Photoshop CS6 Breast Enhancement

Hey guys Photoshop Pro Help here and today I’m going to be showing you how to digitally enhance the breast area now first things first is we want to start off with our image in photoshop now I have gone for a high quietly, high res image now it should work just as well for a low res image but as I say the higher the image is the better the results so all we are going to do from here is duplicate our image once we have it in photoshop so press CRTL + J on your keyboard or CMD + J if you have a mac now what this does is it duplicates the image and then if we do make a mistake then we
can just jump back to the original so once we have duplicated it all we are going to do is go up to FILTER and then LIQUIFY now from here we want to go to the BLOAT TOOL which is on the left hand side, the little circle with the arrows pointing outwards and click that and the brush size is really up to you every image is going to be totally different depending on how big you image is, now this is a pretty big image so I will need a pretty big brush so I am going to go for about 250 for this so he wants like around about their we
just want something just covering one of the breasts and then we just want to go
and click very gently just over them like so we don’t want to do this to much because we don’t want them to look fake so just go very very gently and I would say if you are going to work on one of them then you will need to count how many clicks you are doing so you can do that same number to the other one otherwise they will look a little lop sided and bigger and smaller, so we want to get them just even so around about there and all we are going to do from here once we have done that is going to lower the brush now and we just need something that fits inside because what we are going to do is we are going to fill them out now, so something around about there, 150 and then we are just going to gently click and just bring them out a little bit like that so a little bit more, there we go now don’t forget that if you do make a mistake then you can go back by holding down CTRL + ALT + Z just got back a few steps and then just
go back over it now once you have got something like this you can go a lot bigger but as I said they will look fake so just very gently go over it, take a lot more time over it than what I’m going to do and then we are going to click ok now what you can do before you go and click ok now you can go over to the forward warp tool and push them up but it is really up to you what you do want to do with them now we’re not going to do that to this image
because they don’t actually need doing so we are going to click ok then from here all we are going to do is go and burn them and make the shadows to define them so all we are going to do is go over to the burn tool on the left hand side it might be underneath the dodge tool so click and hold and then go to the burn tool we want a soft brush for this and we want the range to be in the MIDTONES and we want the exposure to be 20% and if you do have this feature, not all photoshops has these features we are going to click protect tones and we want to make sure that is clicked off if you don’t have that then don’t worry
about it because you don’t really need to click it and then we are just going to go and zoom inn and we are going to go for a smaller brush than this so lets just lower it, there we go and then all we are going to do is very gently just burn just around, just curve like that and then we’re just going to go bring up our brush and just burn just over them and as you can see it defines them a lot
more, now don’t go to far with this burn tool because if you do it will look like bruising on there and you don’t want to do that so if you have already done that then you can go back by pressing CTRL + ALT + Z on your keyboard so all I’m going to do from here is show you what the effects do look like, so before and after as I said I haven’t done it to much because otherwise it will look fake, now you can go for this so this is a lot bigger here and as you can see it works just as well now i will say that when you do use the lifuify tool to do this technique if i zoom in here it has pushed the arm out just a little bit just around the edge now if it has done that on your image don’t
worry about that you can go and use the history brush tool and just paint that back in but that is for a total different tutorial go check that out and learn about the history brush if you do need to but apart from that that’s pretty much you can use a lot more different
techniques for this but this is the most common and the most
easy way of doing things and from here go and have fun just see what you can create and please comment, rate and subscribe and i’ll see you next time guys bye for now

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