Party Style Saree Draping Tutorial with Makeup and Hairstyle Step By Step |Party Style Makeup & Hair

Bollywood Style Tuck one end of the saree in the right side
waist. Bring the saree over the waist a full circle
and tuck the fabric throughout till you reach the right waist. Take the free flowing end and tuck a portion
of it temporarily on the left waist and bring the pallu over towards the front. Make pleats and secure it on the left shoulder. Arrange the pleats on the front and secure
another pin to the upper lining of the blouse. Fix the fabric tightly from the right side
and secure pins along. Now adjust the pleats in the front from the
portion tucked temporary and tuck it mid-waist and secure with pin. Quick Floral Bun Lets do some quick fix braids onto the front
and braid style bun which will take the shape of a floral, lets do it. Take the front section, braid it bobby pin
to hold the braid.Now onto that side, take only the front hair, now lets braid it, bobby
pin to hold the braid. Lets braid the back hair, create three sections,
one two and three, braid it, only one section, can you see the section. Put bobby pins to hold it. The centre section, let the curls be as it
is, no need of coming again, so braid it. hold it. This is our last section. Lets braid it. So now how many braids we have done, two at
the front and three at the back. Hold the braid, make sure we are taking only
the one side and start pulling it, we are only pulling it. Lets roll it and put bobby pins and put the
clips inside, so that the clips will not be seen Once you feel that this is intact and in hold
take another section, and again open onto only onto one side. Then we will join it, join here, put the ends
inside to get the finished look. and again we are repeating the same thing, start opening
up and lets roll these on the top of all these and here its our floral bun. Let this tail go in. Lets work out with the front braids, as this
is onto our right hand side we are opening the front, the right hand side braid and clip
it on to the , tuck these extra hairs in. Same we will do onto the left side. The left side up will open right, tuck this
in. This bun can be accessorized with something like this kind pf studs, this is called as
U pins Lets put it onto the ends of every curl not onto the curl


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