Pink Mermaid 🌸Painting with Watercolor and Colored Pencils

hi friends welcome to a mermaid
speedpaint video I did the sketch long time ago in may I sink for a mermaid event but I am coloring it only now and really feel so tired of this black outlines so
for this piece I have used a violet color and I really liked how it came out
by the way it is a waterproof inks from Koh-i-noor and I did a review video not
long time ago so you can check it out if you want and as always you can find all
information about art supplies that I’ve used for this painting in the
description box below I was trying to make this mermaid look so tender and I
wanted to use a lot of pinks and make a really dark background with a lot of
seaweed and I had a lot of fun with this piece and I hope you will like my
mermaid too and I really want to do more watercolors would you like to see more
watercolors or you wanna marker art? and for now please enjoy watching see
you next video thank you for watching I hope you liked
my mermaid and if you do don’t forget to put thumbs up leave comments and
subscribe to my channel to not miss new video I love all of you bye bye


  • Draw Art Lab

    Hi! =) Guys would you like to see more watercolor paintings of marker arts?
    Answer in comments below it is very important for me ^.^
    And I hope that you like my pink mermaid paintng =))

  • Art Of A Dreamer

    I love this mermaid so much, especially her hair! Amazing job!😍❤

  • Robine Monturiol

    Omg this is so beautiful I love this so much 0w0

  • Dark Warrior

    I love your watercolor drawings I would like to see more of them. Amazing job

  • Gustavo SM

    Thats a really great art, wow!

  • Dory's Stories

    I love the purple lineart, and the watercolors look so beautiful with this! I love the texture you got in her tail fin. 🎀

  • Jeon LeenKi

    Почему не на русском видео?
    Рисуешь шикарно❤

  • Nasreenthirteen

    I really like that it is a hint of a mermaid and you have yo look more closely, her style is also very cool, her hair and pose is so alluring. I always have trouble with backgrounds but you hot so creative with it.

  • Weblight Dreams

    A beautiful mermaid piece. Love the details and the colors. Stunning work.

  • Natalie Rose Puha

    I love this mermaid piece! It seems modern.

  • Kawaii ;


  • elina wolfhard

    Ого, русское название)

  • Arts of Jo

    Such a pretty mermaid. I love it! 😍💜

  • Edelweiss_art

    Simply beautiful😍 the watercolours give the entire work a magical look 😍

  • Wards Art

    great video your so talented I love watching your videos Thanks for posting : )

  • AugustAtkinsonIllustration

    I love a PINK MERMAID


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