Our Ninja Sketch Got Whitewashed

(exciting techno music) – Good news guys, we
are going to green light the Last Ninja sketch that
Zach and Cynthia wrote. – [Cynthia] Alright!
– [Zach] Cool. – [Chevonne] Great job guys. – So let’s talk casting. Galwin Chen should of course
be played by Chevonne. – Sick! – Background ninjas will
be Katie and Caldwell, and the Last Ninja himself will be my man, Mr. O’Brien. Grant, congratulations. – I accept. – Wait, sorry, why is
Chevonne Galwin Chen? – And why is Grant the Last Ninja? – Because their last
two sketches did great. They’re a little more bankable right now. – What do you mean? All of our sketches get, like,
the same amount of views. – Also, those characters are Asian. – Well, you know, I had a friend who was half Italian and half
black, and you know what? You couldn’t tell. He looked white. – Oh, yeah, and I heard that the person that Emma Stone’s character
in Aloha was based on also just, like, super looked white. – That’s what I’m saying. So, they could be Asian,
you never know these days. – But we do know, they
aren’t Asian and we are. Stop whitewashing this sketch. – You know how, technically,
we’re all African? – [Together] No. – Well.
– [Zach] Nope. – Like genetically. – Zach is trained in karate. – Grant just has more
name recognition, alright? Our audience knows him. – I’ve worked here longer than him. – Yeah, but they can
relate to Grant better. – People can’t understand a point of view if the main character
is different than them? Isn’t that treating the
audience like they’re stupid? – I’m just sort of an everyman. – This is just easier, okay? It’s the same thing that
Ghost in the Shell did, or Doctor Strange, or
Power Rangers, alright? It’s less steps. – How is it less steps? I mean, the Last Ninja is the last of his bloodline in Japan. – Oh yeah, that’s why we
changed it to the ninjas hiring Grant for his help,
like in The Last Samurai, and we moved it to L.A., like in Godzilla. – Oh, see, now I get it. – So you just took the
whole cultural aspect out of the sketch. – Well, maybe, but now, it
is the beloved classic tale of a failing foreign culture
saved by a white man. – That’s not what we wrote. – Yeah, and you’re gonna get
a ton of backlash on this. – From Asians? I doubt they’ll speak up. – We’re speaking up right now! – And honestly, I’m shocked, okay? But if we get any more complaints, we’ll just say that many Asians, huh, huh? – [Zach] Don’t point at us.
– [Cynthia] Stop. – Many Asians were both behind and in front of the
camera, and we’re safe. – Thank you. – Ah thank you. – Stop. We aren’t even
in front of the camera. – Yeah, we’re not even
the background ninjas. – Okay, okay, I hear
you, and you’re right. Maybe we could fit in
some kind of beautiful but quiet and demure
love interest for Grant. Cynthia, you could do that. – Oh, the exotic love
interest for the white guy? Fuck you. – Well, I’m trying to think, like, what would make sense for you
guys to play, maybe like a A sushi chef and a prostitute! – How is that better? – Why? – Hear me out. Zach is the prostitute. – Oh! That is so progressive. – Well, if there’s one thing we care about in this office, it’s being progressive. – We refuse to be a part of this. – Yeah. – You know, maybe you’re right. I’m grateful for this dialogue. I’ve learned that we are ready for stories with truthful racial diversity, and I’m eager to tell those stories. (gong chimes) (light music) – Shut it, nerdy sidekicks. (hopping sounds) – Okay, cut. – Let’s just do something else. – I’m not even Japanese. – Hi, I’m Cynthia from CollegeHumor. Click here to subscribe. Click here for more fun stuff. And now for a wipe breakdown. Star wipe! Diamond wipe! Venetian wipe. Iris!


  • ウィーアブー情けない

    But, are they really asian, though? The names "Cynthia" and "Zack" don't really sound asian to me. How about カウボーイ・田中?Now, that's asian.

    ¿ʇɔǝdxǝ ∩oʎ pıp ʇɐɥM ˙ƃuıʞoɾ ɯ,I 'ǝsɹ∩oɔ ɟO

  • Zak Sharman

    Aaaaah! I miss my Zac!

