Painting Crimson FIsts Land Raider, Ebay purchase, Airbrush Tutorial

hello there guys welcome to rootstem
gaming and on today’s bidding to show you a second hand as you can see very
bad one Raider and we’re going to turn it round quickly and paint it up quickly
for my crimson fists army the idea is not to dwell or spend days soaking it in
devil we’re gonna have a look to see what happens when you just effectively
spray over at the top and if you could probably look don’t think this has been
under quartered some of the pins coming off straight
away this was actually a charity shop fine for 5 pounds so I’m not complaining
I did have some spare disease but that was the original house hideous isn’t it
that was the original guy inside that doors were the original bits that were
on top and thankfully I’ve got some spare sponsons from rubber kicks and
we’ve got spare sponsons up there just basically snip some stuff together and
created just something I just wanted some planes from dull flat copulas
couples couples and get by them I have glued everything together as well
because it was fallen to pieces it asked us to use superglue I know it’s a
plastic model kit I mean you can tell that that’s not straight so that snapped
off previously but I’m just like right 5 quid I just want to get it painted I
want to get it on the battlefield especially with the new codec sale and I
know there’s gonna be gaps again it’s not gonna bother me I’m not looking for
a perfect miniature what we’re looking for is for something that let’s see what
happens when I bought it for a fiver about to take little bits off as you can
see I’ve put somewhere on little symbols on so I’ve had to use some of my own
base but 5 quid I’m not griping I’m not soaking it in devil like a lot
of people would recommend I’ve done that before
extinct it’s horrible and I have passed memories your data which is not great so
we’re gonna I’m gonna go now I’m going to spray this black and then we’re gonna
continue with paint job okay this is what we’ve got – I’ve tried to cover it
up with the black as blessed as a possible can you will get this
you’re gonna miss across mainly on the underside but now I’m gonna actually
call tape in this is from green stuff world misses naturist blue a lot of my
actual miniatures as you can remember from the test one I did a bit back there
or quite metallic blue so we are going to use we’re gonna use a metallic blue
which is naturist blue from green stuff well this is quite thick color now you
can brush it on not problem you will possibly get some streaky marks see this
is going to be careful while you’re pushing it on it can be filled with
water or with I use so far we are the layers your ever floor improver that can
be used to brush as well or what people don’t realise it’s quite easy to do as
well to be honest with you so I’m gonna basically call nearly nearly the entire
thing in that I’m gonna keep certain things possibly the top bit about that
maybe a panel or – they’re gonna be red over the dark red of course this is
mafia this is gonna be quite bright so I might need to dull it down let it on
with wash that’s gonna be a problem again I’m gonna be using the airbrush to
put this on so this has been a look now as you can see that’s come out really
nice actually I’m not add to pinned it down
fin the metallic color down fifty-fifty with about 50% walk right so it’s a 25%
water 25% floor improvement paint I did shoot that through an airbrush again you
the guys don’t have to you can follow this tutorial without boiling it through
the airbrush and all kind of miss bits bus again it’s not the point cuz we’re
going to be going back over it shut up compressor black over it
we’ve normal paint so the next color we’re going to be applying to that once
it’s dry we’re going to be applying rhinox hide now this is going to be
applied to all of the areas were wanting to be red so we’re gonna be putting this
one on first this is gonna be a brush work because I’m not going to risk I’m
trying to minimize the risk to the degree install that we’ll probably more
than likely this will be put on I might mask off some areas and then I’ll
airbrush the feastin read over the top I might even airbrush a bit of corn red
first if you’re doing it with a wet brush
sorry a wet palette just mix up the Rhine oxide right up to Murphy stand and
give yourself some Larry if you’re just doing it by basic colors what I’d
recommend you do is do rhinox hide and then heavy dry brush with the corn red
and then feast and red and that’ll give you a lovely looking sore crimson color
that’s highlighted so I’ve done the red I’ll just spread it when faced and dry
brushed it with evil some scarlet as you can see I’ve already done some skulls
but you didn’t mean to do so I ended up going over the skulls on the actual
units on these I mean we thought gold bits have been done by doing silver and
then putting Nazz dragged yellow from the contrast paints over the top and
that creates a nice little silver look I’ve also done the skulls the skulls of
the shish Abdi born with some surf and sepia again we’re not doing anything too
overly complicated it’s the arm about people are gonna look at we’re gonna
apply some silver even though I’ve done a bit of silver we’re gonna put some
silver we will put it all over the weapons huggleball we’re gonna put it
over the chimney stacks and put it all over these the rest of it we’re just
