Paint a Car Like a Pro – Use the Concours Pro HVLP Paint Gun Kit – Eastwood

a spray gun is not going to paint your
car that’s up to you but what a good spray
gun can do is give you the ability to focus on technique and on painting and
not on the equipment and that’s where the concourse pro two gun set comes in
this set comes in its own carrying case so your equipment is always safe and
always at a body shop tests the full-size gun comes with a 1.3 1.7 and
too . fluid tip giving you the ability to spray everything from high build
Polly surfacer 2k primer surfacer sealers and epoxy basecoats clear coats
or single-stage paint all with an easy swap out of the provided fluid now the
minigun ships with a one-point of fluid tip and just because of its small
physical size gives you the ability to get inside tight areas with a wide
pattern and very fine atomization and it’s got all the controls of the large
size again kind of the meanie of the full-size concourse pro also included in
the kit is a nice regulator because you’ve got to know what pressure is
coming into your gun each gun comes with its own cup obviously the small for the
small gun and the quart size for the large gun now most professional spray
guns come with a cleaning kit concourse pro two gun set is no exception the kit comes a gun ranch cleaning brush
a detailed cleaning brush for the inside fluid passages an allen key for
disassembly of the gun and a couple of extra fittings and this gives you the
ability to clean your equipment properly between uses you also get a couple of filters are
going between the cup and the gun for a little bit of added insurance and
speaking of insurance a set of keys to lock up the case protect your new
investment so if you’ve ever thought about increasing your arsenal the spray
equipment or adding to your collection of spray guns think about this said it’s
a great value and by the way that’s led here was shot all the way metal up with
a concourse pro spray gun so that shows you can get professional results at
great prices so click the button by the gun do the job right yeah yeah yeah


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