PEOPLE? SEASHELLS?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Toned Paper and Oil Pencils

Hello friends! Today I have the
October Scrawlrbox, so it’s got some mystery art supplies in it and i’m gonna
open it up, find out what’s inside, and hopefully draw something cool – ♪ Ohh!I
love pastels colors! I love pastel, not the art supply but the colors. so here we have the artist of the
month and this is some of their beautiful art oh we have a little Derwent
pastel sharpener, so it looks like a basic sharpener nothing too fancy about
this it looks like the barrel might be a little bit shorter for doing wider lead –
if that make sense also i see the candy which is menthol
and eucalyptus – what does it look like? oh oh my gosh
that’s massive, I’ve never seen anything like this in the US I’d be interested to try
that – here i see a pencil it is black and white a Staedtler tradition HB – it’s got an eraser
on one end – lead on the other, you know your basic pencil what is this? the koi
coloring brush pen – does it write in white?
I wonder if it like smudges things? I’ll have to read about that
I’m not sure what that does and then finally we have six fine art pencils
we’ve gotten something that looked very similar to this, I think in another
Scrawlrbox and it had several colors in it so let’s see what’s inside here
because nowhere on it does it say what’s inside except that there’s six pencils
so I’m hoping there’s some fun colors maybe some pastel colors – oh yeah I’m
right – looky looky looky – so we have some lightfast Derwent pencils – so have yellow ocher mid ultramarine this one is sandstone champagne and one-no, two more – this is called ‘wheat’ and this last one is midnight black oh and the sticker – there is also a Scrawlrbox sticker.
here we have the menu or the list of art supplies okay yeah it
says this is a blender so I assume you use it to blend these pencils together
that’s gonna be fun I want to I want to experiment this okay oh and then of
course it mentions the paper if you’ve watched on my other subscription art
supplies unboxings I much prefer when they provide paper which Scrawlrbox
almost always does this – [the paper] feels weird can you see the texture? it feels like – almost
feels ‘canvas-y’ oh let’s read about it says it’s a mold-made, wood-free, acid-free, 130 GSM, sheet in two colors – so here we have like a
yellow toned one and then a plain white piece – I think I’ll swatch these quickly
in my sketchbook just to get an idea of the colors – these two colors are very similar
except this one’s like a little perkier and brighter seeing a lot of warm tones
here – I have to blend them together too and see and then we have this one random
blue color – oh this is a gorgeous color scheme *sings* you can get bit of a gradient
there, I should do that with all of them – I really want to test out the koi coloring brush pen see
how well that blends things I’m not seeing a significant change – oh wait I don’t think this paper can really hold up to this I’m not sure what this is
made out of because I use copics on this paper all the time and it’s fine this is
the illo sketchbook and it does not like this koi coloring brush pen, for
your information – so why don’t I just grab just this piece like a corner of the
fancy paper see if I can get it to blend out so let’s grab two different colors
don’t want to take up too much space but I do want to draw on the paper – and
to blend it a bit before going in with the blend – see if we can blend that – okay that’s beading up the paper too – are there instructions? and I doing this right?
“the odorless water-based solvent
facilitates smooth blending and layers of colors, try lightly softening and
blending your pencil colors with this handy pen” – I think that’s what it says to
do unless you’re supposed to like lay it down and then go over it with the pencil? – ehhh, I see a difference, but I’m not sure… if anyone knows how to use this let me know I
don’t I don’t know if I’m doing it right cuz it’s not – it’s just eating the paper – this
is the yellow ocher, try to blend that into sandstone – i’ll try to blend that better –
now that there’s like a thick layer of pencil I’m gonna try this again and I hope
that will protect the paper – do you see a difference? do you see anything happening?
