Pancake Art Challenge Ft. Alex Wassabi, Laurdiy, & Lazyron!!

intro Hey guys whats up, welcome to my hundredth video. This is my hundredth video, so I have some very special guests. LazyRon, Alex Wassabi, and …… LaurDIY Yeah, and today we’re gonna do the pancake art challenge. So we’re gonna split up into teams, me and Aaron , Versus Lauren and Alex Uh, Laurex. Sorry, Laurex. The punishment for the loser of this is is you have to take a mouthful of crusty, dry, pancake. Lauren looks so excited about this. Crusty, dry, pancake batter, in our mouth. So what’s gonna happen is , we are all gonna draw random things that I did make up, this random object ! And our partners has to get what they are Take it and i’ll show them what it is Oh my Gosh! Oh my God!! ok, alright here we go Uhh. You’re going big I already know what it is, Perfect Uhh.. Wait they have to attach, don’t they have to attach Yeah you’re right I’m having coaches here guys Wait what else is there? *laughter* I should probably use the tiny one for this Yeah thats what I was thinking I don’t know its hard Okay you also have to flip it, that’s gonna be so hard I think you are going to need some more attatchment at the top there Okay we are just going to fill it in There you go, you can do better than that Yes *Laughter* I can definately do better than that *Laughter* Okay you guys are gonna fill it in so its easier to flip Okay that makes sense Okay i guess here we go, oh geez Ohhhhh Okay. Okay I didn’t realise that it was going to do that I did somethin’ I don’t know what I did You don’t lose points for like burns right? No, thats shading i did that on purpose guys That’s the shading, okay That looks good It was just better than we thought it was gonna be *laughter* Umm.. 2 guesses Is it Darth Vader? I got it Oh my gosh Nobody told me I did that Oh i got it, I got it Wow thats easy No i’m going to do what he did with darth vader *Laughter* I am really nervous about the flip Yeah, we all are Oh yeah! *Excitment* Alex you are going to be so thankful i am your partner right now Oh my gosh *Laughter* I did not expect it to look that good, come on! Okay *Heavy Sigh* What is it? Umm For real!? *Laughter* What is it? This Is a masterpiece Is it a but? Okay hold on hold on He is only doing this because he know he has two guesses Is it a pumpkin? *Excitement* *Laughter* Oh, Alright Mine is not as pretty as yours was. Yeah thats good Done! Yep About to be too done Well. Do it, flip it, flip it, flip it go. *Laughter* Can salvage it, I can salvage it! *background* did you burn it? shh, I got him Is….. Wait seriously? Wait is this suppose to be like this way? No, no, no, no *Laughter* It’s like this man Okay is it a popsicle? Yes. No! What is it? I’m just kidding its a mushroom. Excitement Oh, Alex! Okay alright here we go, Alex’s turn. Here we go, we got this Okay, Alex’s hand is not steady *Laughter* I thought my hand wasn’t steady What is that? Did you mean it or something? Yeah Ohh, Alex is going ham! I see what he’s doing. Yeah, Okay Yep Yeah, its the only way guys the only way So are you going to point to it or something? Are you going to draw an arrow? *Laughter* You’re drawing an arrow in the picture “Laughter* Alex! I’m sorry, i thought i had it, i thought i was going to kill it And then i messed it up I don’t know i think you can still kill it I really don’t think so. *Excitement* Oh my God! It looks okay it looks okay! Pretty good! It might be good! i did it on purpose Oh my god You got to think about it I think we got an arrow going on Bird! *Excitement* Yes I got it! I drew the ocean the sun and a few birds and put the arrow Because i can’t draw birds oh my god that is easy That is so not easy I could kill that Hey guys i got this You could kill it, Lauren could kill this but wait. uh oh I am already messing up aaron Uhh Uhh! What is it? Uhh Okay…. Okay *Laughter* Uh huh, and uh like that *Snickers* He might get it I’m like unable to identify whats what. Okay. Oh alright Thats two pancakes He’s going to put it over the other I don’t know if i have enought juice in it there we go Ready? No no no no I think we may have a point here *Laughter* He got it he’s going to get it *Laughter* No one knows hieroglyphics, like through pancakes Okay What is that? You got 2 guesses Look at every thing onix? So close! Okay Its a pokemon right? one more guess What its not? No, I can’t say anything Garados? *Excitement* It’s Pikachu How is that a Pikachu? Look at the tail, the tails suppose to be longer I hope alex messes up Yep No wait, maybe not maybe not Unless she messes up on the spin Dangit she’s going for full body She is Going full body Oh my goodness Good one Uh, she’s going for the face Oh wow thats cool it sinks there! Yeah Okay Got to do a little filler and uh….. I don’t know where another spatula is? I don’t know? Alright lauren is flipping her pancake for the first time *Excitement!* Oh my gosh, how? It’s so good Noo Uhh What is it? Just do me a favor and get it on the first guess please Is it a kitty cat? It is! It’s not a kitty cat its a cat! How good is that That is good, wow! I forgot what they look like yeah! *Laughter* Okay I don’t know about this man. We have to go to round three Okay Not yet not yet This was a good challenge Crap it’s already burnt okay you’re good you’re good. Wait if you don’t get this, we automatically win yeah High Pressure Is it a specific person? or is this a character? Because alex was a character. or was this like a thing? Is this an object? 2 guesses I can’t say anything Alright i am honestly going to say bear Nope! *Frustration* Stop your trying to help I really don’t know That’s what i saw That’s not bad though Yeah That’s pretty cute What is this guys? Guys? Did you show the camera what is was? Oh, so it’s not a bear? Nope! you cheater how’s it cheating? okay, what is it to have to be this way? It has to be that way That’s the right way I’ll give you one hint Okay Noo! It’s a small one ready? If they don’t get this *Sneeze’s* Ahh that’s good, that’s good that’s good. What? What is that what could… what is that? Everybody watch this, knows what it is A bear that sneeze’s? All your viewers right now are like… Idiot! *Laughter!* I’ve just said that On the internet? Sneezing? Chi chi help don’t just run around 3 Look into my eye’s 2 1 Mikey Mouse? Noo! What is it? It’s a panda bear! what? It says panda, no bear involved Dangit! We lost so we have to take a spoon full of Biscuit Crust Alright cheers Cheers mate sorry. Do you like that? You didn’t even try to eat it *Mumbles* *Laughter* The mix is soo dry! This sucks, oh my god *Mumbles* It didn’t taste that good Thank you guys soo much for watching my 100th video Hope you guys enjoyed it with my awesome friends Here who helped me create art on a pancake surface thingy but yeah thank you so much Make sure you check out all their channels Okay Bye!


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