Opening 6 MONTHS Of the SAME ART BOX?!

Hello there! So today I want to apologize in advance because I have had four hours of sleep, so if I seem like a bit of an… *stammers* mm-hmm, if I seem a bit of THAT in this video, that is why. Today is an exciting day because I officially have six months worth of this art supply box, and I wanted to open them all on camera and show you what’s inside and we can decide together how decent an art box this is because usually – I’m gonna put this down because my arm’s gonna FALL OFF! Usually when I test art boxes, I’m either testing one month or sometimes I’m testing two because you can’t really judge a box based on one month because it might be having an off month. So I thought I would judge these boxes on the past six months. Before I start though, I’d just like to tell you that I officially have my Inktober bear book called “Arthur.” So basically, it’s filled with 31 original drawings that I did for Inktober, but I’m really really excited about it. They’re on my website now available. Each one is actually going to be signed, right here on the front page. So if you’d like one, link will be in the description. These are by Smart Art. These boxes work out about $50 with shipping so it’s one of the more pricey boxes. So Smart Art was actually the box that Jazza’s Jazzy art box was made through and that was a really good box, so I’m curious to see what’s gonna be inside of these. Okay, let’s see. This is… stained glass painting! That’s the first thing I’m seeing. We have a DuraLar acetate alternative wet media film. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of this before but apparently, it’s two-sided coating, reusable and cuts cleanly so I’m not really sure what they’re gonna want us to do with that but we will see. We have a lot of bubble wrap! A lot of – a lot of bubble – ohh! Oh, okay! I think I know what these are. Ooh, it’s glittery! It is GlassArt by Marabu. I’m guessing that these ones that I’m seeing here are actually the GlassArt paints too. We have a violet – that was sideways. *Laughs* Lots of plastic. Not liking that. We have a Parisian blue. This one is emerald which I get a feeling I’m gonna really like this one because I absolutely love, I love emerald so much. We have three more colors. So we have a turquoise, a vermillion, and last but not least we have a lemon. There’s quite a lot in this box actually. So we have odorless paint thinner which is in like, a little… container, I’m not sure if I’m gonna take it out but it’s by Speedball. We have a porcelain and glass paint marker. Ooh, we have a paintbrush! This paintbrush is by Grumbacher. We have a – is this glass? If it is glass, I kind of appreciate it because I wouldn’t want it to be plastic. *Taps glass* I don’t know if we’re gonna paint on that with our glass gloss paints or if we’re gonna just use it as a rinser cup. And last but not least, inside of this box, we have some relief paste. 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They do spend a lot of time on it, they say that these little Marabu glass paints actually retail for $2.99 each. “The relief paste is a water-based high viscosity paint, which is applied from a tube with a fine line tip. This can be used to either outline design in relief, on glass, metal, plastic and other non-porous surface.” This is what we would use to make these little dark edges here and then we would fill in the, the outlines basically. “DuraLar is more economical, yet more dimensionally stable than wet media acetate. It is generally more flexible and less brittle than acetate, but otherwise has very similar characteristics. It is for use with inks, watercolors, acrylics, etc. The surface is reusable and can be washed gently with mild soap. Bonus item: tall, 8-ounce, clear glass jar.” “This 8-ounce jar features straight sides, relatively square shoulders and base, which makes it ideal for full wrap labels.” So basically they’re like, “Hey, here’s a glass jar. Enjoy that! That’s what it looks like. It’s got straight shoulders.” Apparently the Mona Lisa odorless paint thinner is a bonus item as well, I thought that was just a necessity of this box but apparently it’s a bonus item. So apparently you use the DuraLar sheets to get started and when you have a bit of experience with them, that is when you use the straight shouldered glass, apparently. So it looks quite cool. They’ve given you like, an idea about like, a peacock-type thing. It looks really cool, I definitely want to try this at some point because it looks very very fun. So I personally would be really really happy to