maybe I should watch a tutorial? *laughs see if there’s anything like that – so this video
uses this with watercolor pencils I don’t think these are watercolor pencils
these are oil-based pencils I actually have….*reaches for something* some watercolor pencils right here that was unplanned so why don’t I try this blending brush with these and see what
happens and let me just write this stuff down so I don’t mix it up – moment of truth
let’s see what happens okay see that actually does something I am seeing a
definite difference but I mean they are watercolor pencils so that makes sense
but look at how well you can blend that I’m liking the results on these
watercolor pencils a lot better than with the pencils that Scrawlrbox
provided so I don’t know if there was like a change of plans
halfway through or something I don’t think this is meant to be used with
those but we’re gonna do our best to create something with the supplies
provided so I’m going to put away these watercolor pencils – it says these pencils. they’re
light fastness lasts for up to a hundred years in museum conditions “these smooth
texture of its revolutionary thick core can be sharpened to a strong point for
detailed drawing and give a dense color application which brings vibrancy to
your work they can even be used with the medium giving painterly effect when
dissolved” oh is that what we’re supposed to – I wonder if we’re just supposed to
take this – there’s a little bit of watercolor pencil on the end, let me get
that off – see see how the watercolor pencil has like attached itself to it
and I can use it sort of as a marker I wonder if I can do the same thing let’s
use blue that’s so different than the color
that’s stuck on it right now okay looks clean let me see if I can just do this
to get a painterly effect still more yellow – I’m not seeing a whole lot of
blue, if you draw over the wet space it doesn’t really leave much pigment
whereas if you go on a dry spot it does so I’m kind of confused I think they
just I don’t know? did that they originally mean to provide watercolor pencils
because I’m not seeing a whole lot of results with this which is disappointing –
so if what you draw with these can last for up to a hundred years that means they could
last for just long enough for like a nice prophecy in a fantasy novel right? oh did they give me a prompt? I feel like Scrawlrbox always gives me a prompt maybe I should double-check that – oh here on the back so the Scrawlr-challenge
prompt is “washed ashore” ♪ I kinda want to draw a kid picking up seashells on the shore use all of the orange tones for like the character and the sand and then
there’d be the blue for the ocean ♪ oh here’s an idea, I’d have to look up a
reference of a seashell but for a thumbnail this is probably fine, let’s do a little
color-block down here see if I like this for a color scheme and what I could come up with I really want to use this toned-paper, I think that’ll be more fun – a little
bit more out-of-the-ordinary and I think I’ve got an idea of what I want to draw
so we’re gonna work on that now I thumbnailed a few things and I think I’ve come up with and Idea that I want to go with – something I noticed while
playing with these is that this pencil really smudges when it comes to using
these on top of it so if I use this for sketching I’m gonna have to like fully
erase it before I may be able to put these down
so this might end up being a disaster but I’m gonna give it a shot anyway
because I want to be able to erase my sketch in case there’s things that don’t
look quite right and I need to alter them just go in then shall we ‘uh-huh-ah’
it’s always that first mark is the scariest I want this to be very fluid so I’m gonna
draw my line of action here and have a face looking this way – a seashell – block
out the basic shape of the seashell those major parts and it has the opening
and then it gets a little pointy at the bottom – the eyes would maybe be there
okay following this line of action we can draw the body here – and this -well- let’s
see… do we want to angle this way or this way? let’s try this way it’s a little bit
more – see how the head is turned right so we’re gonna take the shoulders and turn
them left to give it more *gestures swooshiness* more this *gestures again* you know? fluidity, I guess – now I got to be
careful because these art supplies are lightfast up to a hundred years so
this might be my only living art piece in a hundred years so I gotta make this
good see I want her expression to be more like I don’t know enjoying the
experience and right now she looks kind of Angry, maybe if we open her eyes wider maybe
just give her a big smile that that definitely makes it look more inviting
right? hmm know the head looks too small… I’m not in love with the face and the face is a preeeeeeeeetty big deal – any better? I’m gonna keep going till I get one I like
or until I admit defeat whichever comes first *laughs
I wonder if I should try to draw her hair wet? I’ve never drawn wet hair before – maybe itd be like slightly curly right and would be heavier so it’s going to be
flat and squiggly – extra shiny – right? but now we have all this extra space which I
kind of left for hair – so maybe she’s got her hair up in a bun – a soggy bun – I don’t know I’ll
leave it there and I’ll just let it be and see what I think of it in a little
while now I can work on making this hand
bigger – oops *drops pencil* – woah woah woah, that looks like a turd let me try that again – there is a lot of stuff going on here and I can’t really see
what I’m doing I might have to start over – I really want the shell to look good
because it is kind of important I want the hole to open up here though – does that look more right? “more right?” did I just say that? okay… on this hand I want to see more of the
shell and before the hand was covering a little too much, So I’ll open the hand up a bit more ♪ something like that – definitely never
drawn a hand in that position before why don’t we start on the hip since there’s
