Paint.NET Tutorial für das Plugin Meme Maker

Welcome to PaintNET for you, a YT channel
for easy photo editing with Paint.NET by me, Ulrika Garner. This time I would like to introduce you to
BoltBait’s Meme Maker. A meme is a funny, sometimes very sarcastic or even
nasty remark on a photo on the Internet. The text is at the top and / or at the bottom
of the picture and has in general the same formatting – white boldface with a black border. The Meme Maker plug-in provides a ready-made template that is very easy to use. As you’ll see right now on this photo. You can find the Meme Maker under the Effects Photo menu. This is the corresponding interface. You just enter your content in the boxes for Top Text
and Bottom Text. You may vary the size of each separately. There are five formatting options for your text input. If you entered your text in upper- and lowercase letters
you may make all to capital letters ticking ALL CAPS. With Centered, you center the text, otherwise
it is aligned to the left. If you do not like the black and white combination of the font, tick Use Primary / Secondary Colors Then, the colors previously selected on the color window
are used. With Swap Colors, the primary and secondary colors
for the letters and the border are swapped. Finally, you may add a shadow to the font. Done. And by the way, it does not always have to be a meme
you can also use the plugin to write titles and subtitles on any image. Finally, the interface at a glance. First, you enter the desired text and adjust the font size. Then select the appropriate formatting options. That’s it. And because BoltBait is also going to watch this video,
I would like to say goodbye in English. Dankeschön fürs Zuschauen und besonderen Dank an
to BoltBait für den Meme Maker. Viel Vergnügen und tschüss.


  • David Issel

    How did you know I would watch this?! Amazing.

  • rumbo jumbo

    kanbst du mal deinen plugin ordner veröffentlichen? 🙂 cooles Video


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