Pizza / Impasto semplice e veloce

-1kg flour
-600-650g water
-50g extra-virgin olive oil
-10g fresh beer yeast
-1 tsp. sugar
-18g salt

Topping (to taste)
Tomato, mozzarella, anchovies,
onions or whatever you like Today, pizza! It sould be “today, gnocchi”,
but whatever. Today we’re making pizza with a simple dough, that doesn’t require
too many steps. In about 2-3 hours, tops,
we’ll have a great pizza. We’re also using very little yeast. Let’s begin! Here I have 1kg of flour. Pastry, all-purpose,
it’s the same. All-purpose is better,
but use whataver you have. No particular types of flour, use whatever you can find. Fresh yeast. I’m using 10g. One kilo of flour
will yield about 1-2 trays worth of pizza, the 40x60cm ones. If you want half, obviously,
use only 5g. Crumble it into a small bowl. Now, I’m not telling you
to add warm water. That’s a whole another can of worms. How warm? 35, 36, 37, 40, 50, 60°C? Drives you crazy. My method is very simple. Add a teaspoon of sugar
and let it start for a moment. See?
It’s almost like magic. And now we have dissolved yeast. Add it to the flour. Now I’m adding some water,
about 100-200g. Start the kneading. Slowly. Now I’m adding the oil. How much?
50g for 1 kilo of flour. This will make the dough
nice and crispy, the way I like it. But if you want a softer dough,
add both oil and milk. Or just milk. That will make a very soft dough. I’m now adding more water. I didn’t say how much. I never give precise quantities, as every type of flour
absorbs different amounts. But I still have to give
a standard quantity. 600g of water. What temperature? Slightly cool in summer,
slightly warmer in winter. Not boiling, just slightly warmer. Add it slowly. I’ve been kneading the dough
for about 2-3 minutes. The machine has been going
for a while. See? It’s almost like a batter. Now we’re adding the salt. How much is up to you. Between 15 and 20 grams. I’ve put 18,
which is in the middle, but that’s up to you. Just don’t go too much below 15g, salt also acts as a stabilizer
during the raising. Now knead again for at least 5 minutes. It’s been 5 minutes,
and look at this. It went from batter
to a more structured dough. It’s an extremely soft and sticky dough, look how it sticks to the scraper. What’s next? Take a clean towel
and dampen it. Put it over the dough,
like this. Leave it as it is, just leave it in your kitchen, for 15 minutes. If it’s 14 or 16,
it makes no difference. There, it’s been 15 minutes. I’m kneading it again
using the hook. Knead it slowly and very briefly. That’s enough. 1 minute, maybe less. Cover it again
with a damp towel. Like this. Now wait for another 15 minutes. It’s been another 15 minutes,
let’s knead it again. Just like we did before, about 1 minute,
very slowly. I’m removing the dough
from the hook. Look how beautiful it’s becoming. Amazing. Now I’m putting on
some film… …and covering it again
with the towel. Before that,
poke a few holes in the film. Damp towel… Let’s recap: we kneaded it for 5 minutes,
waited 15, then kneaded again, then 15 more and kneaded it. We’re about 30 minutes in. From now on,
it’s going to depend a lot by the external temperature. So… In the summer,
in about 1 hour and half, the dough would probably
double in size. It would probably take more
in the winter. We’ll see. Look how beautiful it is. It’s been– I’m giving you the time
along with the temperature, which is about 25°C– it took 1 hour and 15 minutes. It’s so beautiful. Take a couple of trays
and drizzle some olive oil on the bottom, not too much. Like this. Now let’s transfer the dough, half in one
and half in the other. Grease your hands when doing this. As you can see,
the dough is very sticky. That’s the only nuisance
with these doughs, they’re obviously
pretty annoying to handle. See?
I’m picking up some oil and gently spreading it. Don’t use too much force now. Let it rest. Why am I spreading it
and letting it rest? It has to stretch. The handling– As it is, the dough is very rubbery, we have to lightly spread it,