going to leave we’re not gonna double tracks you can double trucks if you want
but I’m not going to what we’re gonna do with the tracks is I’m actually going to
do my over technique that I did with my Armageddon video and we’re going to
paint them with the basic gonna go all over the tracks
if niggles rottnest not miracles wrought typhus corrosion we let that dry then we
dry brush it with various things to make it sort of like muddy and sticky and
horrible including some neck and compound as well so that’s to do the
fist symbol that’s on here I’m gonna be painting nothing pitting the backboard
black and then I’ll do that just with some layering technique so it’ll just be
: red and they’re like a probably be steel Brown : red and then it will be
the evil son scarlet in the corner that’ll just be done with a wet palette
right and I’m not showing a lot of me working on this book it’s just easier
this way so first things first like I say let’s get some silver on here apologies
so Silver’s been painted on all of this and now I’m going to hit all of the
silver with naw naw and I’ve also done the symbols in black so all the norms
alls drytown yeah I’m going to get the I’ll show you how I’m gonna do actually
I’m going to show you how I do the the red so it’s already been painted with
Ryan oxide and we’ll put bit crown red in there there my water I’m just gonna leave the Baltimore on
the case right I am gonna nerve it ball song right this
time just for a little bit dry knocks and this is just funny building
everything Oh but it oh it’s out while it’s still wet Oh blends together nicely I don’t know
whether you throw it home grab some in the moment I’m just gonna add you it now
wave some evil some scholar so as you can see Silver’s been done up and it’s
been highlighted with no oil not a lot known I’ll just want to give it a bit of
a highlight and now we’re going to use contrast paint we’re gonna be using
I need a particular brush and the contrast paint is gonna be painted onto
the areas of the last cones and everything else that’s going to be black
don’t forget about this I’ve not actually assembled this is just stay at
assembled but we’re trying to get it onto the bottle top as quick as we
possibly can and it’s gonna take as long as it comes with play on this ship to it
Westerner dare to get this open so the blacks been painted on I’ll be
honest that’s nearly darling it’s not second there’s that long I’m not the
trucks not done yet but the transfers are gonna go on next and been and we’ll
add other tracks so I’m gonna stick with transfer zone I’m gonna have another
video out in a week of me it’s just icky transfers I’m gonna be doing several
different units so I’m gonna show you guys how to pop with the transfers that
should be out a week after this video and yeah I’m gonna stick those on and
then we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna do these tracks so this particular
stage picking all Viva marine it’s particular stage it lights on for come
on let’s get some highlights on this I have now gone and put typhus corrosion
all over the tracks now there’s some gaps in the trucks because of course
we’ve not broken this figure down we’ve just worked on it you can fill these in
with sterling mud which is what I’m gonna do I’m gonna basically put bits
and blobs of sterling mod just mainly to cover some of these holes and some of
these mistakes like you can even have it backing up on that cuz of track around
like that so you can even put a bit of sterling mud all over of a bit and once
sterling mud is dry we’re gonna go to the dry brush flush airbrush I’ll be
using an area but she can drive us with brush this next stage we’re going to be
doing scratch brown followed by Rhine oxide and we’re just going to be putting
that across the bottom bit of the track obviously have not done the whole track
work but I’m bit of a truck all the top bits just to give it a little tiny bit
of mud effect and that’s a quick easy way of actually painting up your tracks
without really doing it having to do much now for those that’s not work with
this I also got to now those of us not work with this stuff
before it’s like a texture pain now I’m not sure if Games Workshop make this
anymore but it’s really good it’s really clever it’s like a base in material now
I’ve got it’s all faded off but it’s more like a spatula like a tool bar on
the paintbrush and you can see it picks up the paint on me nicely
I don’t want Lords like on that they’re just wash it off
and then mail it closer just a scrape bits off he just Pickens up most tracks
to make a lot more money also guest read and it’s so mistake it’s also pretty
good even though I mean I’m using this on a second I’m on book you make some
mistakes on a proper figure and I’m looking at you for dwell but because it
let’s be fair a lot of people could make mistakes on though it’s really good for
filling those particular pieces and I’ve just gotten put me underneath that was
pull it all off bit my adapts and when that’s dried we’re just going to do a
dry brush effect the longest period on this figure from honest is the drying
process everything else don’t really take that long and then we’re gonna fill
these gaps enol back ten if you want to put a little bit running down the bottle
not gonna bother just as if we’re feeling it but it some more defect I helps us already bring FLV this here get some more strip off
the bottom right those about the back of the most fluffy