receive – well I did receive it. I did – I did receive it. But you know what I mean, I, I was very happy to open that and look inside. I thought it was a really good box. I’d probably give it like, a 7 out of 10. If I get through this video without giving myself a paper cut from opening these boxes with pens, it’ll be a miracle. Okay, so this is the… Do you mind? This is the August box, I’m very excited to see what’s inside. Oh, okay. This one looks like it’s more… I’m gonna say this one’s either markers or pencils, just going by the very obvious pencil/marker drawing on the front. *Gasps* Oh wow, look at this box! That’s actually really impressive, there’s a lot in here. So we have a full Faber-Castell Pitt Graphite set. So we have an eraser, we have a bunch of different graphite pencils, we have a crayon and we have a pencil sharpener. We – okay, this has confused me because now we have a temporary tattoo kit. Um… that threw me a bit. I wasn’t expecting that but… okay. So, easy to use, safe and non-toxic, tattoo lasts – one to two weeks?! Oh, I can’t commit for that long to a tattoo. No chance. This is why I never get a tattoo because I just would, I would grow to like, wanna change it or get it off of me. I think I will try it for the sake of this video, but that’s about it. We have a graphics fine-liner, I get these a LOT in art subscription boxes. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re like, easy to buy in bulk or if it’s just because they’re, they’re ch- *Phone dings* Interrupting my video. You’re interrupting my video! In – okay, yeah, I’ve had this set like, three times before. It’s got red, blue, green and black. Next up, we have some little stumped Tortillions here. These are very very good for blending if you’ve not used them before or just like a hankie, tissue, cotton bud, same thing. For that, I guess we’re gonna smudge out our tattoos. Is that a thing? Oh, is that a sticker? Oh! Is that a – Oh, we’ve got a sticker. Okay. So we’ve got a little sticker. It’s different – *Phone dings* AARGH! And this is the last thing in this box. So this box seemed like it, and it does have a lot in it to be fair, but I feel like me personally, this type of thing isn’t my type of box which is why you’ve always got to try out several months of an art box because sometimes you are gonna receive supplies that you wouldn’t necessarily want to use, but it’s a good way to experiment and we have a 4×6 Altar, Artle – Art Alternatives sketchbook that is spiral-bound. This paper is – quite thin so it’s gonna be fine for 75 pounds, it’s gonna be fine for like, the sketching and stuff. So in this brochure, right here… This month, we challenge you to get back to basic sharpening your sketching skills to create a graphite drawing, plus usual sketching skills to create a temporary tattoo using the Jaguar kit. It’s different, that’s the word I’m gonna use. Okay, we are halfway through now with the September box. Let’s see what’s inside. Avoiding paper cuts. Ahhh – ooh, this one looks pretty! So we have some Ecoline markers. These are very cool. They’re very good markers, I do like them a lot. So we’ve got a bunch of alcohol inks here, as you can see in varying colors, we have a blue, a red, a white, a green, a purple and a yellow. So we’ve got a nice selection there. We have a – ooh, this is a nice paintbrush! I like this one, I like when they have clear paintbrushes, I think they’re very cool. So this is the royal paint brush as you can see. It’s got a nice… bend, oh, it’s actually stiff. Well, when we put water on it, it’ll be okay! But it’s quite a nice paintbrush. Not that you can see it cause… camera hates me! Okay, we have a random watermelon Jolly Rancher! Um, I don’t think this box normally gives snacks unless they start from now on, unless I just didn’t have them in my last boxes in which case I’m upset because I like getting candy in my art boxes! It’s very pleasant. Another DuraLar. What is DuraLar? I’ve never heard of it before. Matte film? So I’m guessing this is exactly the same as what we had in that other box, except it’s a matte version not a gloss window glass-like… thing. And last but not least, we have a piece of paper. “Ready-cut watercolor paper, cold-press, three sheets, 8×10, Series 500, 100% cotton.” Always good, get 100% cotton when you can! “So in our instruction manual… Oh. “This month we challenge you to create an alcohol ink painting. Using the materials provided in this month’s box to create an eye-catching kaleidoscope design, let the inks flow freely and watch as your piece comes together right before you.” So