let it rest and then stretch it. Maybe it’s more noticeable
like this. When I pull it,
it goes right back. For now,
spread it lightly and let it sit. I’m covering it
with the same damp towel as before. We don’t want it to get dry. Because I don’t have another towel,
I’m covering this one with film. How much time? About 10 to 15 minutes. The time you need to
prepare your toppings. Which toppings am I using? With one, the classic
tomato and mozzarella, with the other,
anchovies. Or rather, onions and anchovies. I’m roughly slicing some onions. Some olive oil. Double layer of plastic wrap. Now I’m microwaving them
at 750°C, which is the max temperature
for my microwave, for 7 minutes. Peeled tomatoes. Plain old peeled tomatoes. Break in some basil leaves. I love it,
so I’m putting in a lot. Some oil. Some salt. And blend it. Important note:
taste it. To check if there’s enough salt,
basil or oil. This one is perfect. Let’s get back to our dough. I’m lightly coating my hands
in oil. Now I’m stretching it. It’s still pretty stiff. Maybe I should have
let it rest some more. But it stretches just fine. I forgot one thing: if you like your pizza thinner,
put less dough and stretch it more. Now I’m doing something
kind of traditional. Let’s say medium-high thickness. I’m adding the topping.
Tomato… I never put too much of it. I don’t like a lot of tomato. To me, this is enough. Obviously, you decide
how much to use. And lastly,
some oil. Just a drizzle. Now it’s going in a static oven
at 250°C. Another thing,
this recipe is very basic. I’ve only added some basil. You can add some oregano,
which goes very well with this. Or garlic, if you like it. The topping is extremely subjective. Mine is very basic. Cook it in the oven at 250°C
for about… 13-14 minutes,
then we’re adding the mozzarella. Now I’m stretching
the other pizza and topping it with onion. I’m also cotating my hands
with a little oil. Then stretch… Now I’m adding the anchovies. Put as many as you like.
I put a lot of them. Here are our onions. Let’s remove the film… I’m adding some salt,
because I didn’t put it earlier. Now, honestly, the best thing
would be to let the onions cool down, but it’s not strictly necessary. Let’s distribute them all over. Put as many as you like. Not too many, though,
or your slices will get too heavy. They’ll be harder to eat. The onions were already oily,
so I’m not adding more. I’m adding, however,
some pepper. Freshly ground. This one is a marvel. I’ll have to wait. I have to wait for the other one
to be done. Same temperature, 250°C. Cooking time: between 15 and 20 minutes. I said 13-15 minutes,
but I left it in for 18. Important note: people often check the crust
to see if the pizza is cooked. Another method I know
is to check if the bottom is cooked. See? This is what you want. Last thing: mozzarella. I’m also adding,
just because I like it, some more basil. If I put it before,
it would have burned. Obviously, if you don’t like it,
or if there are kids, dont’ add it. Kids get scared as soon
as they see green. Not all of them, but many. One more drizzle of oil. Dont’ add too much. And now the mozzarella. You should use not-so-fresh mozzarella. Or the specific kind
for making pizza. I dont’ really like it,
but it’s way less moist. Or press it with a potato masher. That way you get rid
of most of the water. Let’s put it back in the oven,
still at 250°C. The mozzarella will take
about 3 minutes to melt. Let’s go. I’ts been 3 minutes,
it melted. Now I’m cutting it. Look at these holes. Perfectly cooked. I can’t resist,
I must have a bite. So good. It’s pizza,
of course it’s good. Now for the onion one. Here it is. It’s been exactly 22 minutes. See how it’s nice and brown? I love it! Again, I’m doing the same thing
with this one. Always check to see
if the bottom is cooked. It’s perfect. Let’s cut it. I… I feel like a kid
surrounded by toys. Even more with this one. The dough is amazing. And the onions and anchovies…


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