OVER 40 PINK ART SUPPLIES – Can I Make Art With This?!

Wow there sure are a lot of pink things in here. My snack. This adorable fan mail y’all sent me. My beverage of choice. And whatever the heck this is. And of course all of these pink are supplies. Hey, you get back over here. In today’s video I am making art using all of the pink our supplies I own. This-
This is it. Not as much as DrawingWiffWaffles, who is of course made this really popular series where she takes one color gathers all for our supplies and then creates an art piece out of it. So I’m starting off with pink then I’m gonna do red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple…? Maybe black, maybe white, maybe my metallic colors. We’ll see where we go. Okay, let’s get started using all these pink supplies to make some art. But before I get to creating I do want to swatch all of our art supplies because pink isn’t just one color. We have darks. We have lights. We have in-betweens. We have purple issues. We have some redishes. Radishes? The metallic gelly roll does look very purple but I promise you there is a more purple pen in the pack. So I guess this one is just very… Purpley. And the other one is more purpley? Here, I’ll show you. This is our pink pen and this is our purple pen. So… There’s a difference. Apparently. It’s so hard to choose colors because I don’t know what’s actually red. I don’t know what’s actually purple. What counts as pink. I don’t want the art police coming after me, so I really have to make sure. You know, I do this right. So after looking at the list I decide to disqualify one of these Sakura Kois. It was just a little too red for me. And this pink sharpie. The top of the Sharpie is neon pink. Look at this.
Neon pink. But the color that is coming out of the sharpie, that’s purple.
💜 Why does it look the same on camera?! So a sketch I thought it would be really appropriate to bust out this pink Muji pen I have. You know what? Whoopsies. I guess I could add that to my… list of supplies. All right. So because when I think pink I think love and… hearts and… couples and cute stuff.
I thought it would be fun if I did a couple, uh… Like hanging out or whatever, you know, whatever-
Whatever couples do. Maybe frolicking, “Wow, I’m so in love. Let’s hold hands.” and a heart can be behind them. Just so happy. Maybe… they can be more like in love but too shy to admit it and there’s a hear- Okay, okay, okay,
But what if someone-
like love doesn’t have to be romantic, right? It can be like someone with their kitty cat or something And there’s a heart be- Why did I sketch this? This is like the most basic-
and also there’s a hear- I was looking at poses of couples and I ran across this pose of a couple and… they’re like jumping in the air and like making a heart. I actually really do you like that pose. I think it’s really cute. And I think that’s what I’m gonna go with. Let’s get into sketching this on our paper. And in DrawingWiffWaffles style I’m going to have all my art supplies over here And as I use them, I will move them to the other side to keep track of what I have used and so that you guys can see what I’ve used and what I haven’t used. With that being said, let’s get into it. We’re going to draw our cute pink couple. Here we go. Also, I’m terrified. So because I don’t have an erasable pink pencil, I think the only erasable pencil I own is blue…? Should I cheat and go by some erasable colored pencils for future color challenges? Is that cheating? Wow. Okay already super off-topic. To sketch I use the prismacolor blush pink colored pencil I sketched as lightly as possible because , like I said, this was not erasable even though I do go to town at it a few times to try to erase the sketch. So if you have a hard time that seeing the sketch is because this is a very light color white piece of paper. So, please forgive me for that. Thankfully the sketch went down really easy and I was already ready to move on to coloring and let me tell you,
I was terrified.. I wanted to make sure that I started off as light as possible and then work my way up to darker tones, because as you know, you can always get darker
but once you put down a dark color, you can’t go lighter. so I started off with this Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen in “Coral.” Instead of going directly onto the piece of paper, because this is a water-soluble pen, I put it on another piece of paper and picked it up with a brush and painted it on lightly. The great thing about water-based supplies is that you can actually water them down and get different strengths of that color. Amazing. I used this color for the girls skin and a little bit of blushing. Using my other Faber- Castell Pitt pen in “pink matter Lake.” I have gotten the idea to separate the two characters with the different kinds of pink. So the male character was going to be the more Barbie like bright purpley pinks and the girl was going to be the more muted coral peach pinks. So with the same technique I colored in his skin and a little bit of the girls blush and nose. Using this Winsor & Newton Pro marker in the color “cocktail pink,” love that, I started shading the female character. And this is actually a marker from a 24 pack of pro markers sent into my P.O. box by one of you guys. You guys are so generous.
