Painting with Bullets in Slow Motion

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. We’re The Slow Mo Guys, and this week on
“The Super Slow Show”– Dan, is that danger
I smell in the air? Probably not.
I had eggs for lunch. But this week
is all about weapons.So we’ve got bear traps,
a catapult,
and we’re gonna be painting
with guns.
Gav:Ooh.( theme music playing )As you may know,
we’ve made various art pieces using various tools,
never a paint brush. We’ve used hand tools,
power tools, ourselves. – Explosions.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. When I say “art”– it’s art,
most of it’s crap, but have we ever made art with one of these? Don’t think we have. So what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna hang
our art supplies above these canvases
or “canvi.” – Is that how it is, yeah?
– Which isn’t a word,
I don’t think. And our paintbrush of choice will be one of these. Yeah, this has to be
one of the most elaborate setups for a painting
I’ve ever seen,
to be honest. It’s a whole trellis thing. This is really–
I don’t know what it is. We’ll be growing plants
up it later. – All right.
– Okay. Because it involves bullets,
we’ll need a higher frame rate.We’ve got a V25.11
off to the side,
Panaflex 4K up the front.Let’s get firing. – With my one hand.
– With one hand. Cheek a bit of turquoise,
first spray paint can? You know what?
Just from this position here, I can tell that this is already
my favorite way to paint. Before we’ve even started, I’m already like,
this is the best way. As always, we’ve made sure
it’s very safe. There’s no one
behind this canvas. That would be insanity. – All right, you ready?
– Yeah. – I’m plugging up.
– ‘Kay. Safety’s off. Ooh. ( laughs )
Did it only just land? It looked like you halved it. What even happened? It was there one second,
and then it was just gone. I’ve got no idea
how that happened. – I love how just
the top sat there.
– The lid. Yeah. That was a– – Yeah, it was a nice
smattering, actually.
– Yeah. ( gun fires ) Gav:Oh, there’s
the bullet. Oh.
Like it’s nothing.Dan:
I’ve chopped these spray paint
cans in half with an ax before,
and they just sort of burst
perfectly in half, but the bullet caused
a lot more overpressure
inside the can, which meant that
the can’s pieces flew way further. Yeah. ( gun fires )Boing. Gav:
Wait, is that a spark?
– Dan:It is.
– Gav:I think it’s a sparkjust ’cause
of the metal friction.
Dan:It just chinks and then it
comes out the other side,
and that’s going really
quickly, though, that bullet.
It’s why it’s scary,
a very satisfying shot.
Super fast.I feel like now the spray paint is obviously
going to be taken – by the wind.
– Yeah. Think we should escalate
to just thick paint pots? You wanna gauze
some thick paint on it? – Absolutely gauze it.
– All right. Okay, next up
we’ve got four paint cans. That spray paint can landed
all the way over there, so there’s literally no reason
for me to sit here. We’ve got a barrier now. And I’m just gonna shoot off. Yeah, I think that’s
a good idea. Take care of it? – Yep.
– Sweet. Gav:
Whah! – That looks lovely.
– That looks great. That looks deluxe.
If that was up there, that would be–
that would be cream. I think we know exactly
what we’ve got to do. – Go on.
– This– well,
this looks good. – Tons of this.
– Yeah? Maybe some paint balloons. And right above the thing. – Actually on the canvas
this time.
– On the canvas. So we get the nice painting, but on the floor. Yeah, that was a practice,
but a great one. Let’s look at some of this. – Ooh.
– It’s annihilated the– Oh, that’s quite the exit wound. That’s pretty hefty,
isn’t it? ( gun fires ) – Dan:Wow.
Even though we’reat a thousand frames a second,the bullets
are still invisible
on this camera.Dan:
Blink of an eye.
I like the that the lid
of the pot gets burst off. Yeah, actually it bends
and warps the metal like that. – Dan:Ooh.
That’s such a tiny
entrance hole.
It’s almost like
there’s a charge inside
popping the lids off.
Yeah.But it’s just pressure
from the bullet.
It’s strange to think
that tiny, little hole
can cause that.
Just bleeding blue paint.– Oh.
– That is way more violent
than the other one. Look at that one burst. Why is that?
Where’d I even hit that? Look at the way that lid
is trailing all that paint. Dan:Whoa, that was quick,
that one.
Gav:Okay, that one–
it looked like the bullet
went in the front,
immediately took a right turn,
and went out the side.That’s so weird. Yeah.
Let’s see that again.
The exit hole is right next
to the entrance hole.
– Dan:I think–
– ( laughing ) Gav:Oh, man.I think I hit the red oneslightly on the side,which caused it to spin more.You know, um… saw that
we had a shotgun. Yeah. Oh, you– shall I– All right, let’s go. – Blimey.
– Look at what I did there. You hit this can, like,
30 times. Look at all the big holes. I think I got the balloon
in the same shot as well. I’m not really sure, but… The idea was to get as many
things as I could in one shot.( laughs )
Whoa, flip.
Look at the flippin’ canvas
at the back as well, taking it.
That looks absolutely perfect.
You got a couple
of blues there.
The pattern of bird shot
was much–
– Gav:It’s a tight grouping–
– Much tighter than I though.
I thought it’d be like this. I thought it’d have about,
you know, at least half a foot, but it really just knocked
the yellow paint can, but didn’t actually burst it. –You see how the yellow
paint can’s been hit?

