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I’m so embarrassed. This is the ugliest pancake! Nooo! Oh noooo!!! Yay!!! Ro: Boom! Hey guys! I’m Veronica. I’m Vanessa, and we’re here with Rosanna Pansino And today we are doing the pancake art challenge But before we start make sure to check out Rosanna’s channel we did a video on her channel where we did Oreos taste testing. We were all blindfolded, tasting different new Oreo flavors There are so many of them. So go check that out and make sure to subscribe also subscribe to our Channel and give this video a thumbs up while you’re at it. So how the pancake art challenge works is we are going to be making pancake art Today, we’re going to be doing emojis, and we have a wonderful plethora of colors.
Ro: So much pancake batter!! We dyed them so many different colors.
Nessa: now I know Rosanna has done pancake art on her channel, but you’ve never done the challenge No, I’ve never done the challenge and I have to be honest when I did the video on my channel, I practice. A lot. I freehand practiced a lot so that when I was doing the instructional video, it was like helpful and not like confusing. I’ve never done the challenge, like a timed pancake challenge, so this could look really messy. Cause I haven’t thought it through so. So we want you guys to tell us who you think does the best pancake…making..? [Ro mouths “It’ll be them”]
I think I said that right It’s gonna be so nervous. So we have 4 different emojis that we’re doing today. The first one is The heart with the arrow in it. Are you guys ready?
Let’s get to it. Okay, ready ladies? Yes!
Get set!
Nessa: Good luck! Go! I like that we’re like, “Go!”, and then we’re all like… What do we do??? Okay, I can’t even get these open!
Me neither. Okay there we go.
Here we go. Here we go. Should we shake it?
Ro: I’m guessing this goes here. Roni: Oh my gosh wait. Nessa: I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t, I don’t think I’m doing it correctly. Ro: If this is correct… Oh, okay, didn’t mean that to go there. This is supposed to be the little heart. Nessa: I don’t think i did this correctly… [Gasp] My doesn’t even look like a heart!! Wait. Ro: It’s like a blue christmas tree. Roni: Mine, i don’t even know what i’m doing with mine. Um…oops..oops. Oh my god, the only good news is I did the black arrow first and it’s on the grill the longest so if it burns it’s already black
Nessa: it’s okay Oh now i’m scare to like, flip mine. Ro: Oh no, I really..
Roni: Oh yeah we gotta flip it! I’m flipping mine. Oh, oh my gosh. Ro: Yeah, this pancake is ready to flip on the blue. Look at all those little bubbles that’s how you know it’s ready to flip Roni: My pink isn’t ready…
Nessa: OHNO!!!! NOO!!! NOOOOO!!!!:(
Everyone else: Oh no!!! Roni: Awww Nessa..
Ro: Uh oh, uh oh, heart down, heart down! I fixed it, I fixed it! I’m trying to fix this heart, but it does not look, it’s not getting better. That one…I..I think that’s..good. It’s so big.. Why is it so big? Yours is adorable! How did you get yours so small and cute? I don’t know! Why is mine the size of my face? Well half of mine is burning and half mine isn’t cooked, so. Oh, no. Uh oh. Oh no. Uh oh. I don’t think mine’s ready.. OH NOO I just tore it!
Ro: I think i’m gonna go faster next time Roni: I’m ruining mine! Mine’s ruined! Do you need help?
Ro: Mine is so big I can’t even flip this thing over Nessa: Do you want two?
Ro: Yeah, can I borrow this one? Yes, you can borrow it!
Okay, let’s do a double flip [GASP] Woah!! I ruined mine. Ro: This looks…so weird. What’s wrong with it?
I don’t know.. I’m just gonna..[cries] It’s a broken heart!
Do you want a double? Yours is the best one!
I have to admit.. this is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be I thought this was gonna be so easy. It won’t come off! It won’t come off. There we go! Look, it’s so st-, it’s so sticky it’s just like staying. Wait let’s, let’s take a look at the original emoji.
Ro: Oh yeah take a look of the picture Is it backwards?
Nessa: Oh i think she got, you’ve got it right Roni. Roni: Wut?
You got your heart on the right side! You got, you got the arrow on the right side. [Ro gasps] Did you do a mirror image? Did you, did you do it backwards? Yeah, like I think? I don’t know why I did it..
