portfolio students of product design episode 8


  • Navneeth Sabu Kannan

    I have no idea how you do this, but every time i've needed help with my design projects or model making and even making my portfolio, you upload a new video! what a lifesaver! THANK YOU!

  • XL

    Great video, really good. Thank you 4 your videos

  • MrAloiis

    Thank you from France 😉
    'Love your videos !

  • Bettyxox2

    Excellent video! Thank you very much. I have been waiting for this to come out!

  • Charlie Tan

    Thank you so much! I really need this!!

  • Roberto Sideris

    Sadly I've already finished my university application portfolio but found myself agreeing and noticing that I had done a lot of the things you've mentioned, some will hopefully come in handy when I go into industry. It's also nice to see we share the same taste in music and watches (Braun is the best :). Btw I've been lucky to get three Unconditional offers and having an interview with Central StMartins on Tuesday 🙂

  • Prasanna R N

    You are the best!!! Thanks 🙂

  • Emanoel Faria

    Hello from brasil !
    Congratulations ! you are a great designer. I feel pride design by people like you, you share your knowledge incredible way! parabens and continue doing these wonderful videos! thank you again ! you are awsome

  • CroxasWorld

    You are the best! Thanks!

  • Rosso Mario

    This video is so helpful for me now ! Thank you !

  • Donovan Gogarty

    Your videos are awesome! Also great music, I found myself earlier today humming a little synth you play under your vids. Alsoo your voice distinctly reminds me of the narrator from the Lemony Snicket movie!

  • krnxemb

    This is why portfolio has always been my longest, never ending project. Thanks for sharing!

  • Angelo Kalfas

    Hey man! Again, love your videos!
    I am curious to see more of your work and the approaches you took on them.
    Do you have any sort of website or social media where I can see your work if possible?
    Thank you very much, you are my idol.

  • Karl Martin

    How many designs (and page amount) would you recommend in a portfolio.

  • Manuel M París

    Great video man, i really like what you do… I just wanted to ask you: Do you really put everything togheter in Photoshop? That's extremely inefficient, InDesign was created for that kind of work.

  • Nicholas Ricchiuto

    Producttank, there's nobody on the net like you. This information is invaluable to me.

    I finally got a solid critique because you are steering me in the right direction.

    I cannot thank you enough, you are brilliant and an exceptional teacher who is spreading some extremely hard to come by knowledge.

    I really really appreciate it, so once again thank you good sir.

  • Brucey69

    Thank you so much for this video

  • Akash Raja

    Thank you so much PT, we students of design love your videos and they are very very helpful. Thank you.
    P.S. We would love to watch an about me video from you.

  • Eddie Barley

    I'm in high school during VCE Visual Communication and Design and I'm aiming for a bachelor of Industrial Design but also like doing architecture and I'm not sure which one to go for in University :/
    Love these videos btw, they've been a great help and have given me really useful tips for my designs.

  • Liam Maher

    these are fantastic videos! you cover all the areas my course doesnt :/ KEEP IT UP!

  • Ariunbold Ganzorig

    very helpful, thank you

  • Eric Zaytsev

    @Navneeth Kennan
    Can you try to make a cam slider that uses magnets? The magnets push up somehow and make it hover mid air having no friction. It would be awesome if you can make one. I was challenged to make one and failed.

  • Abdulla Ali

    Just found your videos bro, amazing… Subscribed and will keep on watching, great work!

  • Skills

    Great video as always! But I have a question. I have sent it to you via your site

  • Maikel Versantvoort

    They're been enough people who said what I'm going to say already, but once more: thanks a lot for this series, it's brilliant and extremely professional! Thanks for the effort 🙂

  • Tzvetan Petzev

    Thank you very much for your effort! You've done amazing job sharing your valuable experience and creative talent.
    Awesome video production too. Communication is clear and uncluttered, everything is so well presented, so useful… What can I say more than this?… Excellent job! Thank you!

  • Homa Comic

    woa! help me a lot!

