shagith shagithyan


  • Olga Artemenko


  • ms ms

    My vote goes to……. …………… kai

  • nathan

    I liked the first one better, but it would’ve been a lot better with maybe a different color wall. Maybe a light warm gray? The second one was really unique and beautiful, but definitely not my style. I liked the name of soft modern; it described the space well. Great job you guys!❤️❤️

  • K

    the second room is so nice bc of thr colours

  • Brandee Michelle

    I like the paint color, art, and rug of the second room. But I loved the modern minimalist feel of the first room, especially that cane chair and the coffee table.

  • matt I.

    Vote for the the first look, much softer

  • Suri Hakim

    Love Kai's

  • Tarun Yadav

    Second one green , I love color full

  • Rosanne Coffman

    The first is too plain, the second too messy

  • Athanasia Papantoniou

    Vote for the second one ?

  • Paturnella Hazell

    I like the second room more because it was more colorful.

  • Moe 1990

    Love these kind of videos <3 love the contrasting designs

  • ichoose2bhappy

    What was the name of the pink paint color?

  • Maria Diaz

    I like both but the second one has plants and color..

  • SynnJynn

    I love the second room! Those are my kinda colors

  • Violyta Sugeng

    The second look ?

  • Rene' Barry

    I like the second room best, minus that awful looking rug.

  • AS 7TR

    I like the second room better.. but where is the lighting? why none of them put any table lamp or maybe floor lamp or maybe wall spotlight?

  • El K

    Second look❤️

  • Ridha Samin

    I prefer the second look, because it is so bright with beautiful colors combination that give more energy to it, more alive and inviting, love them so much especially the pair of the wall arts..?????????

  • Charlotte Mekenkamp

    Colour yay??????

  • Jay Rogers

    I do not love either room, but the first room fits more of my decor style – hate the table and books. This makes the room feel unsophisticated.

  • Dolowokure Olowokure

    I honestly think Kai's own is best out of two

  • Chanel Davids

    Hey where can I purchase the two large art pieces in the second room? Can it be shipped to Canada?

  • Darwin McQuerter

    Great job on both rooms!

  • Waseilah Al Hajji

    I vote for the first one ?

  • dorfone

    At first I thought this was a before and after video but definitly the room done with the green wall and large paintings looks the best.

  • Bluebeck2

    Both styles look good, but i prefer the second one as it has more colour, it feels cozy and inviting.

  • W J


  • J J

    Second room for sure! Feel like sitting in that room, reading books, having a cup of tea. Great job!

  • Einstein Nerd

    neither! but if I had to choose it would be 2nd one.

  • Liagkouras Todorido


  • Abrar AF

    Can't vote they both look so good! Great job ladies!

  • Susan Timmerman

    Awful. Are these girls working designers?

  • gorilla foot

    Does anyone know similar (or the exact if you know) paint colors both of them chose for the walls?

  • Natasha Gibbons

    Toss cushions…that's different


    I love the kai's decoration.. the green n neutral are so perfect. Kai always gives different vibes on her out standing works ..

  • Razan M

    the green room wins

  • M. A.

    I didnt think i would like the green room so much because i like the minimal look but i eneded up loving the end result. That shows how amazing simple decor can make a room look.

  • Damian Lewd

    Soft Modern

  • madouchka 07

    The second for me but both are beautiful

  • Leranda Garib

    I really like the 2 of the styles. However, Kai's is more close to my style

  • Stormy Jay

    This is the most expensive couch I have ever came across, (one piece is $800)

  • Divine Favor

    prefer the first one

  • Elizabeth McElynn

    Good job girls! My favorite is #1, is modern and cool.

  • LLJ L

    Both are beautiful but i prefer the first one. Great job ladies!!!???

  • Natasha Dali

    Both very different but very nice great job

  • Suraiya Rahman

    Kai's was warmer and more inviting!

  • Fredy Rojas

    I probably will live on the first one as I believe on "the less is more" concept and bohemian is not my style.

  • Leslie Davis

    Both rooms are beautiful. But I really love the first room.

  • Victoria Ring

    Guess I like "stuff". I have all those colors in my apartment. Loved the colorful artwork. Kai would be my decorator.

  • Roberta B

    Really awesome the whole furniture. Thanks for great information

  • Nubia: The Black State

    Yeah I always vote Bohemian!

  • Skygazer

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    Kai nailed it! Cozy, lively, playful. Just beautiful.

  • Wenny Eva Wenny

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  • Natalie's Life

    The second room for sure

  • Valerie Sullivan

    I would mix them, I like the first room, but with the second sofa styling and the round ottoman

  • Bre L.

    I love the second room although both are beautiful.

  • May Ann Duran

    I love the 2 ND room???

  • Yasmin Abdul Rahman

    2nd room the best

  • jey kstillo

    Number 2 ?


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