[MUSIC] [MUSIC]>>Hey guys, this is Karina!>>It’s Ronald and we are from…>>SIS vs BRO. And today, we’re doing
the Pancake Art Challenge!>>But first, time for pancake battles.>>So this is how it’s gonna work. We have a bowl of paper, which
is gonna tell us what kind of art we’re gonna do on our pancake.>>And we also have 10 different
colors that we can use on our pancakes.>>So let’s do this.>>Boo-yeah! And you guys are gonna decide
who is the winner of this challenge?>>Oh, yeah. I bet it’s gonna be me.>>No. Me. So let’s begin.>>You go first.>>Okay. Wait, you hold it. I’m gonna close my eyes. This one.>>What is it? What is it?>>Steve! I’m drawing Steve!>>Okay.>>That’s quite interesting.>>I get…>>What’d you get?
What’d you get?>>Hearts?>>No, um. Emoji hearts.>>Oh, emoji hearts.
>>Emoji with the heart eyes. That one. Oh, you got a way easier one.>>Really?>>Yeah. So let’s begin. The first color I’m going to need is
this beautiful blue color for my Steve shirt.>>And the first one I’m going to
need is this beautiful brown color. I’m gonna use for the mouth.>>Alright, let’s start.>>I broke it. Oh no, this is going to be a toughie. There we go. Happy. I don’t really know how to do this. There we go. That’s my mouth.>>Alright, I did the outline for my shirt now. It’s time to fill it all in.>>Now I’m doing my hearts. Oh. Yeah. Oh, no, I didn’t– being
ready for it to come out so soon. Boom. Okay, and… Boom.>>Now, I need a purple color for the pants.>>Okay fill this in.>>Whoa! That’s a huge heart, Ronald. You don’t need that big of a heart. What– that doesn’t even
look like a heart now. Looks like a circle.
>>I know. I know. Oh no. This one looks like a heart
though, a little bit. Yeah. I don’t know what I’m
gonna do about that heart.>>Okay, put it down.>>Okay. Here we go. I need some yellow. Alrighty, let’s do this. I broke the yellow one too. Oh, yours looks good. Oh, thanks. I don’t think it looks that good. Wow, that looks amazing. Now, to spread it all around in here. Spread it. Spread over the eyes,
through the eyes. Ooh! Look at that. Okay. Oh, it smells so good, doesn’t it? I know, it smells amazing. Wow. This looks weird. Whoa! Yours look like a mastery. I don’t think it looks that good. Look at mine. It looks good. It’s just one heart’s
like, kind of… That’s all?>>Yeah.
>>I feel like the head is too big. I thought that’s going
to be your first comment. But I have a problem. My eyes are not going to show. Oh. Faceless. Oh no, you forgot to put the eyes first? Yeah. Okay. Just gotta wait until it gets fried. How is yours looking? I guess okay, but I don’t know
if the eyes are going to show. Okay, I think it’s ready. Let’s try to flip it. Alrighty. Oh, that’s hot– Ah! Were you’re touching it? Yeah, by accident. What are you doing to your poor Steve? I don’t know. Oh, it’s still wet. It is? Yeah. I don’t know how to do it. Oh my god, I broke his arm! I think I need to wait more. I broke his face. Oh my god, why’d you
start from the middle? I don’t know. I think we’re gonna need
Dad to flip this for us. Huh.>>Oh, looks nice.
>>Wow. Okay. Flip mine, flip mine. Aww. It’s eyeless it’s faceless! But it looks cool. Mine has eyes. So this is mine and that’s Ronald’s. Mine got half destroyed. And mine has a scar
in the middle of his face. You guys decide who
has the better pancake. Okay, round two!
