Pinup Tattoo Elimination Challenge Highlight 💃 Turf War (Season 13)

– All right, artists,
you have six hours to create
a pinup tattoo, and your time starts now. – All right, brother.
– Let’s do this. – Stand natural for me.– Pinups are very tough,because there’s very small,
little eyes,
a very small,
little nose,
dainty little fingers, so every drop of ink you put
on the skin has to be perfect. – I think that’s a good spot.– It should be cute.
It should be attractive.
It should be beautiful.That’s what makes a pinup
a pinup.
– Perfect stencil, dude,
it’s gonna be a good day. – If a pinup’s ugly, she’s not
coming to meet my mom. – All right, here we go. [tattoo machine buzzing][rock music]♪ ♪– I’m losing my [bleep] mind
right now.
Why the [bleep]
am I overcomplicating it? You think, like, the ruffles
in the skirt look cool, or should I just take them out? – You can do them, just don’t
whip them like crazy. – Yeah, no, this is a lot more
than I’m gonna, like– – Simple and clean. – Thank [bleep] for team East,
because I would beovercomplicating the shit out
of this.
You don’t always have
to be the first one to start. I need to buckle
the [bleep] downso that I can do this tattoo.– Have you always wanted
to be a tattoo artist? – Yeah, I was really young when
I found out what tattooing was. My dad’s, like,
really covered in tattoos. – Oh, nice.– The first time that I ever
went to a tattoo shop,
I went with my dad for one
of his appointments,and it was just
like sensory overload.
All these colors,
and all this art everywhere.
It hit me hard. Here we are now,
tattooing a pinup on your leg. – Yeah, true.
[laughs]♪ ♪The face is the most
important part, because that’s right where
they go into, there. – Can’t jack up the face, man.
– No.Pinups are not my thing,but I do a ton of faces
and portraits,so with that, I’m good.You doing okay?
– Yeah. – Only thing I’m worried about
is my canvas looks like she’s not feeling too good. – [coughs]
Excuse me.– She’s coughing
every now and then,
and she’s just real fidgety. – I’m like, burning up,
and stuff. – Are you?
– It was before I came though. It’s not because of the tattoo. – If you [bleep] up a line
at all, you can’t fix it.I need my canvas
to stay still.
– Four hours. Four more hours to go,
everybody. Four hours left.♪ ♪– Actually, I had a pinup girl
on me, and got it covered up. The guy did a horrible job. This canvas was
definitely a shot at me,but guess what, man?I’m a canvas whisperer.We came down from [bleep]
10,000 elements to three.
I’m having a lot of fun, bro.
– Good, man, I’m glad. – Even when I came to
the states with no English, I still were able to survive,
you know?Because I’m able to create
this interaction
where people trust me.♪ ♪– Now we’re definitely glad
we didn’t go with the ribs. – Yeah, definitely.
– That shit is no joke, man. – I was trying to take it
easy on you, because it is a rib piece
that we’re trying to get done, and normally, we’d take
multiple sessions on those. I didn’t come into this
competition to show that, like, I could tattoo a thigh
every day.[bleep] it.
I’m going to show them that
I can tattoo
any part of the body. It’ll be grand
once it’s done. It’ll be worth
every second of pain.♪ ♪Have you been doing this
for a long time? – Tattooing?
– Mm-hmm. – I’ve been tattooing
for three years. – Oh, wow.
– Yeah, yeah. So I’m the–I’m the baby here. – Aww.
– The greenest one. I mean, I’m one of the oldest
tattooers here, but one of the least
experienced. – Really?
– Yeah. – In this competition,
might assume that I have a lot more time under my belt, simply because I’m one
of the oldest people here.But I have the least amount
of experience
compared to everybody else.Obviously, like, these lines
are my weakest lines, so I’m wondering if
I should shade one way on it. – You can, like, bring it,
like, shade from that way, like down like that?
– Yeah, yeah. – You can.
– Yeah.– I don’t know why
she wanted this tattoo,
because she has issues pulling
lines in the first place.K needs to go home.– Three hours remaining. Three hours remaining, guys.♪ ♪[tattoo machine buzzing] – Oh, [bleep]. [coughing]– You get tattooed and
you’re not feeling too good,
it makes it even worse.I was smart.
I did the face first. – Glad you saved those boots
for last, man.– It’s a tattoo that I knew
I could pull off
in two and a half hours. Yeah, I’m not
gonna tattoo you anymore. – Oh. You’re not?
– No. As a tattoo artist, you have
to know when enough is enough. So, we’re gonna call it
right there, okay? – Okay.
– It’s a good tattoo.
It’s done well.
I just hope it’s enough. – Thank you. Best.
– Have a good day. I hope you feel better, okay?
– I think it’s a winner, man. [sniffles] – [bleep] crazy. – This is your final hour.
One hour left.♪ ♪– Aren’t you glad
I didn’t say rib? – Oh, I’d of told you no.
I’m not that nice. This is a competition. I’m trying to stay
in this bitch. I’m not trying to go home. So, I think I know
why I got this canvas.I think that they know, by
giving me a more simple idea,
that there’s a bigger chance
that I’m going to hang myself.
I feel like if
they’re too straightforward, then something’s
got to be added. So, that’s usually where
I start to fault at. – Is yours
probably the biggest, from what you’ve seen? – No, in fact,
mine’s even the lesser detail, but that’s because
I want legibility. The power has been
in the Midwest and East for far too long,but somebody on one of those
teams will drop the ball.
It’s gonna happen.♪ ♪– Five, four, three, two, one.
That is it. Time is up.
Machines down. No more ink. – Okay, queen, this sassy
southern belle is done. – So what do you think? – I’m glad I chose
black and grey. Even though I only had
three hours to do mine, I know I’m safe.
– Who do you think is not safe? – I don’t think
K’s gonna be safe. – I love her.
I think she’s so beautiful. – Oh, she’s gorgeous.
– Yeah. Whoo.


  • Raghdah Koos

    YouTube: 1view. 4 like. 1 dislike. 🤨

  • Avenue Teal

    I LOVE Bob's tattoo. I hope he won.

    Also, did Jerrell's canvas come in with the flu or something?!

  • czarpaul01

    Long overdue for K to be gone. That leg coming out of the left side of the bass made no sense. Crazy that a 2.5 hr tattoo won

  • Trap Drip

    nice video

  • Trap Drip

    amazing content

  • Liliana McDermott

    I have to admit everyone did a pretty damn good job !

  • Munchell360

    Damn, that must have been rough for Jerrel

  • Rebecca White

    K really messed up the tattoo. Her lines aren’t good and that leg is fucked. Time for her to go home

  • Jennifer Hollingsworth

    I wish you got a better look at all the tattoos even if they still cut off the judging. Cool Jerrell seemed to win ( what I got off an earlier comment), Kay's looked a little jacked

  • Karson Palmer

    K’a reminds me of the bubble lion some one did a while back with the super intricate goddess it’s in the worst tattoos on ink master compilation, but I also think Jason’s is just straight ugly

  • alex6am

    Who got eliminated?

  • Laís Pinheiro Lopes

    It's just me or Hiram's pinup head is realy small?

  • Anthony Gulick

    Spoiler: Jerrell won tattoo of the day and K went home

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    fuck jerrelle fuck him man I hope he gets eliminated soon punk ass fucking bitch

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    Wasn't K "Ink Master" Lenore's day 😞

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    Angel should've won Tattoo of the day 😤
    I can't imagine how hard the pearls were

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  • Hannah Morrison

    That leg screwed her over, it just is proportionally not right.

  • Mike Perkins
    Leviticus 19:28 You must not make any cuts in your bodies for the …


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