Ro: Gotta do the mirror. Our first pancake. Round 1. Who do you think I think Ro got it.
No! Yours is facing the right way. It is facing the right way.
Is borken tho is borken 🙁 It’s a little broken But I like the outline detail and it’s facing the right way and yours is Adorable look see because you can actually see that it’s an arrow.
I like how nice you are! This one you can see that it’s a little arrow I mean…kinda? You couldn’t tell that this is an arrow. What is it? Yeah, I think we all agree that hers is the closest. Yes. Even though it’s broken like, it just looks pretty decent Thanks!
It is the cutest. this is my vote, and it is facing the right way. And now we’ve learned that with pancake art you have to do the inverse. Yeah, you have to do it backwards. Okay, so now we’re on to the next emoji, and we are going to be doing the poop emoji Oh my gosh. Which is my favorite emoji. I am so excited about that. Here’s how it looks. Lemme take it all in. This one’s hard! Taking all this poop Okay i’ll stop. Go! I’m going to grab…
Ro: God, i’m like, which one would you like first? Oh, I’m gonna outline the eyes first because we want big eyes Yes big oh, no The bigger, the better.
Oh no my eyes are about to connect. I think oh Oh, those are, that might be too big. Okay here we go here we go. And then we need this part What is this, the pupil? Pupil oh yeah! I’m trying to do the swirl And we need it backwards, we need a backwards turd Yeah, and it’s got a bunch of these and it’s… This might have been too much Okay, I went a little too big you guys, again.
I think I did too I need to do a smaller pancake..
Roni: I went so big- oh my! I don’t think I can…
Nessa: OHMY. Why are you going so big?? This is a family-style pancake! Wow. What the! Oh, you got the swirl details That’s what I was trying to do. [gasps] Yours is so cute though! And yours is adorable like, that’s the right size Should I flip mine? Come on baby!
OH NO! Okay wait wait wait I sorry I panicked This is a… oof. Give me more bubbles bubbles bubbles. I think we forgot to grease them. Both times. So this one well the good thing is a poop emoji because if it looks like it poo then we’re like.. Ehhh you’re okay. It’s alright. All: No!!! It’s just not cooked. How are we…? Wait how are we gonna flip it? Flip it, 1, 2, 3. OH NOOOOO!!! It’s just too big.. I’m sure you can uh.. save it. Yeah, i’ll just…i’ll just like move it around a little bit and..
Yeah. You are guys are great at this. No! No… I’m happy about mine.
Oh no there’s smoke coming out of him! It’s like, it’s like a little flaming poo. 1, 2, 3! Ummm.. Oh my gosh, yours is adorable!
Yeah, yours is so cute! No, I think…
Um, the right way to make a pancake This is the correct size, and you got the big eyes. He’s got the white mouth with the big shape.
Nessa: Mine’s creepy looking! If you- uhm! [points] See I love your outline, cause you can see the swirls. Yeah that’s really cool. Uh, i’m sad about yours.
I went too big. You made a big poop. But I regret nothing because…LOL Yea comment down below who you think has the better poop one Alright, so for our next emoji, we are doing a simpler one. Okay. Because the ones we’ve done are hard so far. We are doing an emoji face, but this one is the winky one going like this Ehhhhhh Think that’s the noise it makes – blehh I forgot how the tongue looks.
It looks like this, ehh. ready, yeah, and Go! I’m gonna do the tongue first okay? Small Ro…small. Okay, here we go here we go fast hands, and we do the.. oops oh, no oh shoot, and then I’m gonna do a pink tongue. Oh, yeah Oops, i didn’t even open the lid This is, oh no. This is scary looking. Oops, I have really messed up. Oh, no I made this too big.
This does not look like the emoji. Sorry, I’m almost done with the yellow. Oh, oops. My- my things off. oops I was like, why isn’t it bubbling, that’s so weird Maybe it’ll cook really even now yeah, yeah
Roni: Mine looks scary… Okay no wonder it wasn’t.. Your guys’s look really good, mine literally looks just like throw up.
Roni: Mine does not, no, mine doesn’t.. Mine looks like he’s throwing up. [GASP] Wow!!! That looks so cute!! That is adorable! I know exactly what that is! Yay!! Yours looks like it has a black eye though.
