Owner Interview: Noah Purifoy Watts Riots Sculpture | Palm Springs Hour 1

APPRAISER: I would advise insuring this for
$125,000. GUEST: (Gasps) You’re kidding me. GUEST: I was flabbergasted. This has been sitting in my home for 50 years. Only knew that it had been a very treasured
memento from a very dear man that my husband who worked so hard with in 1965, 66. We were living in Los Angeles, my husband
was the Assistant Director of the California Arts Commission. My husband worked very closely with Noah Purifoy,
the artist. He lived in Watts, he worked in Watts, and
he was so shaken by the riots and he put together an exhibition of his works with my husband. For the last 15 years of his life, he moved
up to the high desert doing outdoor sculptures and unfortunately he died in a house fire
and that was 2004. I believe it’s true, he would have found more
things to continue to express himself, more events, that would have expressed himself
in his art, such as all the things that have been going on in this country in terms of
general race relations. My husband said he was such a kind man, very
intense and very much concerned and fearful about what happened to his community, but
at the same time a real gentle soul. Well, my son actually said, “Mom, why don’t
you bring that?” He said, “That’s very special to the family,
why don’t you bring that.” He likes it, you know, he would like me to
give it to him, well he’ll get it when I’m pushing daisies but not before. (Laughs)


  • WonkaVator72

    This video serves the dessert first, the main course second :-(.

  • Hunty Baby

    I disagree. She's the cherry on the pudding. Great story and great lady.

  • JohnsRadios

    I don't see it. It looks like a blob !

  • Natalia A

    This is why I can't appraise ART. 😒 if somebody tried to give it to me, I'd politely say "no". With over a hundred thousand grand price, I'd immediately find a buyer and wonder why somebody wants to buy it. No offense to the artist but that's why I said I don't understand the value of art. 😅

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    $125K for this?? It looks like a piece of crap to me!

  • SavageArfad

    Great, what is it?

  • Virgil Johnson

    Like like aluminum foil

  • Ron Smith



  • Hembafan Tilley Gyado

    Looks like the map of Nigeria

  • gerrom

    Art can be just comical. Jackson Pollock is a perfect example. If I can make it (which I could make this piece of crap above), then it isn't art. Now bring on the Bob Ross !!!!!!!!!!!BTW, her moaning was pretty disturbing….Yuck


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