Peaches with grapes on top ✏ color pencil

welcome back to Candy’s Art World I’m
Candy and today I’m going to be doing a platter with peaches and grapes piled on
top I use my Arteza color pencils and Mona Lisa odorless mineral spirits to
blend the color pencil out when you work with color pencil try to
remember to do many light layers instead of a couple of heavy layers it helps you
blend it out and it’ll give you the opportunity to correct anything if you
see there’s any kind of errors be sure to let your paper dry before you
put on another layer after using your odorless mineral spirits and it’ll
protect the tooth of your paper if you wait till it dries I used like a yellow ocher and oranges
for the wall and then I came back in and added some purples and to kind of bring
like a brownish hue back there because yellow and purple are opposites on the
color wheel I did that just to try and add a little
depth to push it push the wall back a little bit I used a yellow and a couple different
shades of green for the green grapes and I tried to make sure to leave white
space for the reflections or they’re like hitting the grapes for the purple grapes I used different
shades of purple and some Reds to try and give it more depth and dimension and I went in with the white color
pencil to try and help preserve the reflective spots before I blended out
the grapes for the peaches I used the peaches and
apricots and then I used some purples for the darker spots on the peaches we used to bring shades of brown for the
stems on the grapes I hope you enjoyed watching please like
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  • 1234uz

    This one made me Hungry had to go get some grapes 😉


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