Pepper Spray vs. Mace – Important Differences

So you’re probably wondering, is there really
a difference between pepper spray…and mace? Couple differences actually. For one thing,
mace is actually, just like TASER, a brand name. Doesn’t refer to actual product. Mace
International, Taser International. Stun gun vs. pepper spray. Not exactly the same thing.
For pepper spray in particular, it’s an inflammatory agent. Which means that it, when it hits the
skin it swells up the mucous membranes. There are a variety of effects that occur when this
happens. For one, your breathing is completely restricted. It feels like you can’t breathe
at all. It restricts your breathing up to life support breathing. It makes you cough,
choke. It slams your eyes shut, because it dilates the pupils. And this can last up to
15 minutes or so. It gives you temporary blindness. The effects of OC, or oleoresin capsicum spray,
pepper spray, typically last between 30 to 45 minutes. The thing is with Mace, which
is commonly known as tear gas or CS, which is a man-made chemical (it’s what the military
uses to train their members)…the thing is with this, the problem is that it’s an irritant,
which means it relies on pain primarily. The effects typically take between 5 to 30 seconds
to kick in and…basically the biggest problem is that if you’re dealing with an assailant
5 to 30 seconds is a really long time to wait. Not only that, but because of the fact that
it’s an irritant you can actually build up a resistance to it. Which makes it very ineffective
towards people who are, you know, on drugs, intoxicated, under the influence, that sort
of thing. We primarily…we highly recommend going pure OC versus, you know, OC/tear or
CS spray. It’s just a lot more effective. It’s immediate, it kicks in. ANd it’s really,
you know, really, really effective. It’s uh, I don’t know what the percentage rate is on
it or anything but, it’s a lot more effective than what you’ll get in mace. But those are
the two primary differences. It’s uh, you know mace is like a euphemism for pepper spray
for the most part. Just like kleenex is for tissues and jello for gelatin, that sort of
thing. But those are pretty much the differences. Thanks for watching this video. Check us out
for more videos. We’ll be releasing them.


  • Elite GamingWolf

    is sabre 3 in 1 useful?

  • Stefano Sabido

    Thanks informational, but it is painful listening to this.

  • TheSaidame

    OC5000 is a good pepper spray mark ? or RSG police ? can t see any reviews online ..

  • Julius Eskola

    Mace contains cn tear gas which is more powerful than CS, perhaps not as powerful as OC. The mace triple action spray contains both OC and CN. Mace International doesn't even sell products which would contain CN only. The mace Muzzle product is actually pure OC, if I remember right…


    He has a point

  • MrShoeguy

    All of the information in this video could have been said in 10 seconds.

  • Andrew Anderson

    lol…gangs in my city use bear spray a.k.a mace. only the higher-ups might have guns…lmfao

  • Harold Smith

    What a crock. CS is way worse than pepper spray, but Im not a druggie.

  • Ben White

    And then thier CR Gas which if I'm not mistaken has all the advantages of CS but is just as effective as OC.

  • beaneriser

    The mace gun in the picture uses oc cartridges

  • James Merchant

    Somebody sprayed mace at my local On The Border, it sucks

  • IT'SME

    "Pure O.C." @ 02:20? Which one?

  • Max Tomlinson

    Thanks – very informative. I have a question: does Mace OC/pepper spray make the victim feel nauseous? Will they want to vomit? thanks again.

  • edogriff

    Chemical mace was actually CN gas.

  • Ja Roza

    good thing I started mace and it is all over my house hopefully it goes away soon

  • negima50001

    So the best choice is mace? Or better yet, Rhino or elephant mace?

  • captain pinky

    whats the range of mace??

  • Me Myself

    I do not understand? You are saying that buying, say a 10% OC only spray is more effective than buying a spray that also contains 10% OC but has tear gas as an extra ingredient as well? You get the same immediate effects of OC, but also get the delayed effects of tear gas as well… plus if you dont manage to get the spray in the attackers eye/nose/mouth region, tear gas will still affect the attacker if it hits the neck/chest area because of the irritating fumes. Please explain if I am wrong to think this. I am trying to find the most effective spray possible and have been leaning towards the sabre or mace brand OC/Tear/UV combo sprays?

  • Astro Apollo

    so what hurts more? I got pepper sprayed and it was the most pain I've ever felt. It was like Sabre brand of something. A yellow liquid.

  • Adrian J Nyaoi

    The problem with OC spray is that it is not very effective with people like you; people wearing glass. Unless the attackers mouth is open there is little chance that it can have effect via the mouth.

  • Jim C

    "It slams your eyes shut because it dilates the pupils"…..really guys??? Lol

  • Project: DG

    Why not both? *mexican music plays

  • firecloud77

    Why don't they make a spray that has BOTH mace and pepper?