they were rice see the game’s wrong if I were
doing this properly either strip over figure down and done it properly but the
idea is is to get this on the battlefield ASAP right now it’s been
about I know for feint a lot dry and then when we come back you shoot all the
airbrushed wash dry brushed the effect that we’re going for so that’s nice and
dry looking pretty good as mud now mmm so like I said the next bit you can grab
your large dry brush and you can dry brush into the tracks or you can grab
your airbrush and you can Erebus into the tracks and the next problem again is
going to be using this Craig Brown put it on lightweight
don’t try and get it over too much stuff I’m just going to try and apply it kind
of more towards the middle and then we go over again afterwards on a lower so
if you’re going to be putting it across here as an example you’ve caught the
scrag Brown across a thicker chunk and then the other over would be a little
tiny bit till galamian just to represent the fact that the mud is drained and
once that’s done once that’s completed we’ll get on to the next stage sort of
palette from bits like the lights you could pretty much call that done if you
want to now I am going to because of course I’m working with an airbrush and
I keep saying this we can try this with a dry brush but this won’t look the same
I’m now gonna pull some I’m gonna dirty up some of this exhaust so these heat
vents I’m gonna dirty up here not quite sure for he vents these two little vents
here and across the stacks they’re all gonna get airbrushed and I’m gonna
airbrush them with brine oxide again should have saved somebody didn’t come
interview and then a bird on black so I’m gonna put the round oxide in first
when a bird and black and then we’re gonna do the lights now the lights are
actually record that for you this is gonna be done in a particular way using
masking tape way using modeling masking tape not no more
masking tape because otherwise that like rip off your paint so this is modeling
masking tape we’re going to mask and tip the top off and then we’re gonna do the
lights with the airbrush and that’s gonna be like a concoction of yellow and
white so we’re gonna try and get it like a really quite a bright color but it’s
mainly gonna be a bright sort of bright white would be yellow tinge is the best
way I can actually think of point naught I might use the contrast knives back
yellow for the addition time to make it nice and thin and we’ve done that so
after the weathering cuz of course it’ll lay on top of the actual work rubber in
itself right so I’m gonna crackle my nap and then when I come back run the video
of it restarts I’m gonna have masking tape across here and I’m gonna show you
how to do this okay we have the masking tape on apologies for any compressor
noise you might hear I’m already trying to press this to make sure it’s coming
out alright now white here’s the mortem tourists color to work with I have made
it a little bit yellowy just cuz I want to I’m gonna try and do is just a
circular motion the lights themselves now put the masking tape across the top
because a light would not go above its original source unless because it’s
supposed to have an overhang let’s see it back in I can already tell but this white is
willing to block the crap out of my Abra I hate using white when airbrushing if
anyone’s gonna really good why I can use I did have some valets your airbrush
white I can’t seem to get over that moment which is a bit of a pain now doing all the way across cuz I don’t
really want to recommend let’s take a look oh look at that who them alight easy
peasy lemon squeezy they’ve got me tracks done with a little bit of Boches
make you know hidden and I don’t think that’s taken me if I was to work on it
for a good session I bet I could get that done in a day it has to come in
well maybe a little bit longer with drying time probably there in half which
if you buy an eBay purchase you don’t want to be sitting in Dettol for about
four days so you can have to get over a year
gonk off especially if you’re not from a distance that will look all right on my
battlefield when people pick it up they’ll be able to know it’s the
problems and don’t get me wrong when people pick you up
no it’s suppose I will tell them I did it quick
same with a lot of the stuff but I’m trying to get through at the moment it’s
my stuff so therefore I’m trying to get through it quick so if y’all wanted to
know how to do an ebay lawn Raider in crimson fist puttan real quick that’s
how you can get it done big out for green stuff swirled metal color because
that allowed that blue to come from that blue looks amazing does look a bit
duller than the blue I use for my Marines but it’ll not matter not to me
anyway right thanks very much for watching guys
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got my own website which is roots down the cord at UK if you ever wanting
Commission work don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t do that for Commission work
you’d have it done properly with the Dettol and everything else but if you
are looking for Commission paint in if you go over to roots tender code at UK
send me a message telling what you’ve got I’ll be able to give you a price
majority of model starts at about four pounds per standard 28mm right very much
one see you later

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