In honor of the spoopiest month of the
year, I’ve collected all of my orange art supplies and now I’m going to draw
something using Every. Single. One of them. * Spooky Music* So I’ve got all of my orange art
supplies on the left side of my desk and as I use them I will transfer them to
the right side. so starting off I’m going to be using this Vermillion Prismacolor
col-erase Colored pencil. I actually googled it Vermillion is technically a red
color but I don’t have an orange prismacolor co-erase pencil and
Vermillion is the orange-ist of the reds so I’m gonna let this slide. [hehe] this is the
only “orange” [air quotes] art supply that I own that is erasable so I’m going to get
a lot of use out of this; sketching out the entire illustration and my idea onto
paper before I start adding in those more permanent colors. My idea for this
drawing was – well I wanted to draw something, you know, Halloween-themed and
I was using the color orange and I had to think about what’s Halloween that’s
orange but like — I can’t use the color black because I only have orange and
most of my ideas incorporated a lot more black tones and I don’t have those
art supplies so I had to think of orange [things] and the only thing that kept coming to
mind was jack-o’-lanterns and I really wanted to draw a witch with maybe like
an orange hat I thought would be cool and then I was like well, witches have
cauldrons, butcauldrons are black what if the cauldron was a jack-o’-lantern! *mouth click* aye? heh, that that’s how my brain worked at least and then once the sketch was done
I moved on to one of my newest pieces in my art collection which are my Copic
markers and this is the yr 61 or spring orange and it’s actually the lightest
orange color that I have. i swatched every single [art supply] that I have and this
was the lightest one so I decided to start light and work my way to darker
tones because hopefully I mean you can always sort of get darker for the most
part whereas you can’t get lighter so I was like trying to be — trying to be um
stingy with my ink I guess [heh!] and it was during coloring her face that I decided
I wanted it to be like bottom lit so I wanted like the cauldron to sort of be
glowing and her face to be lit from beneath and I kind of messed up a bit
with her eyelids because I didn’t really know what I was doing at the time but I
for that I pretty much stuck to my light source [I mean] once they decided on a light
source, of course, haha next I used this Ohuhu Dual Tip Brush Pen and I used this to
darken the eyelids to try and give the illusion that the lights coming
from beneath so if your eyelids kind of protrude a bit from your face they’d be
darker on the top half and a little bit lighter below the eye and then
if itd be lighter again right below the eyebrows if you’re kind of thinking of
the head in like a 3d shape like where the shadows would be. I’ve never done
this sort of exaggerated lighting before so this was definitely a very fun
experiment then I used a good old Crayola colored pencil in the color
yellow orange. I still own these for some reason. I just can’t seem to cut the cord and let them go *emotional tear sniff* then we have this Ohuhu Art marker in the color 21 and
I didn’t really realize this because next to all my other markers it looks orange
but it’s definitely the brown-est of my orange art supplies and this marker
ended up being a complete lifesaver because it is the darkest orange or
brown, I guess, *laughs* that I own and it was really helpful for creating like those
differences in tones and contrast throughout the illustration and you’ll
see me pick up this marker a lot going forward like even after I use some more
like I’ll keep going back to this to try and darken up areas and this piece
was definitely a work in progress as most mixed media art pieces are and [what’s]
funny about doing these challenges is I do my art completely different than how
I would usually. I have like a sort of like an outline that I always follow
for my art like I sketch, then I erase the sketch a little bit, then I add line art and
then I add color. like no matter what medium that’s usually what I do whereas
when I do these challenges I do everything so out-of-order and I’m like
randomly jumping to different parts of illustration and tweaking different
parts as I go and it’s just so different than what I’m used to and it it kind of
like brings a sort of like experimentation into art that I really
really enjoyed doing and yeah that’s what you’ll see me do a lot so if any
part looks really really ugly right now I’m gonna work on, it just give me a
second, I was gonna like reassure you and say it’s all gonna turn out fine but *pause*
we’ll see *laugh* then I went in with this Zig writer by