  • Country_Boy_Koda

    I would get tased every mourning before I ever get Pepper sprayed again. Fuck that lol

  • TheLaLa

    is mace/tear gas flammable? ive learned that pepper spray is bad to use after tazering someone, because it could light them on fire. would mace be a good alternative for that issue

  • MaddMax 559

    15 minutes??? It lasted 45 minutes when I got sprayed :/

  • Doreen Forauer

    very good to know the difference…pepper spray is what I would want to get….

  • romper stomper

    whats the best for Deterring rape?

  • Paul Bortolazzo

    Zoracki blank revolvers can shoot mace, tear gas or pepper spray. Either
    one will disable an attacker. This is for those who dont want to kill
    someone with real bullets.

  • William Pratt

    I asked my friend who is a state trooper to pepper spray me and well it had no effect on me so he asked if he can use the mace and my dumb self said yes and the mace dropped me in 2sc and it lasted about two hours and after that it still burned but I could open my eyes. I did this bc I wanted to become a state trooper.

  • SgtBooker44

    A few years ago I was a jail custody supervisor. We switched from tear gas (CN and CS) to pepper spray (OC) due to clean up requirements. Tear gas clean up is regulated by EPA and required some special clean up and documentation. Pepper Spray clean up is regulated by FDA. Vent the space, clean up with soap and water and no special paperwork. At least that was the case in 2000.

  • John Doe

    Another thing to consider is the legal ramifications- O.C. is legal in most states with variations on restrictions of strength/volume. In some states CN or CS (Tear gas) is outright illegal to posses, period.

  • dtester

    I don't think civilians can even get the tear gas version anymore….at least where I live.

  • Freak Of Nature

    good to know

  • Emad Sy

    blah blah blah

  • Jason

    You need to teach people the difference between generic chemical mace and brand name Mace. Your video is somewhat confusing, which led to my comments below…

    While it is true that Mace started out with a formula containing CN gas, there are no longer (and have not been for several years) any Mace products using only CN (tear gas). All Mace products now use OC (pepper spray) – with a couple using both OC and CS (a newer type of CN).

    I've used Mace Brand Pepper Gel (a type of Pepper Spray that shoots out a sticky gel instead of an aerosol) for years – the type I use is 10% Oleoresin Capsicum (1.4% Capsaicinoids).

    I'm not sure if you're simply ignorant or if you're being intentionally deceptive to sell a product – either way I am obligated to both thumb down and report this video as you are providing incorrect information on a life-or-death subject.

  • hehe im trASh

    i'm sorry i'm here to be educated and stuff but like, can we just count how many times this guy said "uhh"

  • Oden Son

    Maybe important to not that Tazer doesn't make "stun guns". They make flying prongs that electrocute the target. That's basic so how can you consider yourself worth listening to?

  • cfroi08

    Or just get a gun. Can't get a gun? Well you probably live in a State with so much crime you could easily get away with having one.

  • Jelte Goemans

    I've been pepper sprayed twice within 20 minutes once, it was a horrible experience but it didn't cause me breathing problems

  • Pete F

    What is the best protection from a mugger who is armed with bear spray ? where I live that seems to be the weapon of choice and there has been a rise of violent crimes in the area where people have been maced with bear spray

  • Aren Sereathy

    pepper sprayed or tazed……. tazed a million times tazed
    least it ends after they stop pepper spray your on a ride untill your body clears it taking anywhere from 30 min or multiple hours only thing you can do if you can manage it is flushing your eyes (BTW that can be torture in itself)

  • Scott Mitchell

    Arm yourself with a gun first, and mace as a back up. Just sayin.

  • Me Me

    I use fox brand it is unbelievable in stopping people


    Pepper spray is NOT immediately effective. If you use please step of the line of attack and continue to to keep distance until the spray kicks in. This will only be a few seconds but, in an attack, seconds count.

  • Gen Speaking

    5 to 30 seconds…bullshit. "resistance"  I used to run the CS chamber in the ARMY, and I can personally tell you that it hits you immediately, and it does not get easier.

  • Trinity Renée Roberts

    Imagine getting pepper sprayed when you have athsma . I would be dead

  • Perco Cets

    I dont get your analogy, two brands of tissue more or less do the same exact thing and you just explained how pepper spray makes it hard to breathe and is stronger and different then mace.

  • New IF Player

    i though its a MACE from battlefield 1. the stick with a lot of spike at the end, you know that right.

  • Rich Burns

    Like if my two year old tried to explain how my car battery works.

  • Kevin Smith

    i got bear sprayed felt like someone poured gasoline on my face and lit it

  • Johnnyrising

    Great vid bro. Thanks☺

  • King Peter

    Could the camera be zoomed a bit more

  • Rich DiBiase

    Seems like you could've done some more research.