  • Mr MangoBerry

    Ninjas ARE CHINEESSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  • Emily C

    Am I the only one who didn’t know Zac is Asian?

  • Stix

    I thought zack was white

  • Saeed Hussain

    This is so fucking true from the Arabs to the Japanese and the Malays to the Tuvans

  • Jamel Brown II

    Both the Asians in this video are no longer cast members

  • RB01138

    I think the godzilla example is kind of bullshit, other than that, spot on.

  • spookyowlsounds


  • A S

    A lot of characters do end up white washed, but in the case of Doctor Strange it wasn’t meant in the racist way everyone attacked it for. They were trying to break a common stereotype and instead of people being happy about them saying that sorcerer can be someone other than an old, wisened Asian man, they jumped all over them for casting a white chick. This is really gonna hurt some of you guy’s feelings, but sometimes people get casted because they play a part better. A black woman could play a character better than a white woman. A white man could play a part better than an Asian man. Everything’s not just in black and white. There’s a grey area, but people want to see everything as a skin color battle. We’re all the same, inside and out. We just come in different colors and capabilities.

  • E Zach Lee Wright

    Wait, but are they Japanese asian? Because having a Chinese person play a ninja is kinda raci— wait, wait… no it's not. Any Asian in Japan that isn't Ainu is almost certainly descended from Chinese, seeing as how the Ainu are the first natives.

  • E Zach Lee Wright

    TF does karate have to do with ninjas?? Ninjas were poor farmers. At least, they were at first.
    Look, you guys HAVE to get Adam to do a video on Ninjas, there's soooo much BS surrounding them.

  • Paranoid Android

    Most of the videos have the actors in certain roles
    Grant: the village idiot
    Trapp: the reasonable guy
    Katie: insane/weird
    Raphael: other reasonable guy
    Zack: intelligent guy
    Cynthia: kinda just is there
    Sam: cameos
    Pat: killed by Trapp lol
    Chevonne: ?


  • BatZel909

    3:00 that literally says whitewashed in japanese lol

  • ryan smith

    Zac is asian?

  • homelessricegum

    the title card was Shanghai

    fucking kill me

  • Haley Beth

    Colorblind racism

  • KurryCane

    Wait….Zach Is asian?!?

  • Javier Burgos

    white washing is not racism, its simple economics, if a chinese film had only or mostly foreign white actors speaking english instead of chinese, im sure it would get much less audience among the chinese public than if it were shot with chinese actors and in chinese language. do you get my point?

  • Vol100000

    2:27 Trap has a big trap.

  • The angry Croissant

    "Asians aren't represented enough in media!"

    Well got to Asia and see how many whites are in their tv shows!

  • David S

    I can't tell the difference between a ninja and a terrorist..

  • Cindy Hua

    lol this funny why is everyone making a big deal out of it

  • Niphredyl

    Zack is the prostitute!

  • ira somerville

    I don't get it? Is it stereotyping if you cast Asians as ninjas? If you don't cast Asians as ninjas it's racist? It should be an Asian bc Asians are all ninjas. Culturally ever Asian a ninja, but not stereotypically. White people are stereotypically racist or culturally all racist. There's no white person that could be a ninja or respect the culture of another country culturally or stereotypically? So we should shoehorn all Asians to ninjas and white people to racist rolls? Our take away is Asians are ninjas and whites aren't.

  • Adriana Aguilar

    Somebody help me, I have work to do and I've been binge watching this all day!!!!

  • Calvini2013

    Seriously, have any of you watched the Ghost in the Shell anime?? Please tell me in what aspect does she look Asian? (I thought she was Russian when I watched it back in Taiwan!)

  • Calvini2013

    Oh yeah I'm sick of the exotic Asian girl for the white guy shit

  • Basically Skeptical

    (Cough)Street fighter movie (Cough)

  • Timetrapped Gaming

    No one watched ghost in the shell

  • Fish & Chips

    Oh no, people that aren’t the actual person they’re acting as. It’s almost as if they’re… acting.