I know mine looks scary! Usually the outline design has come in handy It looks really cute, but this one does look like a black eye this time.
It does. Mine looks scary. This is it.
I’m proud! I think that’s a winner winner chicken dinner.
We haven’t seen yours yet. I’m proud of myself for one reason. I made the pancake smaller. Yes! We’re taking a step in the right direction. And so that I-
I think yours is burning… Oh. I am so embarrassed! This is the ugliest pancake I have EVER made. In the history of pancakes this is the ugliest pancake that i’ve ever made! Oh wow.
Okay, here we go. [someone in the background laughs] [ Laughs] This is a treat! That is uhm.. Can you imagine if I was like “Oh hey boyfriend I made you breakfast.” And he’s like…”uhm..” “I made your favorite emoji just for you boo!” and he’s like, “Oh..thanks.” “Thanks…thanks this is wonderful.” “Which emoji is it?” Which one is it yeah exactly! Okay you won for sure. You won this round.
Hands. Down.
Oh my gosh. Finally! Yay!! Yeah, you killed it. Totally.
There we go! So comment down below whose emoji you thought won this round. Yeah, I feel so proud Vote for Ro! The final emoji we are doing today is the flamenco dancer. That’s gonna be so hard. Oh are we going? Yeah, okay. Oh no..what am i? What am I doing?
Ro: we need a dress! Yes. This is a dress. This is a- and it’s flow-y. I’m trying to imagine Dancing with the Stars I’m thinking like big fluffy dress. Here it is. She’s also got little shoes. Okay? We need…. Nessa: I need some red.
Ro: We need some..uh oh. She’s.. She’s got muscular legs. Let me tell you she does not skip leg day Wow One of her legs she does skip leg day and the other one she’s Every day. Every day’s leg days and the other leg is..not. Mine looks like she has no pants on! Yours looks like an actual emoji I am- I’m looking at what’s going on here and okay half of her body is cooked and the other half isn’t so I’m just like.. holding it up.
Leave it there leave it there! So it won’t burn.
Mine looks like if she just kind of like fell and like she just like..splat. Oh, no. Oh, no. Her… Two, three! Go for it! We’ll just stick her back together. Oh, this is great Yay!!! Yes! You guys! Yours looks, yours’ guys’ look good! Mine looks like she got no pants!
I can’t tell what what mine looks like ..
Okay, why is mine so burned? Oh! Oh no! Get back on there! I don’t know what’s wrong with my legs. My feet are backwards. Yours is really cute! This isn’t even close! I mean let me see.
I don’t know which one of these to be honest- Roni: I think yours looks the most.
Ro: -looks the most like the emoji. Mine is really burnt, she’s got troll hair, and she’s so burnt this poor boo. She did not put on sun block.
Nessa:’s..good. No, I don’t think any of us are the winner No Who do you guys think? The closest.
I don’t know they could even tell. So that was the pancake art challenge here are all of our emojis we did You know considering that we’re not artists, and we didn’t have practice. Yes. I think we did pretty well I’m gonna give myself a pass I’ve never done the pancake challenge before. One, it was really fun Two, I’ve never done it before so I’ve never been timed like whenever I’ve done pancake art on my channel I practiced a lot. I took a lot of time I knew what I was gonna do. I planned it out. This was just a freehand, so I’m giving myself a pass I think we should all- [claps]
Yeah, I’m giving you a pat on the back. I think you did great.
Aw that’s very sweet. Okay, do you guys have a favorite one out of all the ones that you did like what’s your favorite? I think my favorite is my poop emoji.
That’s really cute.
I think mine’s this one. I think this is..
I think that’s your It’s a toss-up here. Is that..
Yes your poop one would have looked amazing. It’s this, it’s this gal. She’s my favorite. I think you did the best one of the flamenco dancer out of all of us like yours looks like the flamenco dancer You’re really sweet. So don’t forget to watch Rosanna’s video we did on her channel where we ate a lot of Oreos Yeah a bunch of them. And we try to guess the flavor. Yes. Okay. Go check that make sure you subscribe and Thanks for watching if you like this video give it a thumbs up make sure to subscribe to our channel and Rosanna’s channel all the links will be in the description below Follow us on all of our social medias We post videos every Tuesday, and we do live broadcasts every week, and we’ll see you guys next time bye

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