  • gary tippin

    Great series! I've been considering Industrial design for a few weeks now for my major. I've been looking around on the internet and getting a feel for the the pros and cons of the degree. Could you please give me you personal opinion on the down sides and benefits of becoming and industrial designer. And when you graduate bachelors/masters is it easy to get into a company with decent benefits and a 9 to 5 work day or is it more like you a free lancer searching for new jobs every other month. Thank you again so much for sharing these awesome videos, it definitely gave me a helpful incite!

  • Vemejag123


    I just have to thank you for these series, I found them somehow when i was working on the assignments for my application to UID. I want to thank you and let you know that some of the tips did get in handy and made a difference, every small effort counts and it was great to be able to reflect upon stuff you mentioned.

    Keep up the good work, Im sure this helps many others as well.

  • ZX7

    Hey Just Wanted To Ask What Degree It Needs To Be A Product Designer . I Have No Clue What Is Educational Eligibility To Do That Product Design Course in INDIA

  • Milindsinh Solanki

    i just elect product design today and within 2 hours you packed me with information… really awsome…

  • Parth Dhomkar

    Hey PT. Love your videos. I want to see more stuff from you, it's very inspiring. Please keep uploading, been a long time since I've watched a new PT video. Cheers and goodluck 🙂

  • Aditya

    Hello PT. I love you're videos, they are very helpful and one of the best video series on YouTube. Things are very well explained. Thank you very much for being our inspiration. Could you please help me with a question. I'm a sculptor but was working on a design project (with one more guy) for a company lately, they liked our design so much that they asked us if we were interested and could design furniture's for them. As we were affirmative, the asked us to send a proposal. As i'm a sculptor I have no idea about what exactly they are asking in a proposal, could you please tell me what exactly should I send? Please help!

  • AzucarDesign

    Great video, thank you!!!
    Lots of great advice on it!!
    You have great communication skills, thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  • Léo Bazaar

    I just finished watching your product design series … man you are so talented ! Thank you from the bottom of my art. It was very helpful. Please keep growing !

  • David Dow

    Great video Thanks and I'll be sketching to London Grammar now too.

  • Manoj Dixit

    Thank you so much sir, this is exact thing i'm studying in university now!!

  • Apurva Chandwadkar

    Hey PT ! as you have said mention the year you have started learning the software than to rate your own self. Could you show some examples ?

  • Nasir Nasir

    Really awesome

  • Sora Lin

    Thank you so much for this serie of videos! I truly learn a lot from your valuable experience. : )

  • Everyday Bodybuilding


  • Dan B

    Muchas gracias por mostrar las distintas visiones de un portfolio. Muy inspirador! Very nice!

  • Sheyyn B

    i don't have idea

  • A Tasty Cloud

    Hello, I'm planning on doing Product design as a career and I've looked at many different universities that offer the course however the entry requirements requires an A level for a lot least maths and physics then either design technology or art, however I don't do physics or maths since I got both B's for GCSE so I couldn't do them for A level, right now, for A level I'm studying Product design and technology, fine art and applied science btec, will I be able to get into a uni with these and if I have a really good portfolio, will that help? Or do I have to go through a foundation course doing physics or maths?

  • R N

    You're incredible!! This video is incredible!! I've decided to make a portfolio and had no idea where to start. This gives me almost all the information and advice I need!! Thank you producttank!!

  • Sandipan Nath

    what are the options for somebody to make physical model or prototypes who is not already working or studying in a design firm and institution respectively?

  • Selenay Ckn

    hii love to watch your videos 🙂 could you do a video about portfolio for master 🙂

  • mp

    A very educating video! He really tells out of his experience.

  • Alejandro Mahecha

    Hey! your vidz are incredible!!! greetings and thanks from Colombia!

  • mohit gupta

    r u gona make more videos like this ??

  • Sabrina Flipse

    awesome video! however the typo blighted it. 🙁 you wrote loose instead of lose. 🙁 faux pas! but really great video

  • Adam Catchpole

    Hi. I wanted to say what an absolutely brilliant series. Very informative. You have put a huge amount of time and effort into making this series. Well done.

  • Susana Velázquez Jaime

    All your vídeos help me a lot, but your style is boring 🙁


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