Kuretaki and this is actually dual tip it’s got
one side is a 0.5mm nib and the other nib is a 1.2mm and I basically just used the smaller side and used it to create
sort of a line art around the face and try to give some more definition to
those facial features and of course her wart *hehe* what Witch is complete
without a wart? then I switch to the larger nib and started coloring in the
hair and I wasn’t 100% happy with this tone so you’ll see me play
around with the hair color well not the color, the tone — a lot
throughout the rest of this process but I did go through and fill it all in with
that color and then moved on to the next art supply which is the Crayola magic
marker in orange I’m just hoarding Crayola products at
this point because I I don’t use them for anything but I was actually
pleasantly surprised with like the tone of this marker I feel like it’s just the
brightest funnest orange in my collection and I use this to just sort
of darken the tone of the hair behind her neck and try to give the illusion
that that’s like in the farther distance and like the other hair is more farther
forward — that sort of thing then I used this Ohuhu art marker in the color 22
and I used it to outline the belt buckle and the rim of her hat. then I use the
Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth Mondeluz Watercolor Pencil I don’t know how you’d say those
things those are all words that are foreign to me but this is one of several
watercolor pencils that I’ll be using today I used this in several places like
the hair and cheeks and the nose to sort of add a little bit more color to the
face and also on the belt at the top of her hat and then I went with my
paintbrush with a little bit of water and smoothed out that color and —
it actually became more vibrant when I added water to it I like the color
better now than when it was just pencils so yeah that’s pretty cool *hehe* then I use the Staedtler triplus fineliner and outlined all the bubbles
and like sort of the potion and tried to give that a little bit more definition
before I went in with other colors then I used another Ohuhu art marker, this time
in the color f04 and this is not just another Ohuhu marker — (I assume) the
F stands for fluorescent but you know how when you
use a highlighter you like highlight something like “oh that is the most
gorgeous vibrant color ever” and then you come back like ten minutes later and it
just looks poopy I have not had that problem with this marker I’m honestly
kind of amazed I’ve never had a chance to use the fluorescent markers
that come with the Ohuhu pack so this was actually really exciting to see how
that would work and how you would incorporate that into a piece and so I
used it to color sort of this like otherworldly color of potion so I feel
like it suits the picture pretty well then since I was coloring in the potion
I moved on to this Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Marker it’s not meant for paper
but it’s also the second most fluorescent color of orange that I own
so I used that and just added texture to the potion this is another Ohuhu art
marker and this time in the color 23 and I used this to touch up the hair and
sort of add outlines to the pumpkin cauldron looking back I kind of wish I
had added handles to the pumpkin cauldron you know — well the jack-o’-lantern
cauldron — I feel like that would have pushed that idea a little further but
hey! [something to leave] for next time! to color in the pumpkin, I use this Copic Sketch marker
in the color YR15 and it’s actually [known as] the color “Pumpkin Yellow” I didn’t even
realize this till just now — okay *hehe* I used it to color in the pumpkin so I didn’t really
realize how great Copic markers are until I’m using them alongside all of my
other like cheaper art supplies yeah just the quality in the way it feels
as I brush it on the paper there’s just a little extra
something there, a little extra quality I don’t know just the workmanship or
something. I don’t Know. I just really enjoyed using this marker and coloring
in that pumpkin so I guess I’m just saying that I’m not regretting paying as
much as I did for these so that’s a good feeling — better than the alternative of
that’s for sure — err also I just wanted to say really quickly I’m very happy
with the way like the part of her hat turned out without any outlines like I
just colored it in with like a flat color of Copic and it makes me want to
really experiment with my style and try and color something like without line
art and see what I could do using Copic markers so yeah let me know if you think
I should try that I’m kind of excited to try it I really like the way