– Gav:Yeah.Didn’t actually burst it.
It just bounced off it.
It went straight
for the balloon instead.
It gave it a right wallop.
It did. I tried to get both,but, you know…Well, let’s take a look
at our slower angle.( together )
Oh, whoa!
– Dan:Gah, wow.
That’s wicked.So, there’s a lot to talk
about there.
– Wait.
– A lot of them didn’t make it
through the rubberand got flung back in.
Do you see that?
– Dan:That’s unbelievable.
Let’s see that again.‘Cause they’re
such tiny balls,
there’s lots of them,
it looks like,
in this bird shot,
’cause it’s bird shot.
They lose their power…
like that. Let’s see that frame-by-frame
on the impact there. –There’s a lot there.
– Dan:It’s a big group.There’s gotta be, like,
80 or something.
Look, it didn’t pop
the balloon.
The balloon hasn’t even
popped at this point.
it hasn’t, like–It’s just riddled.That’s a fascinating shot.I’ve never seen that.Look at those ballsgoing in the balloon
stretching the balloon out.
At this point the balloon’s
already burst
and wants to reassert itself,
but, look.
That is such
a strange moment in time.
Look at
They’re on the edge of, like,
the ball…
“Let me out of the balloon.
Let me out.”
That is so much cooler than
what I thought was going on.
That’s the one
I hit square on and
just annihilated.
It popped the top
and then it moved.
Yeah.( gun fires )Oh, look at that.
Look at that.
Right all over the lens.And now we can’t see anything.Think we’re gonna
need a wipe. Here we go. Oh, a few streaks from the–
( laughs ) Can’t see. Ah, ooh. Ahh. I think we got, like,
a little bit of lettering. We got “low.” Or “slow.” You know, I wasn’t a massive fan
of art at school, but I think the way we do art, I could really take it up
as a hobby. Yeah, if art class
was like this, I would… I’d do art every day. I’d love it.
That’d be brilliant. Very proud of that.
Very proud. Hopefully you enjoyed
that video. Feel free to subscribe
to The Slow Mo Guys, and we’ll see you
in the next episode of “The Super Slow Show.”
Are you signing it? Oh, yeah.
That’s… ( muttering ) Hi, guys, we can’t wait
to share our extremely slow
adventure with you. Yeah, click here
for all the latest updates happening almost daily
on “The Super Slow Show.” Why do they put
the button on this side? It could have easily
just been just there but it’s on this
side of me. It’s like somewhere
around here. Yeah,
it’s right there. ( chuckles )


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