Let’s choose the paper. Alright, Ronald will you
hold this for me, please? What’d you get? I got the Nintendo Switch. I’m gonna paint a Nintendo Switch. You’re gonna paint a
Nintendo Switch, but guess what? I got the cool emoji. Another emoji. Let’s do it. Okay. Hmm. Maybe I should make my smile more smiley. Smile. Smile. That looks great. Wow! That looks amazing. Are you done with the black? Yes. I could use black now. It looks like Harry Potter. Yeah. I’m creating Harry Potter. Boom. Boom. Okay, you can use the black. Okay, this yellow is about to run out. I should use very little. Make it go around the top. Now, I have a rectangle face. Okay, this is Harry Potter guys. I created the one and only Harry Potter. Okay, let’s do this. Alright now I don’t need the black,
I just need the red and blue. This is going out well, I guess. This looks so weird. How was yours looking?>>I guess, okay.
>>Ooh. That looks nice. Okay, let’s just
smatter this around the top. Alright, now I’m on to the blue. Mine is looking better than the last one? I have no clue. There’s holes left out.
There’s holes for souls. We don’t want holes. Okay. My Harry Potter is finished. That was supposed to be
a cool guy but, it’s Harry Potter. Wow. Now just wait until this finishes. I’m gonna try and flipping mine
because I think it’s pretty ready. Wow. It looks so ready. Alright. Oh! It looks awesome! Wow! Okay, now it’s time to flip mine. Ronald, it’s gooey. You’re gonna get another scar on the face. It’s gooey? Yeah in the center. Right in center. I don’t know how to flip it. Cannot wait. Cannot wait. Oh! It looks so yummy, I
want to eat it right now. So this is round two pancakes. This is mine and that’s Karina’s. I hope you like mine better, like duh. No. No, mine better. So you guys let us
know, who won this round. Alright, round three. Let’s pick the papers. Alright. You pick first. What do you get? Ice cream. I got an ice cream. I hope I don’t get an emoji. Creeper! Oh, you got a Creeper. Interesting, huh? Alrighty, let’s start. Okay. I’m scared… for my life. Kay, start off with a little
square and fill it in. Fill in the square. There we go. And then, this is the hard part. I guess you’ve gotta go like this. And then like that. And then like,
that that that that that that that. It looks terrible. Okay. Throw in that. Throw in this. It actually might look good. Out of nowhere it might look good. I think yours is gonna look okay. Oh, Ronald you made those thing–
whisker thingy looking things way too long. They’re supposed to be way shorter. That’s the bad thing about it. It might look like a cat. [laughs] Okay. Now, we got to put the eyes. Ooh. One eye! I am creepy. Wait, it actually looks good. Look! It actually looks good. Yeah it kind of does. Wow, that looks amazing. fill in the black. Fill it in. And now, time for red. Wow. This might be my best
one out of the world. Woah– oh, my. Oh, yes. Does mine look tasty? Whoa! Yummy! It’s too beautiful. Too beautiful. There you go, I’m done. Look at that. Already? Yeah, I’m already done. It looks so tasty. I just want to eat it. Oh! Oh, yes! It looks good. Oh, that’s a really big square. ‘Cause the eyes and stuff are big. That’s gonna take maybe a long time. Long, long, long time. Now, under the mouth. Wow. It looks good. I love it so much. Ronald, I don’t know how you’re
gonna flip such a big pancake. Me neither. It looks so good. I know. Are you jealous? No, I’m not. I love my ice cream the way it is. Okay. Now, let’s just wait. Oh! It looks beautiful. Whoa. Oh, wow! It’s so pretty. Alright, I wanna see it,
I wanna see it. I wanna see it. I’m going to flip my first big one. No! It’s snapping. No, do it quicker. Oh like– Oh! Yay! It’s a little burnt but its perfect. Yeah, It’s perfect! It’s beautiful. It looks so good! Round Three. This is my pancake,
and that’s Karina’s pancake. You guys vote in the comments
who is better. I bet my ice cream is more
sweeter ’cause it’s an ice cream. Mine is a bit burnt. That sucks. Alrighty, you pick one. What’s it gonna be? Pikachu. I’m gonna do the Pikachu. Ugh. What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? Please be a good one. I don’t want it to be emoji. I got the pig. Oh my god. I got the pig. Alright, let’s do this! Let’s begin. I need the black. Sorry. You’re just gonna have to wait. It looks like a Raichu but bigger. The ears look like bananas. Um, it looks like a Pichu but bigger. Yeah it kind of does. Are you done with the black? Almost. You done? Almost. Almost? What does that mean? Oh, it has a fat hamster face. Put the circles in.>>In the cheeks.