    Fox Labs 5.3 vs tear gas. What is worse? I'm going into the military in a few years and I've already been hit with 5.3 and that wasn't fun but I was still had a bit of resistance to it

  • Jiclf Sun

    Its unfortunate that people are taking this video as fact. Now they will steer clear of mace brand products because of this misinformation. 90 percent of Maces products are pepper sprays, so unless it says CS gas or Tear gas, you are buying pepper spray, regardless of the mace brandm

  • marco74 austin

    Try it on urself sissy! !!

  • James M

    Just use the saber advanced 3 in 1. CS + OC + UV dye. When you add CS and OC together… so much worse than either one by itself. Seriously I gave a small bottle to a stripper friend of mine. She hit a dude in the center of his chest with a very small squirt. He ran 10 feet, balled up into a fetal position and started puking.

  • Rob K

    How do the police or military know that the person doesn't have severe asthma and the pepper spray won't trigger an asthma attack and cause them to die..? Anti-asthma medications won't work on a patient after they are sprayed.. Have there been any deaths..?

  • Joshua Rathbun

    pepper spray VS bullets would be a nice comparison

  • Nick D'Angelo

    5-30 seconds? bull shit!

  • vTatts

    you can become immune to all that shit

  • Jerry Leal

    Is either type (effective) if not hitting the ocular ??????

  • Zoë Lkjsdhf

    These days Mace is a brand of pepper spray not CS or CN gas. This is a common misconception and lie that still perpetrated to this day unfortunately people are not educated.

  • Bob Tyor

    I don't rember the name brand. But my old dep. Issued oc/cn/cs mix back in the early 90 's


    Check out for new videos, we will be releasing them is the best outro I ever heard

  • J G

    Yeah we didn’t get spray with mace we got sprayed with OC spray in the military and that was awhile ago. Not sure what they do now

  • WarrantDivision

    My department uses Freeze +P OC spray which is brutal. It stayed with me for 24 hours when I went through training in the academy. SUCKED!!! I carry it everyday. I like SABRE RED gel also.

  • Black Templar

    I always wear a gas mask when i go and troll Antifa rallys. And i get maced and pepper sprayed at least twice and i love faking pain then going nah dont feel it.

  • Derek Heuring

    Corrections: pepper spray is a lachrymatory agent which has an inflammatory effect on the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. It sure as heck didn't take 5 to 30 seconds for the effects of the CS gas to hit us during basic training, it was more like 2 to 3 seconds.

  • Group Earning

    i slept…bah bah bah bah…

  • Leon Ng

    Thanks for the good info

  • Honza Kral

    what is mace ??????????????????????,

  • baxpiz

    watch at 2x speed. you're welcome.

  • WestCoastCamaroZ28

    IMPORTANT: You're indicating using PEPER SPRAY on humans for protection. You should be indicating this is ILLEGAL IN CANADA…

  • Imran Ullah Khan

    I need a personal protection device primarily against rabid aggressive dogs in dark lanes and probably against some dangerous human agents too. My options are pepper spray, mace spray and the ultrasonic dog repellant, what's best?

  • thoyo

    I always thought Mace was stronger because of that Steven Segal movie ?

  • Jefe s

    dumbfuck when people say pepper spray vs mace they mean pepper spray vs BEAR mace. not mace brand pepper spray smh

  • Michael DeSanta

    (Spelling Bee Judge) Your word is: Orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile.
    (Contestant) Definition please?
    (Spelling Bee Judge) A tear gas agent adopted by the United States Army in 1959 for combat training and riot control purposes.
    (Contestant) Can you use it in a sentence please?
    (Spelling Bee Judge) When ANTIFA protesters are exposed to orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile they cry like Nancy Kerrigan.

  • James Murphy

    Positive: I loved your articulate video and transcription summary but negatively, I hated your usage of the logical fallacy of "natural = safe" when you said: "And whereas tear gas is considered a carcinogenic substance, pepper spray is natural and safe. "

    Very hard to keep respect for your integrity and sincerity here. Just because it's natural, doesn't mean it's safe. Cancer and King Cobras are two examples of dangerous manifestations of nature.

  • michael rogers


  • Kodi Buchanan

    In Scotland our police officers don't use pepper spray as its illegal, they use CS spray.

    Fun story my dad (a policeman) had a friend ( also a policeman) who CS'd himself because he held it backwards ???

  • Hecket

    One should also realize that mace works on EVERYONE, while a pepper based spray only works on about 90% of people and a few people will be completely unaffected by it other then maybe a runny nose.

  • Jay Kune

    That pepper spray doesn't work to Latinos, especially Mexicans. I bet they will ask for nachos for that shit.

  • Waffle Jester

    Very professional.


    9×19 parabellum is winner

  • NomadicSheep50

    What about Bear Spray


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