that looks — anyway moving on to the next art supply which happens to be this Art-n-Fly Marker in the color 14R I used this to add even more shading to
the bottom of the pumpkin and create that like rounded shape-ness of a
jack-o’-lantern you know — then I used another Art-n-Fly Marker, this time the color 23YR and I used this to like smooth out some more
of the texture and the hair trying to even out that color and darken like the
top rim of the Hat so like the part of the Hat that’s not being illuminated by
the potion oh and then I jump back to that really dark Ohuhu marker and
tried to add like strands of hair of frizz, I guess this is the Goldfaber Aqua Faber-Castell so it’s a watercolor pencil and I had this idea that I would
create like sort of a textured backdrop to the illustration of orange. and I
thought this would do the trick by adding water to it and like smoothing it
out but it just — eww I really don’t like — I wasn’t able to really get rid of those
strokes of the pencil and so it was just kind of mehhh — I didn’t really like it
but later I go over it with something else so don’t you worry your pretty
little mind [whispers: even though to be honest I was freaking out hardcore when I was
doing it myself so mhm! ] abandoning the background for a second
and apparently “to get more fun” [reading] I switched over to this acrylic Ohuhu
marker which I really enjoy using these things — they’re just paint
in a marker, so if you ever wanted to like paint but you didn’t want to get
out your paints and you we’re wanted to use a marker instead — these are the thing
for you I don’t know I just did a little advertisement for them — I just I like
them. I use them to decorate like birthday presents and stuff like draw
over the wrapping paper like with a plain craft [brown] wrapping paper and then I
draw over them with these it’s really really fu. don’t know why I felt the need to
say that and now it’s time to go back to that background and finally fix it with
this Amsterdam acrylic in the color vermilion again oops it just looks so
orange look at it it’s just very orange it’s orange enough that’s for sure and I
actually used this to even out that background that I had been ignoring for
a little while um I wouldn’t normally do this but I
wanted to give that illusion of a watercolor background and this is an acrylic so I
decided to experiment and add a little bit of water to it and try and create a
bit of a gradient I’m not sure if you’re supposed to do that I don’t think you
really are — but this is a mixed media piece so I can mix my media with water that’s not why it’s called it that’s, but that’s what I’m doing — okay… Okay so I just gave it a
Google and you can mix acrylics with water so it’s fine, I don’t know why I
was being so hard on myself, it says you can do it to get a bit of more
watercolor-y texture which is what I wanted so [laughs] “aren’t I smart” anyway I made
it dark at the top of the illustration and the bottom of the illustration and I
sort of like fade into light in the center where like the potion is, so that
it’s almost like the potions sort of giving off a little bit of light that
was the theory anyway I don’t know if it worked but I do like the way it turned
out I think the gradient really helped with the piece and I like it [more assured] I like it! but i’m not done yet! I’m using this Ohuhu colored marker dual tip brush
pen thing — I don’t know — it doesn’t really have a name and I’m using that to add
more definition to the hands so line art on the hands but it well
it wasn’t dark enough for me so I switched to a darker dual tip Ohuhu
color marker brush tip pen thing and I did the exact same thing but with this
darker one and I also used actually the brush tip end of it and darkened up
different sections of the illustration I thought needed a little bit more
contrast like the Hat was kind of blending in with the background so I
went around that and things like that [baby voice: “then I used this w’ittle crayola c’wayon”] oh gosh so it’s awful I used this to color like the tight bits of fabric
around her arms not sure what those would be called I guess they’re kind of
cuffs — it’s like the cuffs of her dress and then also added a little bit of
texture to the bubbles I like this color because it’s a lot
lighter than the other oranges and I think it’s just because of the spaces
but yeah usually I have a lot of trouble with the ‘cranz’ –[re-pronounces]– “cray-ons” sorry but I
think they suited this illustration pretty well oh and you’ll see here now I
went back to that old dark Ohuhu marker again added in
some more definition around the arms and like the hair and that [stuff] as you see the
further I go into this the more I like want to darken things up and add
contrast because a lot of these colors are very similar so it was really
