Photoshop Tutorial: How to Transform Yourself into a Marble, Sculpture Bust!

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.
I’m going to show you how create classical, marble busts from photos. The photos can be black and white, continuous tone or color. I provided these images for you to
download, so you can follow along. Their links are located in the video description or project files. I’ll use this one for this video. Open a photo of someone who’s facing you and is lit from the front. It’s important that the lighting be even throughout the face. I downloaded this one
from To get your photo into the sculpture document, press “V” to open
your Move Tool and drag it onto the tab of the sculpture document. Without releasing
your mouse or pen, drag it down onto the image and then, release. Before we resize it, reduce
its opacity to approximately 40%,so we can see through it. Open your Transform Tool by
pressing Ctrl + T on Windows or Cmd + T on a Mac. If you can’t see the Transform’s entire
bounding box, press Ctrl or Cmd + 0. Go to a corner and when you see a diagonal, double-arrow, press and hold Alt + Shift on Windows or Option + Shift on a Mac as you drag it in or out
until the size of your subject’s head is approximately the same size as the head on the sculpture.
If you want to tilt the photo, go to corner and when you see a curved, double-arrow, rotate the Transform. Continue to size and position it until the eyes, nose and mouth are in correct proportions to the
sculpture’s face. Then, press Enter or Return. Now, we can bring the Opacity back to 100%. Make a copy of your photo by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + J. Remove all its color by pressing
Ctrl or Cmd + Shift + U. Click off the eyeball next to the color photo to hide the layer. Now, the only visible layers are the black and white photo and the sculpture. Click the
Layer mask icon to make a layer mask next to the active layer and then invert it by
pressing Ctrl or Cmd + I. Think of a layer mask as a stencil. Whatever is black in the
layer mask will hide the photo and whatever is white will reveal areas of the photo. We
need to make the foreground color white. If your foreground and background colors aren’t
black and white respectively, press “D” on your keyboard. Invert them, by pressing “X”
or click this icon. Now, white is the foreground color. Open your Brush Tool, make the size approximately 40 pixels, make the Hardness: 0% and increase the Opacity to 100%. Press
the F5 key at the top of your keyboard to open your Brush panel. Make sure the only
setting that’s checked is “Smoothing”. Press F5 again to close the panel. Press “z” to open your Zoom Tool and drag a rectangle over the head. Press “B” to open
your Brush Tool and brush over the face to reveal your subject. Remember, since the Layer
Mask is active, you’re actually brushing white over the layer mask, which in turn, is revealing
areas of the black and white photo. beneath To mask out areas of your subject, we need to brush black over the layer mask. To do this, invert your foreground and background colors by pressing “x” on your keyboard. Now, brush over areas you want to
mask out. To make your brush larger or smaller, press the right or left bracket keys. To reposition the image on your screen, press and hold the Space bar as you drag the image. Continue to carefully brush white or black over areas to reveal or mask the face on the sculpture base. Next, we’ll remove the irises from the eyes. Click the photo to make it active, open
your Zoom Tool and zoom into the eyes. Press “I” to open your Eyedropper Tool Click outside the iris to pick up the color, make your brush smaller and carefully brush over the inside of the eyes. Open your Blur Tool, make its Strength: 100% and brush over the eyelids to soften them a little. Open your Smudge Tool, make its Strength: 100% and smudge areas of similar tones to blend them into each other. Smudging your image gives it a smooth, almost plastic look. To zoom out, press Ctrl or Cmd and the minus key on your keyboard a few times. Make sure your brushstrokes follow the same directions as the wrinkles and contours of the features. It’s also important not to brush over distinct areas of contrast like the nostrils and between the lips. To smudge smaller areas, educe the size of your Smudge Tool. Continue to finesse the face until it’s smooth and there are no skin pores. I’d like to brighten the areas where the irises were, so I’ll open my Dodge Tool, click this icon to revert the colors to black
and white and then, click this icon to invert them. Make your brush size fit the area you’d like to brighten. Reduce the Exposure to approximately 20% and choose the Range that approximates
the tonal values of the areas you want to brighten. I’ll choose “Midtones”, because
the area isn’t too dark, nor light. Now, gently brush over the inside of the eyes. If you want to blend them in more, use your Smudge Tool. Remember, if areas of the face are too
too dark or too light, use your Dodge or Burn Tools to brighten or darken them. Make sure
you’re using white for the Dodge Tool and black for the Burn Tool and that your choosing
the appropriate Range for the tones you’re brightening or darkening. Also, reduce the
Exposure way down. Press Ctrl or Cmd + 0 to fit the document back onto your screen. Next,
we’ll add a reflective sheen to the marble. First, make a composite snapshot of your image
by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E on Windows or Cmd + Shift + Option + E on a Mac. Click the Channels tab. If you don’t see it, go Window and Channels. I included an Alpha channel
of the sculpture’s silhouette. Ctrl-click or Cmd-click on its thumbnail to make a selection
of its shape. Click back on the Layers panel and press Ctrl or Cmd + J to cut the sculpture
from its background and copy it to its own layer. Make a new layer below the active
layer by Ctrl-clicking or Cmd-clicking on the New Layer icon. We’ll fill the empty layer
with black. If your background color is black, press Ctrl or Cmd + Delete. Click the thumbnail
of the cutout sculpture to make it active and go to Filter and Filter Gallery. Open
the Artistic folder and click Plastic Wrap. I’m using these settings, but feel free to
play with them to get just the amount of detail and sheen that you like on your marble. Then,
click OK. If you want to make the neck a bit thinner, make another composite snapshot, make black your foreground color and zoom into the neck. Open your Brush Tool, reduce its size and brush over the outside areas of the neck. To fit it back onto your canvas,
press Ctrl or Cmd + 0. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. Thanks for watching!


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