Painting A Tan Skin Tone | Timelapse Painting Process Video | Watercolor + Colored Pencils

Hi guys! This is the last video for May. Just wanted to let
you know that I am opening for commissions in June for a couple of slots for pet portraits
and also in addition, I feel confident enough now to take on your human portrait requests
as well. So for those of you interested in commissioning
me for a portrait, please visit my website at That’s come June, to find out more details about how to send in your commission requests. And I also wanted to say thank you again to everyone
who has subscribed to my YouTube channel so far, and those of you following me on my Facebook
page and on Instagram. It really shows me your support and helps encourage me to keep
working on my art when I can see that you guys make the choice to follow me and come
back to look at more of my work. I’m very pleased that I was able to keep
up – for April and for May – working on a new painting and being able to share a new video every
week – I have to give myself a pat on the back for that, because
I have not been so disciplined about my artwork in such a long time. And your feedback is, of course, a big help
in keeping me moving forward. And to give back to you art enthusiasts, I
have some more tutorials and painting and drawing exercises coming up in June, so be
ready on Fridays with your drawing and painting materials because that’s when I intend to
release tutorial videos. And I’ll have an extra day for releasing
videos about my personal projects and an art vlog. So let me talk about this painting that I’m
working on here. The reference photo was taken from Ernest Gonzales
a user on pixabay, the link is in the description. This little girl is a Filipina, and it is
also again another one of my skin tone studies and another entry in my halfpanph watercolor
journal. I’ve mentioned this in a previous video,
I do highly recommend their watercolor journals, I really like that they make this product
available which has high quality Arches paper and it’s really a pleasure to paint in this. Again this is not a sponsored endorsement,
I just like supporting small businesses especially these local to the Philippines. So check them out, again links to their social
media accounts can be found in the description. And as for this painting, again I just followed
my usual process of painting on a base coat of colors first. Then I focused on working in the different
hues that I could see in the skin tone – and those skin tone colors would include some
yellow ochre, with touches of burnt sienna and even a tiny bit of madder lake. And for the details I chose to work with colored
pencils, which I find is easier to control and for me they are a little less stressful
of a medium to work with because I don’t have to worry about water drying out or pigment
settling within a time limit. Although, at some point I do want to work
on portraits with using just purely watercolor again like I have done with my pet portraits
for the most part. It’s just a matter of preference at this
point to work with mixed media. And once I’ve worked in some details with
colored pencils, I go back to painting with watercolors which I find helps build up the
saturation and vibrancy of the portrait. And I go through that process several times
until I’ve built up enough detail and enough color that I am satisfied with. So I do like how this eventually turns out, I’m glad
I was able to capture that sad expression in her eyes, I chose not to build up the hair
again, this being a skin tone exercise for me and also because I didn’t want the focus
drawn away from the face. And that’s all I want to say about this
piece, if you have questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below,
and if you enjoyed this painting process video I hope you can give me a like and possibly
even share this video to a friend. And this is me signing off for May Thanks so much for watching, I will see you
in June for the next one! Bye!

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  • Alagad ng Sining

    Ganda naman nito Maam. Btw, saw you because of winball word2art entry and so far, yung gawa nyo yung pinakamaganda.


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