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Hi, guys! Marose here, I hope you had a great week. Last Sunday was Mother’s Day, and before
anything else I wanted to greet all the mother’s out there a belated Happy Mother’s Day. And also, congrats to the winner for my
Arya portrait giveaway which I announced last Friday – and that would be Debjeet – I
hope I pronounced that correctly – and I’ll be very happy to send you the Arya portrait and as a bonus you can let me know what other Game of Thrones or Avenger character
you’d like a portrait of. Now, obviously, this giveaway didn’t get
as much circulation and engagement as I would have liked so Im guessing it was probably
premature to run a contest completely on YouTube alone. Because I have done other giveaways
on other platforms and they did get much better engagement. But anyway, whether the engagement is 1 or a 100, or 1000, or a 10000
I’m still happy to gift this to a true fan of Game of Thrones who gave me an awesome response to my 2 questions. So Debjeet, congrats to you and I’ll get
in touch real soon. Moving on, this piece that you see me working
on is an art journal entry of a girl with a bouquet of flowers, and it is actually a
composite of several photos that I edited together using Photoshop. If you want an idea of how I edit a photo
for use as a reference you can click on the link in the YouTube card. Later on I
will try to do another more in depth tutorial about the compositing and editing process. Now, regarding the painting process, truthfully,
I wasn’t very happy with the progression here, even though the piece did turn out well,
getting to that point was rather difficult. For one thing I wasn’t focusing well and
I was in a hurry. For another, I was very intimidated by how strong the colors I’d
selected were as compared to what I had in mind for the piece – which was more muted
colors and ones that aren’t so vibrant. So that kind of threw me off and I felt like I was scrambling
– more than the usual – to control the colors that I was trying to blend into one
another. And I was on the verge of abandoning the piece and maybe redoing it. But since I had in mind to do the finish with
colored pencils, I felt there was still a chance that I could save it. So yeah once I switched to colored pencils is when I began doing a lot of “course corrections”, which I don’t really like – If the purpose
of one medium is to color over your mistakes with the other medium, that to me doesn’t feel very
good. The colored pencils should have served as
more of a complement to the watercolor. So all throughout coloring this piece I felt
like – if the feeling can be described – it’s almost like you’re in a sports game and
you win the match but just barely, and you feel like you didn’t deserve the win because
you didn’t play your best throughout. Anyway, a win is a win, and in art, I guess
a successful painting or artwork is a still a success, regardless of how you stumbled
to get there. But you do have to learn your lessons from
the experience. So my take away from this that I would like
to share with you new and young artists is, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. When you feel yourself getting frustrated
with something you’ve been working on, take a breath, don’t abandon the project right
away – and this is a big lesson that I’ve learned – more often than not you should follow through
and finish what you started – I mean, if you already think your artwork is a failure anyway,
then what’s the worst that can happen, right? You never know, you might be able to come
out on top after all, or even if you do end up abandoning the piece, you will still have
gained some learning and experience. So just to repeat those two points: I would like for you to try not to be afraid
to make mistakes, and 2) follow through on your artwork. And if that makes sense to you leave me a
like or discuss with me in a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. And that’s all the wisdom I wanted to impart
today, and I hope that was helpful. So towards the middle part of working on this piece,
I was starting to get it together and things are properly taking shape and I’m pretty
much sure at this point that this piece will come out the way that I like. So another thing I wanted to talk about was
what I’ll be working on next. Now that I’m quite comfortable with rendering
skin tones and with working in this style wherein I use watercolor and colored pencils
combined. I think I am ready to
work on a bigger project or like a collection of pieces in this style
or using these media. So what’s next is some larger pieces with
a specific theme – and as I was thinking about a theme I went looking through my old
digital painting files and found this rough digital painting that I’d started on a few
years ago. It was the first one that I’d done for an
elemental series – elementals meaning water, fire, earth, air and such, and I think I will
get back to working on this series, or something similar. Something that has to do with the
elements and incorporating the human figure with elements of nature So something more
on the surreal or fantastical,. And once that is completed, I will, as some
of my friends have suggested I would like to try either exhibiting some of my pieces,
or creating prints for sale and possibly selling some originals as well. And of course, I will keep giving you updates
on that project as I work out more of the details of it and just to remind you new
subscribers, currently my schedule for posting new videos is they come out on Fridays and
I think this is now the third week in a row that I’ve committed to that schedule. And again to watch more of my videos related
to rendering skin tones click on the top video link on the left. For other timelapse videos
of a different theme click on the lower video link on the left of your screen on your screen. Thanks again for watching, guys! See you next Friday! Bye!


  • Debjeet Mukherjee

    Thank you so much Marose 🖤
    I am really happy to win the Arya Stark portrait. You are a great artist! Keep painting more wonderful artwork. Best wishes 😊

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