Owner Interview: Robert Cumpston Sculpture, ca. 1985

GUEST: They just filmed me, and he appraised
her at $4,000 to $7,000, and said that I could double that price for the male. INTERVIEWER: Give her a quick spin for us
if you want to describe and, yeah. GUEST: One thing that Nick pointed out was
how that at 360-degrees, she’s got a nice little derriere here and you can see her spring
hair. Her head turns around so you can turn her
backwards and turn her head and look over her shoulder. INTERVIEWER: Oh my gosh. GUEST: You can scratch your back. INTERVIEWER: That’s great. GUEST: She’s cool. I like her. It was interesting to hear Nick talk about
how it’s, she’s Picasso-esque. If I look at her face I really, she really
does look kind of “Picasso-y.” INTERVIEWER: Yes. GUEST: To me. He said the way her eyes sit up on top of
her head makes it Picasso-esque. INTERVIEWER: Yes. GUEST: I think the best part of the experience
was watching everybody in line looking at her as I was coming in. Everybody was going, “God, she’s great,” taking
pictures, and so now maybe she’ll get on TV, too. She’s part of the family. She’s been standing in my living room for
25 years. She actually is a coat rack during the wintertime,
and I have a hat that goes on her head all the time. I’d switch out the hats. It’s kind of like dressing a mannequin, I
guess. People get spooked sometimes when they walk
in the house, because it looks like somebody is standing over in the corner. Both of them, so I thought it would be cool
for the world to get to see her since they’re just getting to be seen in my living room. I’m going to have to name her on the way home. Both of them. They don’t have names yet. There’s three of us in the truck so we’ll
talk about it and figure it out on the way home.

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