hello everyone I am Sandra and I welcome you again in my channel Sandra’s secret where we talk about fashion beauty and lifestyle and I’ll show you exactly what I do so I can always look good in my photos and in my videos this time I’m gonna show you how to make the best makeup for your photography today I’m gonna go out with my husband after this video to make a photo session so I will show you how to take the best photos for your social media accounts I’ve showed you before how I do my contouring only with the powder contour but today I’m gonna show you how I do it with the cream contour of course without any hesitation let’s begin with this look [Music] I’m gonna show you today what I use and the first thing in the morning after I wash my face it’s this L’Oreal skin expert and it’s Hydra genius over there I will water from any market I got it for 10 euros and it’s really good I love it you see I’ve used half of it until now and I just use it in the morning and before I sleep after I get my makeup the red around my eyes I will edit those steps very quickly now because I have already made two videos that I explained very clearly what I’m gonna do with my skin and how I apply my foundation and my concealer if you want to watch it you can see the other two videos that I made on my channel I’m gonna do it now so quick so I can show you how to do the contouring with the cream sticks and now to the control what I have the k’kaw contour and highlight it’s not expensive as well this is the highlight this one is not and the other one is a little shimmery you have two sides of each one and the other one is the contour and you see I’ve used it many times so it’s almost done actually that’s the disadvantage that the KK w’s product all have it turns out so quickly this is the second one so let’s start with contouring the face [Music] don’t worry it’s gonna all be blended later and here you don’t want your small bear to come in there you know but that’s what’s happening tonight as you see I have done all around my case here the cheek mine if you want you can make it a little bit longer enjoy line and now I’m gonna contour my nose and then we can blend it contouring the nose a student you have to make a line from your eyebrow I gotta get to the end I’m a kiss here I feel it gives the nose much more natural shape [Music] you see it’s almost gone I just used it like maybe three or four times and that’s it and now the k’kaw brush to blend the contour it comes with the kit if you want to buy the kit so to blend the contour leave a brush that’s a little bit thick you see or a Spanish or anything or even with your fingers and you just have to press it in its place don’t go in circle movements and do things crazy things don’t move the product from the place that you have placed it at it’s always better to brush it towards your hair when it’s when it’s close to the hair so it doesn’t leave a line of lighter skin in here and you just keep this tapping movement pressing the product into the skin until we finish all of the face so I’m going to fast forward this now so now look at the difference here we just blend it all so you have this snatch if you want to snatch your make to make it a little bit more defined you see you there are two lines that go down you just do here one not so much just a little hint of the darker shade so that’s my contouring and now we’re gonna do some highlighting well the highlighting is the opposite of the contouring as you know from the title contouring and highlighting our total opposite situations contouring is when you want to create shadows and highlight is when you want to eliminate and make it pop so I’m gonna take this from k’kaw the highlighter with the bitch shimmer and I’m gonna apply a little bit here and little in the middle not all here with the matte side of it I’m gonna do here you see where you started your contour we’re gonna do a line right underneath it you see I did this so you can see where your contour is set and go underneath it just do this I have this another brush from k’kaw it has a sponge it’s the baking conceal get brush but I use this sponge to do my control now so you just set it in the same place as we said before also it helps if your sponge was a bit wet it helps to blend better [Music] I’m going to limp the side without the shimmer first and then I’m gonna blend the she reports [Music] well now we’re gonna do this so yeah that’s my contouring process I’m done now we’re gonna have to do some powder set it up and I’m gonna use as usual the baking juice powder from k’kaw and then I’m gonna set my face with Rihanna’s fancy Beauty so today we’re gonna go out for a photo session and this is how I do my makeup usually when I have a photo session this contouring with the cream helps very much to make you look perfect in the pictures but I don’t really prefer to do it in my day to day life as you know [Music] [Music] we did it we will fix the eyebrows with the gel to clean the lines if you want to clean the lines you just use a little bit of the concealer on the top of a small brush today for the eyeshadow I’m gonna use the k’kaw and Mario collaboration eyeshadow palette I’m gonna use brownish bronzy colors because I don’t want much colors on my eyes how many times I said covers ok let’s start as usual with the fluffy brush I start with the transitional color I’m gonna take this one [Music] and with a smaller brush now I’m going to take this brown color here and I’m gonna create the crease or emphasize the crease [Music] with the same brush I have another side that is more sharp so I’m going to do with the same brown dark color I’m gonna do some shade right next to my eyelashes [Music] now I’m thinking of using this brown shimmery color here on the on my eyelids [Music] okay I think this is a bit dark so I’m gonna take I’m gonna add a brighter color with a smaller brush like I’m gonna use this golden and some golden here in the front and over it now I like this better which color do you like better the bronze or the golden I’m gonna take this color or with this color these two shimmery colors to put underneath my eyebrow that’s gorgeous I think I’m gonna use this as a highlighter as well now okay now I’m gonna apply my eyeliner and then my magnetic fake lashes if you want to see my how to apply my magnetic fake lashes please hit the video that I’m gonna link down below I did like in my second video and you can see all the process there but now to make it a little bit more quick I’m gonna do it without talking [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now we do the powder bronzer on Mac blush as I told you I’m gonna use this color as a highlighter from the same eyeshadow palette KKW my new collaboration [Music] so hi guys so my contour is breaking smelting as you noticed I colored most of my lips with the contour that is like the color of nude I’m gonna use just some beige color in the middle of my lips because I wanted to look more nude and natural and if you want some pink is some lip gloss this is from Sephora so this is my final look I hope you like it [Music] okay I’m going out now to do a photo session with my husband so I can film for you how to take the best photos for yourself so you can appear good on yourself social media accounts and I will see you in the next video if you like my content please leave me a like and hit the subscribe [Music] [Music]

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