not much to it – like it’s one flat – one big shape for her legs – start lightly and
see what happens fill out the shape first, very lightly
so I can maybe add some definition and maybe blend the colors – a little hip shine *hehe –
and use champagne – which one is that? oh this one try to blend these together – ♪ interesting, I’ll add another light layer – and fill in some of these sections okay start with that I might want it to go darker but for now we can
leave it like that – I actually really like it with the darker line on the
outside instead of using the black to outline each shape,
just press harder [with the same color]
looks pretty cool alright I’m not entirely sure what color I want the
bathing suit to be, I’m leaning towards blue but I’m gonna leave that
option for last instead I’m going to move on to — let’s just keep doing the skin since
this seems to be working really well blending with champagne – so the color I’m
using is sandstone and then I blend it together with the champagne – it’s crazy
how different the color looks after you go over it with the champagne color –
it like dulls it down a bit and blend that out same process ♪ I just need to put it there so that I
could finish coloring in this skin ♪ there we go *dog sounds in bg* could use hey we could probably use blue for a
little hair band up here – I don’t know if you’ve ever went swimming with a bun in
your hair, but it’s usually a mess – this isn’t a very logical drawing – all right, its time for the seashell I’m leaving the face last cuz I’m so scared
figure out where the sketch was there is this big section here – it opens up to the hole
in the shell- there’s these pointy bits- I don’t know what they’re called? prongs? should be filled in very darkly since there’s no light coming from there
could probably use that same champagne color to blend this too light
let’s try wheat change it up a bit let’s try adding in some black, and try to darken that up – I don’t know if I want it too dark because it’ll distract from everything else – ♪ actually, I want it to be blue-er
– its a little too pale – there you go we’ve got a seashell of some kind – seashells
are so intricate and beautiful they’re very difficult to draw and for a first
attempt I’m gonna take it – this looks pretty good to me
so yeah her ear isn’t directly on the hole but maybe she’s just placing it to
her ear -now its time to draw the polka-dots in ♪ alright, I keep putting off this face – I’m not
quite done with the bathing suit but it’s kind of creeping me out so I need
to finish this ♪ eh…I’m losing something here – it’s
coming to fruition that didn’t help… I made it wose i’ll try and outline it all in black – ehhh ♪ blend that all out ehh, yeah, I do
not like the new face [future me here, honestly, this doesn’t look bad to me anymore. I don’t know what I was thinking. Just wait and see what I do…to “fix” it. oh dear.] that seem a little bit better maybe. well, I can’t go back to the way
it was, so it doesn’t really matter I kind of blew it right at the end, that’s a
bummer – see if I can try and fix this like heading the black, the midnight black, on
top – eh, making it worse aren’t I? oh well and now I got to commit – hey! half of art is
experimenting and finding out what works and what doesn’t and how are you gonna
find out what doesn’t work if you don’t make some mistakes you know? too bad this
is the only piece of art that’s probably gonna last, in a hundred years, I
could just shred it and then I’ll know it won’t last
*grunts* I think my last attempt at using colored pencils turn now a little bit
better than this – I really like this hand I think that turned out really nice – just add a little bit of blue back here –
Oh any time you accidentally grab just a smidge of the black, it just smudges
everywhere I’m so upset about that face there is really nothing I can do to fix that
so I’m just gonna call it – this is why I use regular pencils – well I mean it makes
sense I use pencils a lot I have a lot more experience with pencils so I’d be
able to draw something that resembles more of what I’m intending to draw with
pencil whereas with these big chubby oil
pencils I’ve never used them before so it’s going to be a little bit more
difficult – what I didn’t use was this let me just try to go over some of these
places where it’s not quite blended and see if I can get anything to happen I’m
not seeing anything happening – not see anything happening it’s definitely not solving any of my problems I guess
you’re not a miracle pen? I wonder if I could draw a new face and tape it on
top *lip popping sounds* can I trace it? I don’t have a lightbox or this would be – OHHH! what if
I turn my phone on to a random google search hay!:D I wonder if I can just avoid the pencil hmm here’s my second attempt at the face
I think I’m improving – like I did something completely different but I’d
like to just cut this out and I just glue it the white paper definitely makes it look
completely different but not bad, why does it looks smaller? I just need to sharpen this And I’ll just tape that, right in there ta-da! I fixed it, *laughs the best I could – okay now I’m a
little happier now I can look at it and not cringe at my mistake – there we go
it was the same color paper it worked a little bit better but other than that
hey I’ll take it. works for me – anyway I wanna thank you guys for watching I hope
you enjoyed going through this October Scrawlrbox with me, I had a lot of fun
I don’t – I’m kind of disappointed this didn’t really do anything but I’m
excited to try this with my watercolor pencils in the future I want to thank
Scrawlrbox for sending me this box for free to try and share with you if you’re
interested in getting your own Scrawlbox subscription I’ll have a link in the
description along with all of the supplies listed – I want thank you guys for
watching I’ll see you guys all next week ♪ and I hope you have a delicious evening
full of WAFFLES! ♪ ♪ BYE! ♪ ♪


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