Painting a Ticsaren 14 cm in coward / fegis style

I’ll do a real classic for you now.
Or rather show you how to do it. Fegis it’s often called or “Coward”. It’s silver foil, a black back and
an fluorescent orange belly. And some other stuff.
But we’ll start with putting some foil onto it. For this we have a kind of isolation foil
that’s really simple to use. Because this is like a sticker which makes it really easy to stick it onto the lure. If you only use foil you have to work with
different types of glues and stuff. That smells bad, and you can easily do mistakes. This one however is easy to work with.
And you do like this. You take the foil…
You take your Ticsare… You draw under the lure because you can’t have a piece that’s as big as the bait. Because it have to be a bit on the sides. If it’s too big theres a risk that the coating will pour behind it and make it stand out. It looks a bit ugly but the pikes don’t mind it. But you might be irritated on it and want
a nice and even surface. So watch now how I do it. You go in with the pen under
the bait and paint under the bait. That makes the foil piece about 3mm
shorter than the bait border is. That area you need to prevent
the foil to stand out when coating it. Remember, when you’re working with stuff like this, always use disposable gloves. Because your fingers have fat on them
that’ll stick onto your baits. Then when you’re coating the bait with epoxy,
the epoxy won’t stick onto these areas. That’s called getting “fish eyes”. A simple tip, use disposable gloves.
Plus you don’t get that dirty. So just cut this out! Just follow the line. Then do the same on this one. I always cut off the ends a little, like this. Then we have these two. Now we have these two.
Then we take the bait, like this. This foil is pretty hard so if you turn
it over a bit onto one side like this… then it’ll stick.
You can watch it rise, like this. Take this part, like that. Put it onto the bait.
Stick it onto it. Caress it stuck. Keep on caressing it on all the way, like that. Work the edges carefully like this. In the middle here there’s some air stuck.
I just pierce some holes like this. This is a cut out for the eye. You don’t need to do this on a flat lure
like a wooden lure for example. Just follow the corner with your finger. This won’t be visible.
We’ll put some black on there and then the eye. There’s some wrinkles all around.
Then I just take a pencil like this. Now we removed all the wrinkles. Then do the same here. Repeat on the other side. Put it on and press it onto the bait. Drag off the tape, like that. Caress it out. These borders, they won’t be visible later. We’ll paint white on the edge here and
black on the edge here. So you’ll only see the silver part in the middle. Stick some holes here. Done! Let’s varnish this little one. For this one I’ll use Joe Petersons True Coat. It covers up really really good and gives
a thicker base to work on. Alright. It’s time to paint the Coward. This is a lot of peoples “go to color” when the fishing is slow. I Promise you, it works in all types of waters! Sunshine, darkness, it has all the effects it needs to attract our friends, the pikes. It takes some skills with the airbrush here… it doesn’t matter,
but we have to cover the border around here… and you don’t want to paint over the foil and dim it down. So you have to have a sturdy hand here. But let’s go! Take the other side. Like that, now it’s covered.
Now we’ll paint the belly fluorescent orange… the back black and some
other stuff and then it’s pretty much done. Now we’ll do a fluorescent orange belly.
Let’s just clean this out. I clean this with regular water. Many say that you need soap and stuff but for me regular water has always worked. Let’s take some fluorescent orange. Now with the fluorescent orange we’ll do the belly. When using fluorescent colors it’s often
good to do several layers. Then you’ll get more punch to it
and you’ll prevent it from flowing. For example on this one I want
a really strong orange belly. So I’ll do a lot of orange. A good tip for this is to have a hair dryer for this to make it dry quicker between the layers. So I’ll just take the hair dryer. Turn it on. With this way it gets surface dry, not dry all the way through, just on the surface. That makes you able to paint several layers with fluorescent color… Without it flowing because otherwise
the color will flow and look ugly. Otherwise you can do this slow and calm but if you want to be effecient and quick this is a good tip. Now we’re getting to the punch that I want. The fluorescent orange.
It’s a good punch to this! Then we’ll clean the airbrush again.
With water. Here comes the next, the black. Let’s take opague black. A little deliciously dirty. That’s it. Super easy.
This color doesn’t need anything else. It’s so spot on. You can do scales and so on but I like it clean like this. Clean, simple and good and this will deliver a lot of fish! We need a little white dot on the head aswell. That’s it. Let’s let this dry and then coat it. Now it’s time to sign our Cowards. The fantastic allround color, the foil Coward. We’ll have a red eye on this one and sign it on the back. Now we’ll glue that delicious red eye to get that awesome strike point. Super glue as usual and on with the eye.
Like that! Like that.
Now it’ll dry and then we’ll coat this. Coward time.
Now we’ll coat this. Two component epoxy, with some Mother of Pearl in it. 0,2mm version just to get that bling bling to it. Nice delicious flash effect to this one. Look at the back here when the glitter comes on. Just a little bit of bling. Is there any pike that can resist this color? I doubt that. 24 hours in the drying wheel now. Then it’s pike rally! The end result on our Coward. Very sober and delicous. Well sober, I mean clean, cozy and sweet. This is a color that works in any type of water. Foil, fluo orange, black back, red eye.
What can go wrong? A Coward, everybody needs a Coward in their box. Try building one of these.
A magically good, simple and delicious color.


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