So a big shout out to the demon foxy for sending me this pack of markers, you guys are too nice to me.
What the heck? Using the number nine or number six ohuhu marker, I decided to soften up her nose a little bit in color and her eye as well as try to blend in the shading. It was a little harsh and I was trying to make it not so harsh? And this is something that I will struggle with throughout the whole illustration. Using this unnamed Staedtler colored pencil I colored in the girls shoes. That’s it. Again I try to soften up the shading using this Faber- Castell “Rose carmine,” I think it definitely helped.
It created a better gradient from dark to light. I darkened up her leg and did additional shading. Scraping up what I have left of this permanent carmine from my schminke watercolors, because there was a bit of a purple to this I colored in the man’s hair all fluffy and fun. Using the Copic Sketch “water lily,” I colored in the girl’s hair. I wanted her hair to be really light and that was one of the lightest pink colors I had, so I started off the base color of her hair with that. And then I continued to shade and build on her hair with the Copic Sketch “Sugared almond pink.”
This will be one of many layers in her hair. The koi watercolor brush pen It came in handy when shading white areas or light areas because it was a very light pink color. and it was really easy to put, again, on a piece of paper and pick up with my brush and shade the smaller lighter areas. The ohuhu alcohol markers had quite a few those very bright obnoxious pink colors So I used number-17 to color in the guy’s shoes. Again, because his color scheme is more on the bright and purple side of pink’s. And to go ahead and shade those shoes, I used the koi watercolor marker in “pink.” It was the perfect dark version of that previous color. It was really hard to pick which of these colors to use but I decided to use number 20 and 23 to color and shade the guys shorts. This is the koi watercolor travel kit in… 48.
A lot to choose from. A lot of reds. Next time, eh? It was time to color in the girls skirt using Faber- Castell watercolor pencils in “pink matter lake.” My favorite art supply. Colored pencils.
(Pure Sarcasm) It probably would have been easier to do the old technique of coloring a piece of paper and then transferring it with a brush, but I thought I would go-
Go all in. So I colored the skirt and watered it down. I’ll learn how to use them one day. Maybe. And to go ahead and shade the skirt, I use the fabric a still watercolor pencil in “light purple pink.” Again colored it on and watered it down. Unfortunately I use multi media paper which wasn’t handling this much water and rubbing. So it gets a little rough. That’s okay. Okay, ya’ll want to hear something funny about this other schminke watercolor? I think I mix them up.
Is this “magenta?” Is this “permanent carmine?” At this point I don’t really know. I called the other one “permanent carmine”, but now I’m not so sure. I think this one is “magenta” and the other one was actually “permanent carmine.” I think. Anyways, I use this darker color to do the darker bits, obviously. So I have some underskirt, undershorts. Shaded the shorts a little bit more and the guy’s hair as well as his eyes and some mustache hair. Another Faber- Castell watercolor pencil.
Yes. This time in “pink carmine.” I shaded in texturized the guy’s hair, colored in his little nose, and did some blushing here there. I think at this point I was just trying to get all the watercolor pencils out of the way because they are my enemy. So we have a pink Staedtler watercolor pencil, which I use to shade the guy’s skin. The previous Staedtler watercolor pencil was more on the red-pink side, and this one is more on the purple-pink side. Ohuhu nine or- or six?
I used to do the inside of his shoes and the shoelaces. It was a very good match to the previous pinks to the shoes. Yep, another colored pencil.
This time It is prismacolor in just “pink.” At this point I was really starting to struggle on what to use all of these pink supplies for.
I felt like I was just doing one little- Like one tiny detail with one supply here and there.
It didn’t really feel like I was incorporating them. When I got to this pencil I thought it would be really cute to give the girl freckles. So this time I was putting this color across her whole character and not just using it for, I don’t know, like a little dark spot here. And that was it. Plus she looks so cute with freckles. Next up is this metallic pink from the koi travel kit Pearlescent and neon pack. I thought this was a good opportunity to color in the heart behind the characters because I’m just not a fan of pearlescent colors and things on characters. So a shiny heart behind the two characters was perfect. So I painted in the heart and also put some sparkles around them. Next up is our only sharpie, this a light pink sharpie.
