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Today, we reached here in Parikala Sculpture Park Basically, we have many sculptures here Let’s go and check it out.. First of all welcome you all in Safar Nama(Travel Diary) This is new series on my channel I will upload travel videos, vlogs in it Why I came to sculpture park, there is a story behind it I have Monday off rather than sunday, so I think lets go the park who is with me, you will get to know is some time Park is located in southern Finland , near Russian border Its 1.5 hours drive from my home It has 560 sculptures and details will come in the video confused with pronunciation Which pronunciation you like, UK or US?? Do Let me know in Comments below! I am accompanied by Usama Awan Almost PhD means! is now he explains everything in detail so he is about to become PhD! Right Welcome grteetings in Finnish, English and Russian Let’s move in BTW, you can ride this bike too if you wish… Instruction !.. to Follow Study in detail Help in maintaining the park, don’t throw trash etc. I wish people in Pakistan can learn the same Usama Bhai, it is not free! You need to pay some entrance fee but its voluntary Now these shapes which you are looking right now They are not random , lot of hard work done to reach there Primarily Yoga Styles… Various positions This is straight standing position This need some strength to make that pose… BTW, I think I am showing too much nudity?? is it?? I have mix audience, maybe they don’ like it “What you think Usama Bahi” Yes , there is contradiction …he he “Khula Tazad” Pakistans favouite media slang!! All these position are inspired and mirror images of the artist himself Veijo Rönkkönen, the finnish artist who made all those Here is the guy who made 560 sculptures out of which 255 are various Yoga positions as per him, these positions are mirror images of his young body why he made it ? Whats going in his mind?? we need to know a litte about the man … Lets dig in He was finnish, obviously introvert, no or little social life Born 25 Feb. 1944 Died 23 march 2010 Youngest among his 4 siblings When other siblings left for glory and leave parents behind But he stayed with him as he was good Kid!! I am just guessing He didn’t move, but he worked in paper factory in simpele He likes cycling, volleyball and Swimming He was very guarded, lonely and introvert As all Finns are.. he was typical Finnish Anyway, what is art ?? Every nude item is art?? every expression is art?? His art is the way to communicate with people Come on man, just go to your neighbour and talk to him but he is Finnish… he will never do that He never knew that people will like his work.. he was just creating for his own sake.. But today, people come from every corner of world to watch these scary sculptures See this scary beauty!! Now these are his inspirations from other cultures , people and animals Lot of loose coins in the purse, euros, rubels coins, buttons etc etc She is rich but not pretty at all…. I tell you But I will have one picture with her, I am not Tom Cruise either… he he It is believed, he worked on these themes for more than 50 years… I mean the whole life… Started from Yoga then moved to other inspirations Let me guess, he is either a nun or some Muslim women full veil, covering the face But viewers, it is very scary, don’t visit at night and alone Anyway, It is an art… Everything is an art.. You know!! He was the guy who don’t want to meet people… I will add some photos of Ronkonnen I must say, he was in quite good shape…Yoga helped him a lot He was very passionate , has nothing to do spent most of his time here in this tiny garden Let me hug you… Similar to Bilbatori (Childhood Witch Character in Pakistan) Baby Sculptures…. lot of them How it all began might blow your mind He first planted few apple trees in his garden He than liked gardening… afterward turns towards Yoga Probably, most amazing and interesting fact about Ronkonnen He was given “Finland Prize” by Ministry of Education in autumn 2007 He didn’t even went to collect his prize… Amazing…. Moment of reflection: He sent his photographer friend to collect it Veli Grano collect it on his behalf However, if you want to know more about him I wish I can ask him “What is going on Man” You can check out links on his life, work which I posted in Description Some papers written on him, some news publications etc. Do visit park official website to read more I can surely understand what is going on with this guy here Public school teachers in Pakistan use to beat kids like that When you don’t do homework, this treatment is waiting for you I have been there…Trust me.. .It was bad Look, how cruel is he looking with hunter in his hand I am trying to make few Yoga poses… for fun.. Check this… That’s good…. I am learning… ha ha Nah, I am not going to do that… No way But we have some great people around us who can do everything… challenge them I challenge “Muhammad Ahsan”… Whom you will challenge , put his / her name in comments See you later!! ALLAH HAFIZ (Bye Bye)


  • Story Teller

    Hi All, sorry if get little scared after watching it. Actually all sculptures were quite scary. Do you still want to visit??

  • Sheraz Ahmed

    good! wese me soch raha tha ke iss park me hollywood ki barhi kamal horror movie ban sakti he 🙂 What if all these sculptures start moving during dark nights?


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