Pin Up Old Hollywood full face Makeup Tutorial with tricks and tips

hey guys how are you fancy saw me turning on the camera so she jumped
into my lap to say hi to you too today we’re going to do a pin-up old Hollywood type of makeup old tricks but never getting old style ,still one of my
favorite looks, so we’re going to start with priming our trace with Porefesional face primer from Benefit Cosmetics best way to apply your primer is to tap
it on your face but I don’t always follow the rules bad bad me but keep in mind best way
to do it is just tapping on your face and for foundation I’m using the
Loreal 24 hours Colorstay foundation number 105 in the
shade buff, I like this foundation because it has creamy texture and pretty much
full coverage which is a huge plus for me because my face gets really read
during the day, going to use my damp beauty blender and blend it all out to
give the skin that flawless airbrush look To hide my under eyes circles I will be using Visible Lift concealer from Loreal nr 301 in shade fair as you might have notices those bad boys are showing out really bad today… get your blender and blend it all out to
make sure everything is smooth and flawless and I’m going to set my
concealer and foundation with cover girl loose powder in shade fair and
number 105 at this time I decided to try a drugstore powder and I’m not sure how
I feel about it, one thing is for sure it does not smell very good so I guess
you get what you paid for after all And For the Brows I am using today the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder ECP05 Brunette Than I am going to use the creamy Kryolan Supra color, I use it to shape my brows and as a base to where I am going to apply the eyeshadows as well… transition color today is Spun Silk nr 4R19 , it’s a pale peachy kind of color it’s a shimmery
eyeshadow but not too shimmery a reason why I like it too today all my eye shadows are going to be
from Mary Kay you ask why well because I have a whole bunch of them and I gotta
check them out and the transition color goes all over My crease I apply it in
windshield type of motions you can do it in circular motions as well it doesn’t
really have to be perfect at this point to get a small pointed brush with a
darker color and I’m going to start with hazelnut for Mary Kay then add espresso
this way we re trying to give my eyes a deeper shape almost like cut crease but not completely and I am working it all up halfway to where my eyebrows begin
trying to work it in some small strokes with minimum product on your brush ro
avoid overdoing it if it happened and you feel like it if too much you always
can go back with a clean fluffy brush and blended all out when using cream here I primer and you
don’t apply our shadows right away it tends to crease but don’t panic that is
not an issue at all just get a flat for us and blend it all out or use your
fingers for that in this case I wanted to kind of make the line between the
crease and I little bit sharper and the flood brush actually help me out with
cheering there for the eyelid I’m using the color sweet green it’s a mad I
shadow in a very light creamy ivory kind of shady I’m not been a bright white
eyeshadow so this actually worked perfectly in a player on the outer corner of your
eye in the direction you like you’re willing to go and then just proceed to
hear I later into them using the wet and wild nigga liner in black and I’m very
happy with it I’m just being honored for those of you who your eyes are tearing a
lot I would not recommend this eyeliner exotic as they pass by to make a pile in
the drugstore just cut my i wasnt sales are decided to get a charger I don’t
have a liquid eyeliner at all been using gels forever so did you try but I am NOT
happy with it at all my personal for me go ahead and remove and there’s your
perfect line out of them into do that when you don’t have to powder foundation
on your skin for the tape to stick better but it worked for me today anyway
under my eyes I’m using a black eye shadow this one is from Maracay the
shade is kool flying out across the ice to connect my under eye with the wing
and stretch it all to the center of my under eye area with shorts then i’m taking a small pointing brush
and blend it out with a lighter brown color and shape espresso from Mary Kay
and this case to give it more of a smoky soft but yet still dramatic I try not to
drag it into inner corner of the eye though he opened my eyes even more I’m
going to use freon super color Greece Spain and white and I’m going to line my
waterline with it in order free to stay on longer I’ll top it off with Lancome
pink pearl it’s almost white shade with a little pink reflection it was a dreary
then the sweet cream from Mary Kay order to use that one instead for a brighter
fact a bed of mascara and we’re almost done I
use power volume 24 hours from Lauriol today apply it on the upper and lower lashes
before you bring the fake lashes on my fault he said they are from our Dell
double up there kind of heavy but so beautiful to glue them on I use Ardell
lash grip I leave the glue to dry for 30 seconds and once applied to ashes and
use my tweezers to put the lashes and places angled brush up lying on my cheek on my forehead the colors are acquired
pigmented so fun to start with small amount of product on your brushes and
build it all till you’re happy and I’m drawing a line on the fight for my nose
that will help make it look thinner and then little bit under to give your nose
blended all out and here and there is no need for plastic surgery just kidding
but there and the blush I’m going to use this kind of reddish color from the same
power of course down to my favorite part highlighting today I’m using kill a
kitten all over shimmer for extra 20 and 30 mil down just raise further hot red
lips and for that I’m using could they still a long wear lip liner I also like
to use it as my base that will make me laugh sixty longer for sure for the
lipsticks today and I’m using two lipsticks one is wet and wild and
the other one is alive and rock’n’roll read I went ahead and curled my hair
changed my shirt adding some jewellery and we’re ready to rock and roll hope
you enjoyed this video if you liked it give us thumbs up coming down below if
you have any ideas or desires for the next few years remember to subscribe and
thank you for watching love you

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