Painting with Watercolors : Adding Darker Color Watercolor Painting

Okay, so now we’re going to start adding some
of the darker colors. And again, because I don’t really want to have any hard lines in
the paint yet I’m just going to go over and spray a couple times with the fine mist of
water and then we’re going to get a lovely green color that I’d like to add. And I’m
going to use it for sort of the orange tone on the leaf here. So, really on this leaf,
this half of the leaf is a little bit darker and this half is a little bit brighter. So
I’m going to go down the middle here and just sort of add a little bit of color to this
side and I love to make it. Oh, I got a little bit of run there. So this is when you want
to dab your brush and get the excess water out because it’s a little bit runny. So just
go ahead and blend that in there. And this is totally up to you as an artist. You can
really, you know, just experiment with how the paint is moving. And if you want to, you
know, go over it, you can sort of blend it a little bit and continue to add maybe some
darker colors around the tips. And you can blend it out and leave some yellows toward
the edges here. So have fun with your next color and you can blend it as much as you
want. And then what we would do, once we’ve finished that layer of colors, is go in with
your darker color. And for here I’m doing the dark tips and just go ahead and get those
tips where you want them to be darker. And sort of play with, you know, again, blending
them. And if you want to do the veins on the leaf you can get into that. You know, with
the side veins. But really just sort of play around with color and how it’s mixing and
what you want to do with it. So just go ahead and play with the colors and really just go
in from light to dark and get your colors down and just have fun with it and see what
you want to do with your colors.


  • Linda Gilpin Snyder

    Nice videos, but too broken up (too short of segments) and not numbered so it was too hard to follow the sequence.

  • A Smackahoe

    I agree, good tutorial information. But the videos are too short and hard to follow because it is not numbered.

  • Christina

    She pretty


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