Parmesan Cheese Sculptures Compilation 🧀

Hi guys I’m Valeriano Fatica Unfortunately, I don’t speak English. So I asked my wife to help me. Hi everyone. I will be your guiding voice through this video I’m sorry for the pronunciation and for the spelling This is the first cheese sculpture valeriano me He made it in 2014 because he was collaborating with this labor project After one year he made elephant during a break at work because he was really bored After almost three months for Easter he decided to carve Jesus Christ He never wanted to sell this capture for one reason he had the video with the exact date He made it so he had the proof that cheese didn’t get more But the end is rendered to the ambassador of the Arab Emirates, thanks Jesus He made this half wheel of cheese in 2016 for a wedding Book Fair Once it came back in the kitchen. He tried to adjust it better than he could In 2018 during an exhibition a child made it fall and destroyed all the external frame Valeria no made the night king sculpture and all the other sculptures. You’ll see next for the game of thrones team event He gave the night king sculpture to the actor Richard break the first one in the role of the king of the White Walkers This is the picture of them together on the actors Instagram account Yeah, I can say this myself yeah, I ron’t row The dragon egg And robot made it half detail the and healthsketch it to show two of the most important working phases The Death Note Defend of 20 century boys He did a contest some time ago one by psycho for Nia He chose this sculpture as a gift. You can find unboxing video. He made of it here on YouTube The three of through detective This is the first scene of the field It represents the negative body of a woman tied to the tree with a pair of horns on her head This video is unusual because he tried to tribute the team using his own image and cheese and mighty Touch the skin my The heart to carve this heart he was the 3d model to make it more realistic he possibly could The badge elite of berserk Dream of Sandman by Neil Gaiman v the main character of V for Vendetta Wait don’t watch the movie read the comic Wilted white without years As part of this culture is that he made it on Saturday morning and he was supposed to marry me few minutes after This is Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula played by Gary Oldman This house will of guarana cheese was made for an event Sorry for the bad quality there was much time to take pictures The mouth of the truth This is the sculpture of Daniel Gindele of finger of pain of salvation one of our favorite bands He made it for the singers at one of the Italian dates Thanks that we were capable to enter the backstage. We met the band and gave Daniel the sculpture It was cool because it was my birthday and they all wish me happy birthday together singing This is the last sculpture he made this year on a half guarana cheese wheel He got inspired from the classic style getting his ideas from various gods Dias yellows in Poseidon He told me to destroy it entirely but I decided to cut off only the hair when he came back He adjusted what it was left from it, but when he showed it to me I told him I had the impression something was missing in the end He cut off also the beard it took him more time to do the barbers scene than the whole sculpture Hi guys, thanks for watching you can buy this t-shirt on my website, which is Books Clothes and the candles I can share the video and Then after the heart the heart the heart the heart hurt So I ask it my wife So I asked it my will ask it my wife, too And so I asked her so I asked it my wife – I asked it. My wife is good

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