Painting with the Wacom Art Pen

the Wacom art pen can be used to express rotation with many brush variants and painter in addition to those found in the real bristle brush category if you’re using the flat tip into a start pen that supports 360 degree barrel rotation you can adjust your brush strokes based upon the rotation of the stylus in painter you can change the expression setting to rotation with the art pen which supports tilt and pressure however there is no better way to achieve full barrel rotation than with a Wacom art pen I enjoy painting roses yet I could never quite achieve the subtle nuances of this shifting petals and the many directions the rose petals form until I discovered the art pen and the ability to achieve that full barrel rotation which many of the default and many custom brushes I can now apply rotation to to achieve just amazingly beautiful petals so what exactly is barrel rotation the dot or purl that appears along the outer circle of the enhanced brush ghost indicates the pen rotation so let me show you this so I have my art pen and I’m using the thick paint oil pallet knife and I’m going to reset it because I want to show you how to get this set up to full barrel rotation using the expression setting now the expression setting can be accessed from many of the different controls panels within painter such as opacity grain size angle and in the airbrush you can choose the feature and flow impasto liquid ink and on and on color expression or any or any of the particles or thick paint panels also you can choose that expression setting as well so without said I want to show you how this brush behaves without full barrel rotation or rotation in the expression setting if I wanted to create say for example a vertical brushstroke that was very thin as you follow my brush here you can see that I’m not able to achieve that it’s very difficult for me to move the brush to get it to the rotation that I need there’s very little control in that brush however let’s go back now and take a look at the expression setting under angle and you’ll notice it’s set to bearing but let’s set it now to rotation which enables us to take full advantage of 360 degree barrel rotation beyond that let’s go ahead and set the angle range to 360 degrees and we’ll set the step to 4 and that will give us a nice rotation so let me enlarge this brush so you can see this as I rotate this brush the stylus between my index finger and thumb you can see visually how the brush is rotating around you just don’t get that with a standard pen this is unique to the art pen and unique to this expression 360 degree rotation so as I begin using this little diagram here and starting at 12 o’clock say for example I wanted a thin stroke at the top so let’s go ahead and lay down a nice thin stroke and you can see that as I move and rotate the barrel I can go around this clock and get precise brush stroke in each area based upon what I’m looking for now what if I wanted this to be a wider brush stroke you’ll note that the vertical incline of this brush creates a very thin stroke and the horizontal creates a very thick stroke so it gives me that opportunity to really play with this brush and get some nice movement and expression within the brush let’s take a look now at the heavy textured pallet knife and we’ll reset that to default settings and then take a look again at the expression with this brush we’ll set the rotation again to we’ll set the expression to rotation and the angle range to 360 and the step to 4 and again I’ll pick up a color here and notice how as I begin how I can create this really really nice angle as I move around this template now if I want to change direction I’m going to go back the other way and you can see how this brush picks up and creates that beautiful angle so if I bring this brush down smaller will go to a darker color in the center and I want to start building say for example the rose petals around notice as I turn my stylus and based upon the direction of that Pearl I can achieve this beautiful beautiful rotation and this is a really great way to start and to practice with this with rotation when you’re working on a little template such as this that will help you to visually see the direction those petals are moving again with a standard pen I would not be able to achieve this kind of rotation in the brush so whether you’re looking for a very thin brush stroke or a very fat brushstroke or being able to achieve full barrel rotation within that brush stroke the art pen is definitely a stylus you’ll want to discover and use in painter so now as I begin to finish this painting I can take full advantage of those different difficult angles that may be present in this particular composition and with rotation activated I can easily now create those little edges that are important and those additional petals that may I may need to bring out in the roses and as I do this you can see how each of those brushstrokes reacts to the rotation of the pen and I’m able to get very very subtle changes to that brushstroke as I go so again I hope you see the advantages of using the art pen to create that full 360 degree rotation that enables you to get some very very beautiful beautiful brushwork going in your paintings and to give you superior control in terms of the actual placement of that brushstroke [Music]


  • Justin A

    Can you use more than one Art Pen at a time?

  • Mike Culver

    I would like to know your preference for tips… chisel or blunt round. I just got my pen today and will you your settings. Wacom should give you a commission 😉


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