>>And now, the nose. Okay. And now, the eyes. Oh, that looks like a bigger
one than mine. What?! Sorry. Alright. I don’t know how I’m gonna do this. Now, I need the red. [laughs] How am I gonna do
the outline for the legs? I don’t know. You’re just gonna have to figure it out. No legs. That’s how I’m gonna figure it out. No legs. I messed up. I messed up. I’m going to try again. Alright, and now I need the yellow. I’m gonna need a lot of this yellow. But Ronald used the bunch of it. For the emoji. Okay, I’m gonna do the nose first
because I need an outline of black. I broke the black. Boom. And now, need to outline out the nostrils. That’s fine. Now, I need the pink… desperately. Pigs are pink. Okay, I got the pink. Maybe I can just fill in this spot, here. Wow, I hear that sound. It’s an amazing sound. Yeah. It’s so addicting. Yeah, I like it. Yours is probably going
to be better than mine. Just saying. Really?
No, I think yours is gonna be better. Whoa! Look at that! Yours is pink. It’s beautiful! Okay. Maybe you like it more
just because it’s pink. The chin just grew. It looks like an old man. Now it’s like… Okay, but I’m finished. You are? Yeah, I’m finished. That looks amazing. Thanks. Kay… Does it have a mouth? Yeah. It definitely does look. Right there. Right there. Okay. Okay, I guess I’m finished. But no, one more thing. I need to add one more thing. You know what I’m gonna add? What? A person on it. It’s not going to cook
well because it’s very thin. There we go. Boom. There’s a person on the pig. The tail! You need a tail, Ronald. Okay, let me make a long tail. A long? No! And maybe I could add a top hat! A top hat? I’m gonna add a top hat. I need a top hat. Let’s make it orange because we
didn’t use the orange, you know. We gotta use all the colors. I don’t really know how to make top hats. So I’m just– you know…
gonna… boom boom boom and boom. It’s a hat. Whoa. That looks ama– What?! Okay guys, Karina won. I won? Yeah, you won. What is that? Is that a Cheeto on its head? I want to add some yellow. Guys, what do you like better the Pikachu
with a top hat on it or the pig with someone on it and a long tail
and a Cheeto on his head? I’m gonna make a little cheeto
on the side so I could eat it. You know, it needs Cheetos. Oh, cheeto– Cheetos. I don’t want to copy you. Maybe he could be
eating… hmm… A rocket ship. A rocket ship? How is that even
possible for just a little pig? He’s gonna eat a big rocket ship. He’s gonna be eating a rocket ship. That’s big rocket ship! Oh, you ran out of black. No, I didn’t. I’m gonna make it. Am I actually gonna make it? I did it! Oh, you made it with the black. Okay, our pancakes are ready. Now, let’s flip them. Alright, I’m gonna flip
my rocket ship first. I’m flipping the main thing. The Pikachu. Okay. Ow, I burned myself, I think. You burned yourself? Oh! Look at my rocket ship. Look at my rocket ship. No, look at it! Look! Oh my! That looks so good. Let me flip my pig. Oh, don’t– Alright. I’m going to start flipping Cheetos. Well, the person got kludged. Kludged. Now, come on flip you Cheeto! Flip, pig. Just flip it. I don’t want to be here anymore. Its neck is gonna be cut off. No, it isn’t. I put it back up. The pig is back up. And the person is here. I just need to flip the last Cheeto. That is hot. Don’t try this at home. There we go. So this is Round Four pancakes. This is mine, and that’s Karina’s
but now we have plurals. Yep. I got a bunch of Cheetos laying around. And a Pikachu with a top hat. I wonder how this tastes. And I have a pig with a Cheeto on his
head and he’s eating a rocket ship. Or he could just ride the rocket ship. Oh, yeah. And my guy, is gonna eat some Cheetos. Nom! Nom! So guys, we hope you like this video. If you did, smash that like button
and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye.

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