Hi guys. Happy Mother’s Day to everybody. Oh my god. I don’t know Can you help me?
[Ross] Yes. Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws, and Happy Mother’s Day. For this episode, I brought my Mom back. Mom. Hello Mom, you ascended from the depths of hell.
What?! I came to visit you. No, yes, you came to visit me from hell. Mom are you excited to draw?
Yes. I love to draw, but your bed always messy and-
What ,what? You don’t clean up your dishes. I do wash my- Mom, it’s Mother’s Day, You’re supposed to be loving. Look at us. It’s me and Milo and we’re all happy and you’re supposed to be loving right now. Ross Draws.
Mother’s Day Mother’s Day. Alright let’s take a trip down memory lane, and last year, this is what my Mom drew. My Mom drew me my bride. Her name is, what Mom?
Milan. Mulan? No, no. Mila.
Mila, yes. Yeah, so you drew me my bride last year. Do you have any ideas about what you want to draw this year? How about this? Since it’s May, there’s this big art thing called Mermay right now. Why don’t you draw a mermaid?
Okay. Yeah, do you know what a mermaid is?
Of course. Are you sure? What’s a mermaid?
Draw for me. You know, like a-
With the long hair, I’m sure. And then you have a clamshell bra, I think. A long tail. Okay, so how about you draw your own mermaid, okay? And I will reinterpret what you do. Okay, let’s see how I can draw.
Okay, here we go. I’m gonna draw a mermaid.
Okay. Having long hair, of course. She looks up to her parents.
What? Okay so she’s a good mermaid? She’s a good girl. She have a shell over her body. Mom, what is that?
This is a rock. She sit there-
Mom, she looks like a yoga teacher. Here, the waterfall behind her, and she loves the flowers around her. She goes to exercise a few times a week.
Oh wow, so she’s an athletic mermaid. Yeah.
Okay. All right Hands,
Those are her hands? Yeah, you fix it. And this is the crown that her parents gave to her so she loves it. Because she’s a good girl.
She’s a good girl, right. What’d you draw under her armpit? Right- what’s that? It’s just her hand. And she loves animals too.
She loves animals? Oh my god, Mom, draw a cat. Okay. What kind of cat is that? Mom! Draw the ears of the cat. Yeah
Because I don’t know where the head is. This is one. Sorry I can’t figure out how to put a cat. Fix it or me.
Oh mom, what is this? Everyone give a round of applause for my Mom. So, this is what my Mom drew. I’m just gonna try to reinterpret what she drew. Let’s do it. What do you think?
She’s beautiful. Aw thanks Mom. Yeah, so I have your mermaid. Yeah, I kind of interpret it as she’s either putting on the crown or I put it behind her back, it makes it more elegant I feel like. And there’s flowers all around her and we get the cat. I don’t see the waterfall there.
What? The waterfall’s right here. You see it?
No, you have to make it more- Mom what are you talking about? The waterfall’s right here.
No, you have to draw waterfall better. Oh my god mom. Your such an art critic. I just want to be honest.
Okay. Thanks for your honesty. Mom. I will make the waterfall more visible. We can keep going?
Yep. Awesome. High Five.
I approve. Wohhh, you missed Mom. As you can tell, the Sun went down, it got dark. I’ve been painting this for a while So naturally, the Sun has set. Mom, do you have a name for your mermaid? She looks like she’s under the sun, sunbathing. Bright and happy. Let’s name her, Sun.
Sun. Is it okay?
Her name is Sun then. Yeah, so I feel like it’s kind of empty over here. Maybe we can add some more mermaids. Maybe she has some friends. Is that okay?
Yeah, it’s more fun to hang out with friends. Maybe we can have a butt crack here. She needs some clothes.
She’s sunbathing and she’s a mermaid. It’s like artistic, you know what I mean. All right, this one will have clothes. This is Sun. Okay. And maybe this is Milo?
Milo?! Maybe this is Ross. Wait, what, no wait, wait, wait what? Milo and Ross?
Yeah It’s definitely progressing along so I’m just gonna try to finish it up and I’ll check back soon. Hey guys.
It’s color dodge time. Aw man here we go, here we go. Alright Mom, your turn. I wanna color dodge the waterfall. Mom, color dodge her armpits. Yeah, right here. [Laughter] She has so much deodorant on. Milo waiting for this moment.
Booty. Come on. Are you sure?
Yeah. Yeah, Milo’s booty. Agh, a shark. You know what, it’s time to end this. Pikachu, go! Hey guys, welcome back. I hope you guys enjoyed the episode. Mom, What’d you think? This was fun.
Yeah. This was fun drawing.
Okay. I’m having a good weekend.
Oh that’s good. Good to see you, and Milo. Wish your bedroom was nicer. Oh my god, Mom, I don’t have time. Who has time to make their bed in the morning? Come on. Nobody. Milo can make the bed for me. Right, Milo? You can make the bed for me. So if you want the files, bonus content, and video demos, it’s a deeper insight on how I bring these pieces to life. Please check out my Patreon.
Yes And if you want a chance to win one of these prints, this video’s question is, what is your favorite joke? Tell us your favorite joke in the comments. It could be short form, long form, whatever. My mom and I will read these jokes, and then my mom will choose her favorite joke. And the winner gets a print. Sounds good.
I’m so excited to read your jokes. Please make it age-appropriate. This is a family show. So, sounds good? Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms.
And Milo’s Mom, right buddy? Happy Mother’s Day to Milo’s Mom. Don’t forget to subscribe, and remember,
every day is a color dodge day.


  • Vee Couture

    I’m so in love with your videos. Your personality is such a joy to watch and you’re very easy on the eyes ?? Great artwork! ??

  • Natalie Schwarz

    god your mum is endlessly cute q-q

  • Art_Katie/Kasia Jarecka

    When you don’t know what to draw, use your family XD

    Your mother is realy beautiful woman and you can tell she is a good person, and have talented son 🙂

  • Milon Begum

    Who else can see mum/mom in the art

  • Corny Shrimp

    You are so talented, I loved the drawing!

  • xDanDan35x

    My favorite joke:

    why did the cereal killer go to the kitchen?

    So he can kill his hunger ???

  • Ruby Arellano

    You have nice mom! But my mom….


  • Khup Mang

    what do you call this type of drawing? like what do you this computer that he use?

  • Meryart

    "I don't see the waterfall"
    Literally every mom in the world?

  • Peace Key Artistry

    Lol great job mom ☺️❤️?

  • Curly Girl

    Are u Filipino ?


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