Phoenix Rising : Fire Sculpture (HD)

the project is called phoenix
rising and its a fire sculpture pyrotechnical fire sculpture one in a long series of things I’ve done over the years and the sixth one I’ve done in Herne Bay we have three of them and were building
mainframes and working on the biggest one to start with because they go up to in size from about 1/2 meters on up to about four and a half this is my main frames the central frame
of the biggest object so everything really revolves around that and I’m working out the form and the structure just up against the wall so I think its a unique experience, its
unique, well it’s not unique to Herne Bay they’ve had a lot here and its become a tradition to some extent there quite a bit of stress that leads up to the event you know to make everything’s in place and everything works well mmm but its fun well and people love what you do its brilliant isn’t it
I enjoy that who wouldn’t the event is on the 23rd so we must be
ready in 22nd so our pyrotechnician can come in all day on the 23rd to load the work and we’ve been going not even a week yet and things are going well so were on schedule at the moment once we’ve got some bass to the basses of all three sculptures and then were take it to the beach the first few days or on the beach involve
largely creating strong structures so the tail feavers dig into the ground and and the two legs dig into the ground
and that forms the basic structure and more recently and the wings go on last partly because we’ve had high winds and we’re hoping were not to have anymore mmm but were going to take a chance i think and put some wings on today its two-and-a-half days to go yes it begins to get exciting and begins to see how the
overall things going to look I was about the gaps being too big
between the sculptures but now when the wings go on that doesn’t appear so i think its going to be absoultly fine for saturday what i now need to and I haven’t thought about that much is how the structure themselves will burn
we want to get flames going up the wings it means were are we going to create little fires that can be triggered by the pyrotechnics themselves and so really just were starting to the detail and how exactly how we can get all best possible effects

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