for this month, I would probably give it a 6 or 7 maybe, 6 and a half. I think it’s a good box, again, not really something that I personally would use, this is just my personal opinion. This isn’t me saying the box is bad, it’s just me saying that I personally wouldn’t use it, but it’s also a good way to introduce myself to those types of things and it’s well put together so, 6 and a half. Next up we have the October Smart Art box and this is the last box with this kind of design because afterwards they actually changed the design to look like this. *Singing* Don’t give me a paper cut! *Normal voice* They used more tape on this one. And… Oh! Ohh. They’ve begun putting tape on the sides and I think that’s a good idea, because I noticed a lot of the time in their older boxes that I’ve just opened, sometimes the like, leaflet brochure thing does slide out, so this prevents it from getting lost in the mail, even though I’ve never really had that issue before. Ooh! Okay. Hand lettering, I like the look of this one. And the brochures are now smaller as well! I wonder if this is a thing going forward. This is a much more appropriate size, I think. So we have a hand lettering… is this a sketch thing? Okay, it’s a hand lettering sheet set, so if you want to practice on our hand lettering, which – I love hand lettering, I’m just not very good at it, but this is, this is this. Not heard of this before so curious to try that. Next up we have a Artist Studio Cretacolor coloring pencils. I have never heard of these! I literally have not heard of these. Are like, these like, a good brand or are they like, a cheaper brand? I’ll obviously look in the brochure in a minute, but that’s what they look like. And there’s 24 Artist Studio line coloring pencils. I’m not really sure why they have coloring pencils in a hand lettering box, but I’m sure we’ll find out later. We have another candy! And this is a Sour Punch candy and it looks – ugh, I love sour things. We have another little sticker that just says “Smart Art” on it in the shape of like, a superhero-esque logo thing from a comic! That was a really lengthy way to put that! We have a… there’s like a smoosh on it and it kind of looks like something when you’ve like, got like, a little fly and you’re just like, “whack!” and then it kinda makes a mark. You see that? I don’t know if you can see that but that’s what it looks like, somebody’s been killing flies with my art supplies! That rhymed. That’s great. I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. Fantastic. Great. Let’s move on. These are waterproof, “permanent on paper, does not bleed through the paper, odorless, acid-free, pH neutral.” So I’m guessing they’re alcohol-based? Next up we have – ooh, we’ve got a Faber-Castell. Oh, it’s a pen, is it? Is it a pen or is it a – ? No, it’s a mechanical pencil, okay, good. Next up we have a 4 Pitt artist pens, black India ink, marker set. And last but not least we have a Faber-Castell eraser. I really really like this box, I would definitely give it probably a 7 out of 10 for this particular one, I think that it has a few things that I’ve not seen in subscription boxes before. I’m a bit confused why they do have the colored pencils so I think I’m gonna look now and see what it says in the brochure. So I’m a bit confused because maybe it’s just supposed to be an ink box, not necessarily a hand lettering box because when you look inside the instructions, it’s just teaching you how to make like, manga-type stuff how to draw different bodies and manga-style faces and bodies and stuff. I would use it for different reasons, like, I’d probably use it to draw some of my bears maybe because I love making my bears in ink, again, self promo if you like one of my books! These are all ink drawings. But yeah, I liked that box. I would give it 6 and a half, 7 out of 10. Okay, we are getting down to the last two boxes, this is the first redesign that they made so let’s open this baby up and see what’s inside. Okay, oh, the inside’s different, too! It’s a little heart with… “try, fun, can, price, box, use, draw, perfectly” – Oh, it’s just random words. Okay. Don’t read it in that order. Oh wow, this is really full! This is a very full box. And this looks like it’s gonna be acrylic-based maybe. So we have some synthetic sponges. These are by Royal & Langnickel. Then we have a… backscratcher? I think you use this to actually mix the paint and like, create texture and stuff on the canvas. Never used one before but I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re for. We’ll find out in a minute. Okay, we have some