Over 40s Makeup Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette Pink Eyeshadow Tutorial and Ombre Lips nicqui madden

Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel.
Thanks for watching. Today I’m doing another look with the Natasha Denona “Sunrise” Palette – the first look I did use a lot of the apricots and beige, copper
sort of colours on this side. So today I’m using the opposite side which has more of the pinks and the yellows on it and I’ve come up with this look today. So
if you’d like to see how I did it, then just stick around. Okay so I’m going to
experiment today with using two of the P.Louise coloured bases – I
absolutely love these. This one’s in yellow and then I’m gonna use a pink later on.
So I’ve only ever use them one at a time and then just with like the normal “Rumour 01” or “02” which is a really light colour in the crease and above. But I’m
gonna use two of the coloured bases today. So I’m gonna try this one first – the
yellow – on a Zoeva Concealer Buffer brush. I’m just going to
put that high up (could possibly have put too much on there) and just buff that in that
area which is the crease; and right down into the inner corner there. Okay so that’s a
fair bit of vibrancy already in that area. Now I’m just going to switch to the pink
and I’m going to use the P.Louise eye base brush and just see how this goes.
So I’ll pop a little bit on the the lid and then start creating the shape that I
want that pink to be in. These colours are just stunning! I feel
like it just – it just enhances the colours that you’re putting on your eyes. Okay so those bases even by themselves
look absolutely brilliant! So I’m gonna go in first with “Glory” which is that
bright pink colour. I’m going to use a Too Faced “All Over Shadow” brush just to
pack that colour in the crease. Now on top of that base it’s absolutely
beautiful! I’m just gonna go in and just bring a
little bit of that pink onto the lid here. And then I’m just going to go in with a
MAC 217 and I’m just gonna go (with no colour on) I’m just going to go
over the edge of that pink. Okay so that pink’s on. Now I’m just
going to go into that yellow it’s called “Citrine” – bright yellow there at the top –
on a MAC 221S. And I firstly just want to pack a
little bit of that on the edge there. And then just use the brush to blend. Now I do want to go back in with a
little bit more concealer so I’m going to use the pink on an Anastasia (helps if I
take the lid off) Anastasia 3 brush. Just work that
product into the brush and I just want to go in and pop a little bit more; just
halfway. And I’m just going to work that product
onto the lid here. I’m just going to go straight in, back in
with “Glory” and I just want to press a little bit of that over that edge. And then on my Makeup For Ever 240 brush – what I’m gonna do is go into “Poppy” at the top here which is a beautiful pinky
shimmer colour. But I am going to slightly wet my brush first up; I’m gonna
use some MAC Fix+. I’m gonna go in and pick up that colour on both sides of my brush and then just
pack that on. Now if you’ve got wrinkles in your eyes
like me, just make sure you do stretch your eye out and actually get that
product right into those wrinkly bits or you’ll end up with lines through your
makeup. I’m just going to take “Morgan” which is a real apricot, very light colour
on a E40 and I just want to go over the very edge of that yellow colour that we put in
and blend that just a little bit more. I’m just bringing that darker pink a
little bit further up into my eyebrow area here. Doesn’t feel bright enough to
me so I’m gonna go into “Awakening” which is a shimmery champagne sort of
colour. I’m just gonna try a little bit of that just in the middle. I’m gonna try some of that “Awakening” on the 240 Makeup For Ever. And I’m getting a little bit
more shimmer now. That’s much better. Okay so I like that now. I’m gonna go in
with Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eyeliner in “Pink of Me” – so it’s a very very light
pink. I think I’m gonna go over this with some shadow to set it as well. So I’m
just gonna go in with that E21 from Sigma – a very small brush – on that pink
colour and I just want to set that pink eyeliner. And I’m going to use the same brush and
I’m just going to go and put a little bit of that pink underneath as well and
smudge that. Then I’m going to go back into that
“Citrine” colour – the yellow – on the MAC 221 and just blend that pink out. Just
matching up with that outside edge there. Now I do want to go into that champagne
colour – that “Awakening” again on a Sigma pencil brush. I’m just going to put the
tiniest little dab of that in the inner corner. Okay so my lashes are on – that
was a little bit of a battle. I do find if you put an eyeliner on
first, your lashes do actually go on a lot easier. And if you’re using a shimmer
shadow without any eyeliner, it is a little bit harder to actually get those
lashes to stick. And I do have a little bit of a watering eye again on this
end here, and this one’s just not sticking real well. So just in those
corners where my eyes water it is a bit of a battle. Now I did think that this is
not as pink as what I really thought it would be. That palette – that pink “Glory”
colour in the palette – I mean it looks really really pink in there and to me it
looks a little bit more purpley on my eyelids. And I really wasn’t that happy
with that “Poppy” colour which was that shimmer on that end; and when I went
ahead and put the “Awakening” on, it just “awoke” my eyes basically and lit them up. So basically just using that colour underneath gave it a little bit more of
a pinky sort of tinge to it and then putting that “Awakening” over the top
gives you that shimmer. So I do like it now; I did struggle with that “Poppy” colour. So I’m going to go and do my lips. Now Rimmel lip pencils I absolutely love –
they’re just beautiful. Some lip pencils to me are just too soft or just too hard. This is perfect; its retractable. This colour is (I can’t read it – so I’ll pop
it in the description bar for you) – so I’ll go ahead and do that. I’ve got a
over line one side of my lips because this side a little bit lower than the other. Look how easy that goes on! So that was easy! Now I’m just gonna try a little bit of an ombre lip today – this is a NARS lip pencil – beautiful
bright pink colour. So I’m just going to do the corners. Now with such a bright eye I would ordinarily do a nude lip and I’m kind of – I love it so much; but I think you’re just sick of
seeing me with nude lips. So I really wanted to try something bright today. Now that lip pencil glides on really
easily too – that’s beautiful. Now I am going to go in the middle with a
Too Faced “Melted Matte” (I’ll pop the colour in the description bar for you again) cos I cannot read the colours; I need my glasses. So just a little bit in the middle; in
the centre. And just squish that together. Now you may lose a little bit of the lip
liner so sometimes you do have to go back over and put that back on. I’m just
gonna blend that a little bit more. I’m gonna go back and just pop a little
bit more lip liner on – now this is hard enough that it doesn’t get caught up in
the lipstick. And just a little bit of Tom Ford lip gloss / lip lacquer. I do like that lip now – it is bright to
go with the bright eyes but, it’s something different for me. So I do like
the look now. I was struggling a little bit there with that pink. Like I said
that pink shimmer colour on the lid. But what really helps I think is just these P.Louise coloured bases. I absolutely adore them. And I always
forget to do this. I don’t know why – I used to always use setting spray. So I’m gonna go back in with my MAC Fix +. And just pop a little – hold your hand over your eyes cos I really find that you just don’t want to upset anything that you put on there. And
just let that dry. So if you like the look today don’t forget to give me a
“thumbs up”, subscribe, click on the “Notifications Bell” so you’re notified when I do upload some more content – so you don’t miss anything. Keep being the best
version of you; have a great day and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye x


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    Any colour look gorgeous on you. You're so lucky.

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    Your extremely talented! Love the shade colours?

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    Oh I just ordered mine! I’ve never used her shadows before!

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    so pretty 1 day i need to try one of the palettes xx


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