  • No U Reviews

    And then they made Heimdall black.

  • Basically Tofu

    Hands up Asian squaddd

  • shotabreadloaf

    I dont see why people are upset about this, it's pretty funny

  • AciDZ Blades

    Wait… Zach is Asian?

  • greysun

    I mean, Grant is kind of an everyman…

  • Ben Poletti

    Whoever made the subtitles doesn’t know how to spell Siobhan

  • Mary Schallert

    Love the end, Cynthia has just given up. "Just cut it. I'm not even Japanese."

  • Max Gillatt

    That point about the audience not being able to relate to someone different from them is why i hate it when casting is done based on race and target audiences with minorities. Its ridiculous we need to get rid of the idea that you need to see a character of the same race as you on screen in order to relate.

  • Will Hunnisett

    Zach is Asian???

  • Jameson Holbrook

    I watch these while at work and let me say I was NOT prepared for 2:39 and I might lose my job for laughing so hard

  • Cristina Caban

    No OFFENSE”black folks been trying to TELL YALL HOW they are.

  • TerminalCarrion

    This fails as a comedy sketch. It’s barely an exaggeration of reality at all

  • lex zem

    Everyone is human and everyone steals each race rolls and assuming that everyone should play their own race is exemplifying racism what people play the roles they want

  • James Shithead

    Yeah trapp is Asian

  • Jack Williams

    Zach is Asian!!!!

  • Benjamin Liang

    God So happy someone touched on this
    Friggin look at the live action avatar movie.

  • Mr Tiddles

    If they wanted to be the characters so bad then why didn't they say before casting went out? And also about whitewashing where was the outcry when they made Hermione Granger black in thst Harry potter theatre play when she's always been white? Almost as if it's only bad to change a characters race when it's given to a white person🧐

  • Jamil Rahman

    I love how he said "It's not like the Asians will speak out" 😂😂😂😂 it's actually soo true, we don't.

  • USER 005

    This was preachy and annoying, i watch this channel to laugh…not to get sjw cultural appreciation bs shoved down my throat…geez

  • Ç Ř Ø Ņ Č H Man

    as a 100% asian i shall judge thoust actions and decide these wretched mortal's fate.

  • torkuma gbaa

    "Ahh Thankk You!!"

  • Jorens Raitums

    0:13 illuminati

  • Lars Chue

    Their ought to be a law to rewrite all white washed movies at this point.

  • Brayden Alexis

    "I'm not even Japanese." Killed me 😂😂

  • Adisin Ismert

    Zach looks like a sushi chef lol

  • Emperor Yongle

    Isn't trapp a little bit Asian? I think I can tell.

  • Andy K

    I miss Cynthia

  • Devesh S

    You shouldn't have made this video, i hate this one

  • random guy

    My love for Zach grew during dimension 20

  • tyrongkojy

    Ghost is, like, the one time where it actually makes more sense TO whitewash the character. First, it's an artificial body. Second, there is a beauty standard in asia, especially Japan and China for a long while, I think also korea, to look more "white". Combine these and you get a situation where it actually makes more sense for her artificial body to be a western one. Aside from that, one of the central themes of Ghost In The Shell is Motoko's feeling of separation from her body, the alienation of it, but making it her own artificially. Again, makes more sense for it to have been foreign.

  • Patrick Dulfo

    Zach is asian?

  • InfernoBoy8

    Most people are annoyed at the whole racial thing. I'm just gonna stay out of it and say how annoyed I am that Venetian wipe was 3rd instead of first on Cynthia's end thingamabober.

  • Milo

    Zach is literally my favorite

  • PeachMuffins

    “I’m not even Japanese” had me rotfl

  • Corey_The_Content_Bird

    Is it just me or did he look like Wateroo from initial d

  • Naief Alromi

    Wow ch is tumblr now ?

  • Ateu, e daí?

    Wait, Zach is asian? He always looked kind of latino to me…

  • Sandy Gooen

    Wait isn’t trapp part Asian???!? Why is he doing that?!?!

