Painting with Light

Normally when you’re shooting a scene, the
light’s already in the scene. So when there’s no light in the scene, you can put the light
in the scene yourself using a flashlight, a torch, whatever you have available. Go down the bottom step here. Let’s try eight seconds to start. And you can draw out shapes, you can write
words, literally paint with light. I’m gonna paint with light. All the light
points get blurred and moved as I move the camera around. I mean it’s still kind of bright, but we can
get a long exposure for eight, ten, fifteen seconds, and then if you pop some light you
can freeze that frame for a bit. I like that one. That is really cool. My face looks superimposed. It gets better the darker it gets because
then you can set your shutter speed for longer, you can do a lot more tricks. You can do like Harry Potter-like magic kind
of stuff. I really like the one where we were riding
a bicycle. And then I also like the lightsaber one. We set up the camera so that it would have
a thirty-second shutter speed. We had actors and painters, so the painters painted in the
light with the flashlight, and at the end it looked like we were holding lightsabers. Did it come out? Yeah. That’s pretty cool. Nice. What’s great for the kids in the club is that
they get to see the parameters that their cameras can do, and experiment with different things. Everyone good? Good. Fire in the hole! We’re gonna take some steel wool, light it
on fire and spin it real quick, and we’ll take images of the sparks flying out of the
steel wool. And when we look at the final image you’ll
see the entire trajectory of all of the sparks flying away from the steel wool as well as
the entire movement of the steel wool. Alright, that was pretty fun. You have like
sparks flying around and you hit it near your feet and it, like, explodes. I really like the one from Kal where he was
underneath the shooter looking up. I just propped the camera on the ground with
my flashlight. Didn’t have any idea of what I was gonna get and it was exciting to see
the silhouette that I got. It was nice seeing other people’s photos.
They kind of like influenced what you wanted to do. Some people were up higher and shooting down.
That’s the shot where you get the most reflection from the water. You can have 100 people take a picture of
the same thing, but every picture will come out just a little bit different. That’s what I like about photography is capturing
different images and as you see it not necessarily as anyone else does.

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