Painting a Tootsietoy like a Hot Wheels

All right, we’ve got a tootsietoy
here. This is a tootsietoy, Jaguar pretty casting, nice old toy.
I love these, these old toys. All these tootsietoys,
well not all of them, but most of these came with
a single opaque paint job. Very little if no details to them, but the casting is always super great
and I always want to do something extra with it. So I was thinking, what
would it look like if a Tootsietoy, had a hot wheels
spectraflame paint job on it. So a spectraflame paint
job is something like, this is where you have
a zinc plating and then, it’s a transparent paint
that goes over top of it. So the reflection from underneath the
zinc plating shows through and it’s all shiny and beautiful. It’s
really a beautiful paint job. And I thought it’d be fun to try and
do that on one of these Tootsietoys. So I’m going to have to, of course strip this paint off and then
I’m going to have to zinc plate it, which we’ll see how that works. I’ve
never seen a zinc plated Tootsietoy, and then I’m going to a spectraflame it
and it’s going to be interesting to me. First for me, I’ve never seen this done
before. Might end up looking terrible. It’s definitely not gonna look authentic,
but I think it’s gonna look cool. So really the first thing I have to
do is dip this in the stripper tank. Now I’m going to leave the axles on it. It’d be very difficult to remove them and
I see no reason to remove these axles. My stripper will not
eat away at the wheels. So here we go, down it goes, see ya in about an hour.
Okay. I’ve stripped the paint off. There’s still some in here, but I’m not going to
spectraflame inside the cab. I’m going to do that in
opaque white. So that’s okay. Now after I stripped off the paint,
there are ton of casting issues. A lot of Tootsietoy have
really good castings and I
like the detail in this one, but there’s a lot of problems with it. I have already sanded off on this side, but I’ve got this area right
here is really rough and
corroded so I’m gonna have to sand that down. It’s not gonna
be a lot of body work on this, but there’s a little bit and because
this is going to be spectraflamed, then everything needs to
be as perfect as possible. So I’m going to get all this corrosion
off that I can and then we will zinc plate it. So next time you see this car,
it’s going to be ready for the zincer. Okay. The car’s in the zinc plater I never
know how much to explain the zinc plating process because you know, you may know a lot about it and be bored
or you may know nothing about it and be interested. There’s a lot of
information on the Internet about it, but essentially we’ve got a zinc anode
and you can kind of see it right there. And our car, the zinc is on the positive terminal
of the battery and the car is on the negative terminal of the battery. And we have a solution that I’ve made
up and it allows the zinc molecules to flow from the anode to the car and it
plates the car and we’ll shine it up and it’s going to be super, super shiny.
Now this takes a little bit of time. I’ll do it in 15 minute increments. So I’ll dip it in for 15 minutes and let
it plate and then shine it up and then do it again and again and again
until I decide that it’s ready. This car is going to take a lot because
it was, had no zinc to begin with. Okay. This is, it all shined up. You
can see just super shiny. It’s, it’s basically a mirror,
you can see my hands in, it can see the camera ring
light if you look carefully, looks super good. So next I’ll just put some
spectraflame paint on this. And spectraflame paint for
those of you who don’t know, is basically just a transparent paint. It’s like a tinted clear coat almost. And what it does is allows the reflection
of the zinc to shine through and it looks like its shining. You might have noticed there that area
is some Pits I just couldn’t get out. If I sanded it too much more. I was concerned that we were gonna
actually go through the body. So you know this, this car
is probably 60 years old, 50, 60 years old. So you’ve got to
expect a few little spots like that. It’s still going to look great.
It’s going to look really great. It’s gonna look awesome. I can’t wait.
Okay, let’s get some paint on it. Okay. This took a little bit
more work than I was expecting, but ended up looking really
nice. As you can see, the spectraflame worked exactly like it
does on the hot wheels because shiny it is. You can actually see, you
know, my fingers in there. It is a pretty awesome, it’s actually reflecting onto my, my board down there. I also painted the interior a cream
color and then I touched up just a little bit of chrome pieces and
put a chrome ring around it. How I had to do it is I had to paint the
center in here first and then I masked that off and painted the outside cause I can’t paint the
spectrum flame over any of that. So it was a little tricky.
But ended up, it looks, it looks really nice now. Of course.
Any problems like all that pitting, It was super deep back there.
That’s just how I was going to be. Can’t fill it in. Okay. Let’s do a few, few more little details and
we’ll call this finished. One thing I do do like
is the the transparent. I just kept the wheels
on. I didn’t mask them. So it’s painted but because it is, I
don’t want to touch with my marker. Yuck. But since it is a transparent color
it just glossed those black wheels. Looks great. Made the axles red.
Matches. I think that looks really nice. So I’m not going to do much
here. Just the grill and the, Headlights. Few spots back here. We
can do this back bumper. Now, I have turned down my camera
settings so it’s really dark. So you can see the interior here.
It’s nice with lots of details, but you really can’t see
the details too well. So I’m going to put a very soft light
wash onto it and that’s going to help pick up those details. Hopefully
I won’t ruin it here. And in case you’re not familiar,
a wash is just a very, very, very thin paint and you lightly brush it
on and it will flow into the cracks and just kind of highlight the details. It really helps tie everything together. And if you overdo it in one spot, you can just kind of sop it up before
the paint dries. After the paint dries. Yeah, there’s not much
you can do about it. But before the paint dries,
you can kinda sop it up. See I changed my camera
settings back to a normal Level That it looks very nice.
That wash helped a lot. All right. That pretty much
finishes up with this car. I think the spectraflame on the
tootsietoy was a good experiment. I don’t know if I’ll do it much more
because it’s definitely not authentic or original, but man, it looks
good. It looks really good. I wish you could see this in real life
because the camera just does not do it justice. It is a beautiful, beautiful car. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and
I’m hope to see ya on my next one, and no matter what the case,
hope you have a great day.

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