  • Initialhornet39

    Imagine them greenlighting this sketch…
    about greenlighting this sketch

  • ErzaJane/MirZa 4 lyfe

    Bro this is tea. In Asian too. Luckily for crazy rich Asians right?

  • DeathGodRiku

    Real ninjas wear blue

  • RoScFan

    Hmmm…. It s amazing how non Asian half Asian people look. I mean I never realized until this sketch Cynthia s asian. And neither did in realise Zack was Asian until I re-watched the Asian council sketch.

  • Koerth Ragsdale

    I completely agree. i want to make a all white version of Hamilton how it should have been!

  • Brian Caro

    Zack is asian?

  • Iris Hawthorne

    I love Trapp a lot, but I seriously wanted to punch him this entire sketch.

  • Ricardo alves

    The top comments are all "Everyone who disagrees with me is racist" That's basicly it, Holywood washes with other colors as well, but there's no problem with that (and there shouldn't be),

  • Gr8er_Than_8 !

    If you cast an Asian as an Asian it’s racist pigeonholing. If you cast a white person in a story that takes place in Asia, that’s racist bc it’s appropriation! How about we go back to the bad old days where we just don’t let Asians into Hollywood and only tell stories about cool white ppl…it’s the only way to not be racist 🤷‍♂️

  • Factual Opinion


  • Katelinlmao 38

    Oh shit lmao

  • Sasha Smith Miralles

    This would be much simpler if movie producers just tried to make everything as authentic as possible.

  • MAD MINT Entertainment

    Ghost in the shell wasn’t white washed …

  • Paul Brennan

    Wait . . . Zach is Asian??

  • Cesar Vera

    This is why zac and Cynthia left college humor

  • Nick Zepeda

    But if Cynthia isn't Japanese then isn't she doing the same thing? If you have someone who isn't Japanese playing someone who is, then that's the same as white washing. I just want to know why people only say something when it's a white person doing it. Nobody said anything about Thomas Jefferson being played by a black man. I mean, I love Daveed Diggs but if having an actor playing a race that they're not is such a problem, why do people only say something when it's a white person. If it's a problem, then everyone, no matter what race or gender should be called out on it. Instead of yelling at and insulting each other, and both sides are doing it it's not one or the other, we should talk about these things. It seems like whenever someone brings up a controversial subject, they are immediately labeled a racist or SJW depending on what their beliefs are. Instead of labeling someone a racist/SJW because they don't share our beliefs, we should talk and understand why they don't share them. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge, so instead of yelling at the ignorant we should talk to them. Who knows, maybe you can teach them something, and maybe you'll learn something yourself.

  • Yuga Aoyama

    Katie wouldnt even be able to tell

  • alex bluestein

    Honestly, the race of the character in casting should EXACTLY reflect the original character. For instance, The Last Airbender(Cause its an easy example) should have been pretty much mostly Asian, the firebenders should have been Japanese(if im mixing up Asian countries, sue me. I dont need to perfectly understand the culture to be unhappy that it was misrepresented. My point stands), not Indian. There was no good reason for this. The characters should have been better represented in both race, and their personality. Don't change the gender, race, personality, or ideals of a character when casting for live action and no one gets hurt.

    Edit: spelling

  • Joseph Elorreaga


  • ArCoN

    music in background is music from wish

  • Eamo

    Grant " Ah thank you"
    Trapp " Well… Genetically"

  • shadow2704 YT

    "Asians? I doubt they speak up" hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • ihope

    Ya it true that we r not treated fairly for our races but who care the world is changing but we r all humans so Instead of fighting we should work together to make the world a better place! There are two races the human race and nascar

  • Mad Gurren

    Grant could play every race at the same time and it still wouldn't matter

  • Ryan Nicholl

    This video is offensive and racist. I don't know why collegehumor is airing it.

  • DavidAWA

    It's dumb to make Grant a ninja when you have Brennan! That guy would be PERFECT!

  • Taijifufu

    Zac could've been a great prostitute. It worked in Madame Butterfly.

  • joshpaos


  • Kathleen Mayhew

    trapp is korean bruh

  • killerskyhawk None


  • Jaylen Mark

    This is why mortal kombat reboot is happening.


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