Paint War April Fools Day Battle! SuperHeroKids

I can pull off a way better joke than these guys! Oh man! I’m out of chips! (chip crunching noises) Oh it’s just you. Noah! You are compromising my fortress! Eden, this is a pantry. Shhhh! They will hear you! Who? The practical jokesters. What are you talking about? April Fools is coming! We have to be on high alert! This is the ideal hiding spot. Plus, I was hungry. Good luck with that. You stay safe out there. I can’t afford losing another man. Right. Oh Hubert, I’m sorry. Wait a minute. Hope? Ah hah! What did you do? I set a trap for any prankster who might come my way. I should have known it’d be you who would come after me. I’m not going to trick you! How do I know you’re not lying? I pinkie promise! I’m watching you Oh yeah! I need some more paint. Noah! What? I was just trying to play a joke. But you ruined my painting. You can make another one. But this one was important to me. What if I ruined your favorite t-shirt? You wouldn’t! Oh really? This is war! I got you now! Now it’s even more ruined! Well if you hadn’t thrown it, it would be fine! If you hadn’t tricked me in the first place! What are y’all doing? What’s happening? What are you wearing? That doesn’t matter. Why are you fighting? He ruined my painting. She ruined my favorite shirt. You’re the one that hit me first! Stop fighting, look around at the mess you made. There’s paint everywhere! You both need to apologize to each other Noah how would you feel if somebody ruins your painting you have to consider other people’s feelings, too. You’re right, I’m sorry Hope. I’ll think about how others feel from now on. Me too! See isn’t this better when you actually consider how other people feel you… blah blah blah blah blah blah

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