Which I used to add more shadows to her hair. So I’m still building on her hair. Another marker, this time in “carmine.”
I just used to add a square patch on to the guy’s pants. I left a white patched pocket on the girls skirt, ao I thought it would be cute if he also had a patch on his pants. That’s it. Using the Aqua pen graphix, I shaded their shirts because for some reason I didn’t with the koi pen earlier? Moving on to the Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor in “Rose madder,” I use this color to color in the guy’s shirt sleeves and neck area. Because this pink does have a bit of a purplish tint to it, I used it on the guy. Oh boy. Just like metallic colors, I really don’t like neon colors. So Ohuhus f23 neon pink was not a color I was looking forward to incorporating into this illustration. Thankfully, I thought it would be really fun to just give them bracelets like friendship bracelet jewelry
and also matching earrings. So honestly, I thought that was pretty cute. I can imagine them being some sort of plasticy material and it really reminds me of the 90’s. Moving on to Ohuhus 88, again another obnoxiously bright pink color, so I just added more bracelets. When in doubt, accessorize! So this is a three-fer.
I grabbed all three of my posca pens in “light pink”, “coral pink” , and “Momo” and pretty much a cop-out, I just added some sparkles and dots in the background. I mean it had to be done eventually, right?
I wanted to add sparkles anyways.
And posca pens, they eat up the paper. So… just dots and sparkles. Going from darkest to lightest in the background. Using our last Pro marker “antique pink.” I added spots to both of their pocket patches. And it was really about this time that I was struggling to find things to do with all of these pink supplies. So next up we have a Copic marker I cannot pronounce and I just kind of went through on her nose and the shaded areas and… that was about it. Getting down to our last few alcohol markers, this is the Ohuhu number seven, and I am yet again building on the shadows of her hair. Just-
Just really adding definition to it. Ohuhu number eight I used to color in her little hair clip, and there you go. And of course our micron PN in pink. I was really trying to resist using the liner’s to line, but in the end that’s where I fell. I absolutely love this pink PN micron liner. I’m always using microns as is, so I was really delighted to have a reason to use this pink micron. It looks so cool lining a pink illustration with pink ink. This is also where the illustration are really starting to come together because everything was so light and pink. We really needed those dark outlines to bring the whole thing together. And now y’all can see what I’m drawing. Using the bic crystal in pink, I lined the male character because it did have a sort of purplish tint to it. So it was perfect to stop lining the girl with the pn and start lining the guy with the bic pen. It isn’t as smooth and nice to work with but it did the job. Back to our travel koi set, we have our “neon pink” which I used as a burst of magical glowing pink radiant light coming from under them. Using our Muji pen I added some stitching to her socks and also shaded their friendship bracelets because it kind of was a good shading color for that really bright neon pink. Our second-to-last supply is the Gelly roll metallic, which looks- It is so purple looking. I I probably shouldn’t have used it. But I wanted to add some texture and sparkle to the heart behind them, So I painstakingly made probably hundreds of dots behind them to create a sparkling effect. It doesn’t look great.
A little regretful of a decision, but it is what it is. So I ended up mixing some of the pink neon gelly roll dots in there, which again, kind of regretful but that is it. That was our last art supply. Can we get a drumroll? [Drumroll]
🥁 dudududududududu tsssh 🥁 And here we are.
This is the final result of using all of my pink art supplies to create a single illustration. This was actually a lot more challenging than I had anticipated, but you know what? I had a lot of fun with this challenge and I cannot wait to do red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, metallic? We’ll see. Alright guys. I hope you a lot of fun and thank you so much to DrawingWiffWaffles for this amazing challenge and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Stay golden… not- not pink. And now a huge thank you to my wonderful patrons for all of their support. You guys are the best. If you want to be in the credits at the end of my videos, see secret sketches, coloring pages, early access and more, check out my patreon by clicking a link in the description. Thank you guys all so much for the support. Bye! [Music]


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