Acryl Mousse Mixed Media by Marabu. We have one in pink… purpley lavender… We have a lollipop. But it’s caramel apple so I – *disgusted* mmmm. We have another Smart Art sticker! Which goes based on this kind of theme, again with the box. Pebeo Mat Pub. Okay, so it looks like this is actually like, 3D thick paint that you can make textures with so that’s quite cool, I like that. So, “fluid, extra-fine acrylic colors for outdoor and indoor applications, extra fine acrylic, um, retains its shape when applied in volume,” and it’s UV resistant! So that’s really neat. Not really sure what I would use it on outside personally, but I’m sure there’s use for it. We have a little canvas, it’s a bit dirty, like by a bit, I mean very dirty, but you’re gonna paint over it anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. We have a silhouette stencil, which looks like… that. Last of all, we have a flat board canvas. This is just like… I really like these personally. So I really like this box, I’d probably say this is my favorite box purely because I love acrylic paint and this is a form of acrylic paint and I don’t feel like you get acrylic paint boxes very often so I would give this one probably an 8 out of 10, there’s a lot of effort that’s gone into it and I definitely feel that I got my money’s worth. So you squeeze a line of the mousse paint onto the canvas, then you spread it with the sponge. You can position the silhouette stencil to your liking, apply small drops of paint over the stencil and uses the – and use the edges of the catalyst contour tool to gently spread the paint. So you kind of get a really cool effect. And last but not least, am I going to get a paper cut or am I not? Let’s see, shall we? The December box and I have high hopes for this because it is the last box of the year. So fingers crossed it’s a decent box. Ahhh! Oh, I see another lollipop! This one looks like it’s a wet medium – oh, oil?! Oh no. Oh no. We have some Van GO, Van GOTH, Van GOGH, however you say it, oil colors. This already is a really good box. Like, to have these in there I think is a great idea. So we’ve got like, a mini set with white, yellow, red, blue, green and – brown? I’ve used oil paints once in my life and I personally prefer acrylic paint because you can just kind of make your piece in one sitting if you want to whereas oil paints, you kind of have to wait sometimes weeks for each layer to dry and that’s, that’s good for some people but for me personally, I don’t really like that. So we have some odorless turpenoid, which is a turpentine substitute. So this is basically a thinner for the oil paints. We have a – is this a mixing bowl? Washer. Plastic. I’m gonna use that for my – acrylics? We have a GINORMOUS paintbrush. This is by Royal & Langnickel. It’s a nice thick, thick brush there as you can see. Ooh, we’ve got more paintbrushes! Okay, this one is by Royal. One of those clear brushes again, with a nice thick tip. A fan brush, I think these are good, I’ve never actually used fan brushes, but I think these are good for like, blending. Next up we have a little plastic paint palette. Which looks like this. Nice little traditional palette. A Smart Art sticker! As per the usual now. And very very last but very not least, very, very – is last unleast. A Hahnemuhle Natural White. Is it just a board? Two boards. Two boards? One board. One board. “230 grams, 110 pounds.” It’s basically a board that you can oil paint on, I’m guessing because that’s all you’ve got here. So this box, very very good box. Like, for the last book of the year, very very impressed, I’d give this an 8 out of 10, I think, if not maybe a 9, I think that they put this together very well. So you’ve got some tutorials inside showing you how to do like, oil painting if you’ve never done it before. So that was all of the boxes, let me know in the comments down below which box was your favorite and if you think that you would sign up for Smart Art if you don’t already. I personally was very impressed with all of the, with all of these boxes, like, like any box, you have months where you’re kind of a bit eh, but most of these on, like, on average most of these are very very good so I was impressed with Smart Art. Good job Smart Art! By the way, just a disclaimer, none of these boxes were sent to me for free. I paid for all of these out of my own money. Just, just a – just a disclaimer. So thank you so much for watching this video today, I really hope that you enjoyed it, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video.

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