necessary — so like I said this marker was a lifesaver then I used a Papermate Intro Highlighter in the color orange to fill in that gap that I had left bright
white of her dress because I wanted to — to give that illusion that the
cauldron or the potion was glowing but I colored it in with this because
it’s a bit lighter than some of the other oranges that I have because the
white just seemed a little too out there but I don’t know — I really wish I had a
better idea of what I was doing again I’ve never really played around with
these exaggerated light sources before and just working on this one made me
want to — play around with it some more because I really enjoyed the
way like the top of the Hat well the bottom of the Hat actually — is bright
white because there’s light, you know? — hitting it. I just I liked playing
around with that and I do what to continue to in the future this is the
Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencil I believe these are kind of a big deal I
don’t know I’m actually not entirely sure where it’s pencil came from but
it’s orange so I’m using it basically use this to just blend out some more of
the facial features because I really wasn’t happy with the way the face was
looking I mean — it’s a witch so I mean it doesn’t have to look like
drop-dead gorgeous or anything um because she’s probably got like evil
that’s eating away at her soul and it probably also eats away at her face but
I did want to like try and tweak it a little and hopefully make it a little
better next I use these two Ohuhu Fineliner in orange. I don’t love these I really don’t — if I get rid of any arts supply it’s gonna be these. I’ve got them
in like a bunch of colors and I don’t really like any of them but I just used
it to like add some detailed lines all over the place, here and there, that
sort of thing this is the Derwent Graphik Line painter #02
and honestly it’s dying on me –so any marks I get out of this is going to be a
blessing *laughs* this has like a paint and it’s light and it’s also kind of opaque so I
was able to use this to draw over the darkest part — the brown marker and to
create almost like a 3d effect to the jack-o’-lantern
you know like it was actually carved which I thought “hey! that’s pretty cool don’t cha’ think?” at this point I realized I had left a lot of that prismacolor
color race pencil sketches/line/things there so I’m erasing those because the
parts that I left bright white I want to be very bright white to give
the illusion of that glowing of the cauldron so they had to go and the last
orange art supply that I’ll be using today is the Manuscript Calli -*stumbles*- creative Duotip — I don’t know, it’s got “calligraphy” on the pen and I can’t read it so — I’m just using it to like again play around with that hair
cuz I still wasn’t in love with it and that was it for orange art supplies if
you remember from the intro I showed this India ink this Dr. Ph. Martin Bombay India Ink but upon drawing this I realized that the color was [literally called] “bright red”
even though it kind of looked orange and that was just too red. I wasn’t gonna go
that red and I think that’s cheating so I didn’t use that then I did some final
last tweaks with my trusty [what color was that?] 21 Ohuhu marker and also after that I realized there was
some mistakes that only a white gel pen could fix and some might consider that
cheating but the paper’s white so I don’t consider it cheating it’s it’s
almost like using an eraser on things that can’t erase that’s how I see it so
I guess that would mean it’s cheating wouldn’t it because you’re erasing
something that can’t technically erase but I don’t care I’m using it anyway I’m
trying to salvage this as much as possible because I really didn’t love
the face I mean there’s a lot about this that just needs more contrast and white
is a good way to add contrast so that’s what I did just added some kind of final
changes and that was it and I want to show you what this looks like today I
drew this yesterday and today I’m just looking at it and the cauldron is like
really really glowing. I don’t understand what [they’ve got going on in that] fluorescent Ohuhu
marker I don’t know what they’ve got going on in there but it just looks like
it’s glowing and I need to show you what it looks like today — look at that! okay?
yeah… anyway that’s the finished illustration I want to thank you guys
for watching coming along with me on this orange journey “orange you glad you did?” harharhar I hope everyone
has a spoopy or spooky Halloween which ever you prefer I’m more on the spoopy
side personally I hope you have a great October and a ♪ delicious evening
full of Waffles! ♪ BYE!!


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