– I’m really surprised at
my skills, I made that. And you thought you were
gonna be waiting for me! – Yes I did. – That mouth and those eyes! – [Kayla] I picked a difficult picture. – Breathtaking. When you look at this, you’ll think wow, my brother’s like DaVinci. – DaVinci (laughs). Sorry in advance. – Same, even though mine is beautiful, it looks like Mona Lisa, but
with your face and flowers. (playful music) – (gasps) I did not spill
paint, I did not spill paint. (doom cord music) (upbeat rock music) Hey guys, it’s Kayla! – And Tyler! – From We are the Davises and
today we are going to be doing the painting each other challenge. Pretty straight forward, we are going to be painting pictures of each other. So we picked pictures off
of each other’s Instagrams to use as reference, so what did you grab? – It’s one of your Vegas ones. – And I grabbed this one,
which is not one of your latest ones, I just thought it looked funny, so I’m going to use it. – Goofball was the official Kayla Davis and the official Tyler Davis. – We can’t see each other’s pictures, so it’s gonna be the
final reveal at the end. – And I’m gonna use pencil first. – [Kayla] You have a very round face. – You look like an elephant! (elephant call) Better redraw that. – [Kayla] You’ve got
some wrinkly eyeballs. – Really? – In this picture. Oh, you got nice eye lashes though. – I know. – There we go, still pretty bad (laughs). Let’s do this crease. – [Mom] He looks like he’s about 40. – That’s not very nice, Mom (laughs). – [Mom] I’m 40 ish. – Yeah, but Tyler’s only 12. (mom laughing) Mom! I’m having–
– Do you have a mustache? – [Tyler] That’s her nose, I
don’t know how to draw noses. – [Kayla] I’m having so much
trouble with these eyes. – [Mom] I think Kayla has a mustache. – That’s not very nice, Mom. What’s wrong with that?
– He’s revealing that mustache that you have
that you’ve been plucking. (tuba whomps) – Since when? – Since three years ago. – Okay, I’m ready, it’s
pretty great, right? Let’s just get right into it. – [Tyler] Wow, way too much white. – Whoa, it’s gonna look great. Wow, that looks a lot
darker on the canvas. I don’t know how to paint. I just realized that. (laughs) – [Tyler] Is mine better than Kayla’s? – [Mom] They’re equally as creative. – [Tyler] You’re just our mom. – [Mom] Paint into to the face and then– – Don’t give me tips, I have
to figure this out by myself. – [Tyler] Mom, I accidentally
went into the eyebrow. – [Kayla] Is that what that
brown’s for, my eyebrows? (sad piano music) I’m doing the background. I’m just gonna do a little bit
messy, that’s the art style. It may be a mistake using black, but it’s too late now, so. – [Tyler] No nose for you. – [Kayla] No nose on Voldemort. (playful music) Mom does not look very impressed. – Well I’m sorry, but
you don’t have a face. – I don’t have a face? – [Tyler] That’s gonna be your hair. – [Kayla] (gasp) I messed up. – [Tyler] That’s okay, I messed up. – [Kayla] I feel like I haven’t
messed it up too bad yet. – [Tyler] Me either. – But the color of your
shirt is changing now. It’s very abstract background, okay? I’m very proud of this background. Maybe I’ll add other colors too. We’ll let this coat dry and then we’ll add other colors on top. (gasps) I did not spill
paint, I did not spill paint! (doom cord music) Mom, I don’t know how to paint. – [Tyler] Time to do the flowers. – I think this looks like Tyler, I don’t know what you’re talking about. – [Mom] I think it’s more abstract. – Like no joke, this
kind of looks like Tyler. (gasps) There was still black
paint on this paint brush. (Mom laughing) Okay, I fixed it, you’re
back to normal now. – [Tyler] Let’s get some green in here. – You’re average again. Oh girl, I almost got into
your eyeball, but I didn’t. (gasps) I almost fell out of my chair. What is that? (laughs) – It’s the background. – [Kayla] How do you know
you’re not hitting my face? – I’m not, I’m hitting your mustache. (angelic harp cords) – [Kayla] I have to even
out this coat of paint. – [Tyler] There we go, I think I’m done. (playful music) Looks pretty good, huh? Say in the comments below, vote Tyler. I’m actually really
surprised with my skills. I made that. Kayla, you almost done? – No. – And you thought you were
gonna be waiting for me! – Yes, I did. – That mouth and those eyes! – I picked a difficult picture. – Breathtaking. When you look at this, you’ll think wow, my brother’s like DaVinci. – DaVinci! (laughs) – [Tyler] Have you ever
been to art school? – [Kayla] Actually no, but
I still know who DaVinci is. – [Tyler] I have actually
been to art school, and so have you when you were younger. Mom? (Mom laughing) Are you laughing at mine? She just came over here when
I said make you laugh, so, kind of offended me, because
I’m one of those people. – Sorry in advance. – [Tyler] Mmhmm, same. – [Kayla] Paper. – Even though mine is beautiful,
it looks like Mona Lisa but with your face and flowers. (playful music) I mean, yours actually looks good. So are we gonna show each
other like three, two, one? – [Kayla] Mmhmm. – [Tyler] This looks like it
took like a thousand years to make with a most excellent craftsman in the world, to work his canvas. – I don’t know the exact
color of your eyes, so sorry in advance for that. (playful music) I didn’t let the black dry. – [Mom] You always start
with the lightest color first and work your way to darkest. – It looks fine. – That’s what I did, and look at mine, ow! – [Kayla] It looks fine, we’ll be fine. – [Tyler] Okay, wanna show yours? – Wait, no not yet, (gasps) I messed up! – [Tyler] You said it just looked fine. – It’s fine, it’s fine,
it’s fine, it’s fine. Let’s add a little bit
of pink in the corners of the tear duct, you know
what I’m talkin’ about? I don’t know which side the tear duct is, so I just put in on both. (laughs) So, we have finished our
drawings, paintings, sorry. – [Tyler] Three, two, one. What, yours has a uni brow– – At least I actually drew you! It’s your double chin. At least it actually looks like you! – [Tyler] Mine look like you! – Tyler, looks towards the camera. No? – Look at this, look at this. – And then there’s my artwork, which I actually tried
for, until the chins. Actually I could have saved this if I didn’t just hurry
up and do the chins. I thought you actually did something cool, in the amount of time
we had, so I was like, oh, I gotta work on this so fast. And then this is what I get. Should they kiss? Ready, three– – Wait no, this is me and you! – No! – Actually no, it’s a cartoon character. – Ready, three, two, one. Ready, wait, smush the canvas together. Okay ready, three two one. – Nice. I feel like mine did
more damage than yours. – (laughs) pretty great though, right? – Again! – Ah, you got some skin color on yours. Slide them back and forth. Ready, three, two, one. Oh, wow, we got a gradient going on here! – Now let’s do the other way, like this. Yours is up there like this. – Okay. – Let me slide it. – Okay ready? Okay, so, this is our finished artwork, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Comment down below whose was
better before it was wrecked. – I put red paint in your eye. – And until next time, – [Kids] Bye! (upbeat instrumental music)

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