Paint Spray Gun Cup – Devilbiss Gunner Cup at Eastwood

Gunner Cup. Mix flow and store all with one cup the cup is an easy to assemble two piece
system that includes a filter lid available of one hundred twenty-five or
two hundred micron sizes if you are spaying primers you can
remove the filter there is also a flat lid with available for
easy stacking and storing or temporary storage of water-borne plugs are available as well to begin install the adapter the ideal position on the adapter
notches will go across the gun gaskets are available for to build the
spray guns to assist with notch alignment when necessary measuring makes your pain using the
provided mix ratios prior to installing the lid ensure that the air flow valve is
completely in place use your thumbs to securely snapped the
lid on the cup inspect the lid to ensure a complete
seal when installing a gun on the cup please observe a couple of features there are logs on the stand that will
secure under grooves on the adapter there is also a lid tab that will go toward the front of the gun you will now squeeze the trigger apply
slight downward pressure while lighting up the adapter not just
the stem logs twise and secure to remove the gun squeeze the trigger to
drain the fluid back in the cup twist and pull up on the gun to remove the lid point the lid tab away and use your fore-fingers to open the
trunk and let the paint drain back into the company’s prior to complete removal to refill or tint open the cup to less
than forty five degrees and pour the liquid in the cup if mixing on a scale is necessary
position the cup next to an old mixing cup remove the lip and flip it onto an old cup if you have a gun hook nearby open the
lid with a gun still attached to the lid. Flip and hang the gun on the gondola after a refill and prior to flipping the
gun upright connect the air hose and purge the airflow val this easy to use two piece vented system
will give you excellent fluid flow and color match the system is ideal for water-borne and
clear coats


  • Eastwood Company

    Link to BUY below the video!

  • Edwin Ardila

    Mi nombre es Edwin R Ardila ,Muy interesante la Presentación Soy Técnico en Collition Paiting,he estado aprendiendo mucho de sus videos Gracias.


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