Original, One-Of-A-Kind Sketches found at the Alex Ross Booth @ NYCC 2019!

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Marvel fans. We are here at the Alex Ross
Art booth at New York Comic Con. And I’m joined by Chris. Now, Chris, what is
the booth all about? What do you guys have here? Here at Alex Ross Art, we
have everything from fine art products, signed comic books,
matted lithos, art books, we have sketchbooks. Just anything any Alex
Ross fan would want. Yeah. Now, you have the
Marvelocity book. I do. This, here, is Alex’s art book. It’s Marvelocity, The
Marvelous Art of Alex Ross. This basically encompasses
an entire history– How? –of Marvel. It’s like– it’s big. It’s big. It’s one massive book. This is also our
exclusive edition, which here– you can see this– features his own homage
to Fantastic Four 100. And this is only available
from Alex Ross Art. There are bookstores all
across the country that carry the standard edition,
so it is available anywhere in the world right now. And now, you
mentioned that there’s something here for everyone. And if you’ve got a
trajillion dollars maybe you could buy an original? We do have originals here. We have everything from original
paintings to original sketches. They range, in a variety
of prices, of course, these are originals. Yeah. So basically, anything
that anybody wants. Everything from, you
know, passing by, hey, this looks great. From that, to the person
who is an art collector. I saw some of the originals,
which you have on display, of Captain America
and immortal Hulk. It seems like he’s
having the most fun doing those immortal Hulk pieces. CHRIS RUPP: Yes. He is– this is one
of those things, it’s like Hulk was
a dream job to him. And that’s why he just
keeps turning in covers, turning in covers. And he’s just like,
is this going to end? And right now, there
is no end in sight. Yeah. And we are very
thankful for that. And so you mentioned
some of the other pieces. Can you give a little
bit more explanation of those different tiers
of opportunities for people to own Alex Ross pieces. Sure thing. Like right behind, we have
Captain America Patriot, which is giclée on canvas. They are signed and numbered. Something like that, you know,
is definitely in the upper end. You know, that’s about $800. Then, there’s matted
lithos, which are definitely on the introductory price. They’re individually
numbered, ready to be framed, and hung on the wall. Something like
that’s just 50 bucks. All right, Chris, thank you
so much for showing us around. These are amazing pieces. You guys, make sure you
check out AlexRossArt.com. And if you’re here at the
show, come take some pictures. Ogle the beauties, and maybe
spend a couple of bucks. We’ll see. More to come real soon. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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